Jonas And Mistress Eve – CHAPTER THREE

From Chapter One – Meeting Eve

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I needed no encouragement, she had become my drug and I could not get enough of her.  Looking at her, smelling her, being with her and she was not just ready to give me the dose that would bring me to heaven – that elusive love drug.  As I walked towards her and placed my hands on her curvy hips she began to sway in a catlike manner, like an untamed beast ready for action.  As I got closer I looked down the folds of her dress opened and I saw the top of her cleavage exposed and I had to resist the urge just to rip the whole dress she was wearing off.  Instead my arms went around her until the found the zip at the rear and I slowly undid it.

As the zip got lower I looked into those piercing blue eyes of her and saw amusement in them as well as a welcoming smile.  My cock had begun to get erect and her gaze slowly went to my bulge as she effortlessly stepped from her dress revealing a black low-cut bustier that pushed forward and upwards her more than ample bosoms.  She was wearing a G-String that had garters that were attached to her knee highs. Her amazonian physique was accentuated by these delicate lingerie pieces.


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