The Ultimate Guide To Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator!

The Joy N’ More range is a very unique, and underrated range I feel. I think it does not receive the credit that truly deserves which is the fact that it can really compete with other high-end brands such as Lelo, Fun Factory and We-Vibe. It’s not a back shelf product, in fact, it should be a front of house with its own display stand. The Joy N’ More range all have the same personality however they all have a different exterior. Today I will be speaking about the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator, but when I speak about it I want you to envision all Joy N’ More products with all the same material, hot pink colours, credentials, motors, and vibrations but just with a different shape. Okay, Ready, Set, Go!

The concept which I really enjoy the most about the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator is that it is completely waterproof now this is due to it’s seamless, anti-bacterial silicone design. Now you might be thinking how do you charge a sex toy that is completely seamless? Well, it does have a charging point at the bottom of the toy which you will have to puncture to insert the charger, however, don’t freak out the puncture actually pops back up meaning that it comes totally seamless again not allowing any water to go through. The Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator makes for the ultimate shower, spa and bath companion. Its vibration is extremely powerful allowing it to be used solo and during intercourse either as a clitoral stimulator or a general massager.

Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator is simple, yet significant. This is the phrase I think about when it comes to the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator. It does not come with any fancy functions nor does it have any crazy features yet it is a powerful, well shaped vibrator that is completely waterproof to the point you can submerge it. The soft silicone it is made from is FDA approved. It is able to be used with silicone lubricant, yes that is right. Most toys as you would know cannot be used with silicone lubricant because the silicone on silicone creates a sort of chemical reaction that leads the toy the toy melting like it has had acid put on it, the silicone from the toy will slowly deteriorate. However, due to the design of the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator silicone, this will not happen, and it is fantastic when it is combined with SuperSlyde voted the worlds best silicone lubricant.


Joy N'More Silicone Vibrator
Sex Toy: Joy 2 Silicone Vibrator Waterproof

The natural, soft curve in the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator allows the user to move the sex toy easily during masturbation to massage the G-Spot or A-Spot. The slight movements allow the vibrator to do all the work for you. Small movements of the wrist will allow you to place gentle pressure on the pleasurable zone, so you don’t have to hurt your wrist trying to bend it to hit the right spot. It will just nuzzle up to it and do all the work for you. The rounded head provides more space for the 8 separate vibrations modes to send out to your body, so no matter what size your clitoris or G-Spot is, this sex toy will cover a larger zone. It will also provide pinpoint accuracy. These features make it especially useful if you are a beginner user of sex toys, so all you have to worry about is moving it to find the areas that stimulate you the most.

Feel the Joy N’ More Joy 2 Vibrator‘s smooth silicone, its precious curved contour and the way it vibrates! This sex toy is defiantly in a class of its own. It is also completely rechargeable meaning you will save hundreds of dollars on batteries since you will be using it so much. Since there are no batteries the sex toy is quieter than most other vibrators.  It takes around 4 to 5 hours for it to completely recharge. It has one of the biggest running time’s I have ever come across at 8 hours!!


About the Author: Chloe is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres in Kogarah

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