Jonas And Mistress Eve – CHAPTER THREE

From Chapter One – Meeting Eve

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Friday was a bit of a blur.  It was important that I get everything right.  I showered in the morning and again at midday. Trimmed the excess hair around my pubic region, genitals and chest.  Sprayed more aftershave on than I had in years. My actions reflected those of a teenage boy going on his first date.

Primming and posing in front of my bedroom mirrors I eventually decided on a flattering black pair of trousers and shirt with a chocolate brown jacket.  For the fifteenth time I checked myself in the mirror and my clean shaven face and immaculately gelled hair brought a smile to my face. It was the best that I had looked in years.

I sat on my favorite chair and watched the clock reach 1pm, then 1.30pm, then 2pm – now I know what my mother always had warned me about a watched kettle never boils.  Finally 3.30pm arrived and my uber arrived with the destination already logged. Absently I said ‘Hi’ to the driver but he saw I was pre-occupied and let me be and we drove to Mistress Eve’s castle in silence. Arriving there at 3.55pm, I certainly did not want to be late I once again gazed at the old converted church and the ominous gothic features as I continued up the walkway.

Precisely at 3.59pm I pressed the intercom/buzzer at the front door and heard the electronic lock detach as her voice through the intercom said, “Come in Jonas”.  As I walked through the entranceway I saw her standing by the open plan kitchen. Next to her was a bottle of white wine upright in a wine bucket. I could see it was unopened and by the moisture on the outside I could see that it was chilled.

Mistress Eve was stunning.  She was dressed in a stunning evening black dress with a jeweled choker around her neck.  Matching rings dangled from her ears. The hour glass figure I had admired when she was wearing her fetish clothing, the skin tight pvc pants and corset were softened by the silky fabric of the dress.  Her long blonde hair had been neatly rolled into a bun on top of her head and those neon like blue eyes looked straight through me as the day I had first met her.

Mistress Eve said, “Jonas.  I want you to understand that this is one night only.  The one night when you will be able to taste all the exotic and forbidden fruits, to experience the treasures of seduction, to sample me each and every way you want to.  To have me, to control me, to expel every last drop of desire into me until you are spent and satisfied. To understand that you have experienced a once in a lifetime episode of total erotic satisfaction.”

I looked at her in her stunning black dress and said with passion, ‘I understand Mistress Eve. I will be submissive to my dominant mistress.’

She said, ‘Tonight only you may call me Eve.  Now let’s have some of this nice wine and a bite to eat before we start.  Shall we?”’

I said, ‘Of course,” as I entered the kitchen area, taking the wine bottle and opening it, filling the two glasses that were sitting beside it.  I handed one glass to Mistress Eve and saluted her with my wine glass and said, ‘To us.”

Mistress Eve smiled at me, raising her glass and said, “Yes, for tonight only – to us.”

We clinked glasses and over the next few hours we polished off a bottle and a half of wine whilst we nibbled on finger foods that had been prepared in the fridge.  We talked like a normal couple getting to know each other and spoke about politics, religion and a variety of other subjects.

Finally Mistress Eve said to Jonas, ‘Enough of all this small talk.  Did you not want to taste all my exotic charms before we undergo your cuckold training?  Training will start as soon as the clock strikes 12.”

I needed no encouragement, she had become my drug and I could not get enough of her.  Looking at her, smelling her, being with her and she was not just ready to give me the dose that would bring me to heaven – that elusive love drug.  As I walked towards her and placed my hands on her curvy hips she began to sway in a catlike manner, like an untamed beast ready for action.  As I got closer I looked down the folds of her dress opened and I saw the top of her cleavage exposed and I had to resist the urge just to rip the whole dress she was wearing off.  Instead my arms went around her until the found the zip at the rear and I slowly undid it.

As the zip got lower I looked into those piercing blue eyes of her and saw amusement in them as well as a welcoming smile.  My cock had begun to get erect and her gaze slowly went to my bulge as she effortlessly stepped from her dress revealing a black low-cut bustier that pushed forward and upwards her more than ample bosoms.  She was wearing a G-String that had garters that were attached to her knee highs. Her amazonian physique was accentuated by these delicate lingerie pieces.

My inner urges were close to uncontrollable as she turned from me and slowly walked towards the stairs to where the bedroom was.  To say that I was seeing the epitome of sensuality was an understatement as she bent forward more than she really had to removing her knee-highs and garter on the stairs that gave me a view of the outline of her labia lips through her panties.  Slowly, like in a trance I followed her upwards, until without realising i was in her bedroom.

Without thinking I lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist with one arm whilst with the other hand grabbing her strongly and fiercely around her throat.  She gasped for air as the windpipe had restricted the air-flow as I pushed her forcefully towards and then onto the bed. It was obvious that this forcefullnes had ignited her passions. As I lay on top of her, her long sexy legs encircled me around the waist.  My cock was the most erect it had ever been and it began to throb in my black pants.

Slowly the tension was released to her throat and I slid my fingers upwards and grabbed the bun her hair had formed, grasped it and pulled hard.  The bun undid and her hair fell across the bed whilst still in my hand I held some which I then pulled harder. She made an audible gasp at the force but the inviting smile still appeared on her face.  I forcefully pulled her face towards mine and kissed her passionately. My tongue entering her mouth confirming what was about to happen without words. Her arms clung to my back through the shirt and she raked her fingers downwards.

Quickly I got up and removed her panties and saw that her pussy was already wet and her clit was swollen with desire.  Gently I spread her legs whilst bringing my face closer. I could smell her womanhood and as I got closer she spread her legs further without my assistance.  Her lips were slightly parted and I started to lick around the edges, occasionally poking and prodding into her love canal with my tongue.

She was moaning by now and I loved the fact it made her moan and as I inserted my finger into that hot wet hole hearing her miss a breath and then make a pleasurable groan whilst I inserted two and then three fingers.  Continuing to lick her clit and vagina lips as my fingers began to thrust in and out, Eve began to move her body backwards and forwards in sync to accommodate those thrusts whilst grabbing the back of my head, forcing me into her marvelous cunt.

I curled my fingers so that I was rubbing her G-Spot and it drove her crazy.  She bucked and gyrated onto them and I could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter.  Finally she began to moan louder and louder.

“I’m coming’” she yelled and as she yelled this out she began to squirt, over and over again on my fingers.  Her cum sprayed my hands arms and face and I could not get enough of this orgasm driven shower. Finally I felt her body relax and I got up.

I removed my now wet shirt and trousers and the bulge in my underwear could not be hidden.  She looked down at my crotch, smiled and said, “I think you should come over here Jonas.”

Mistress of a cuckold
Image: Cuckold’s Mistress

As I began to move towards her she quickly removed her bra revealing those amazing 36DD breasts.  Her nipples were erect and I could see lust still in her eyes. She slipped off the bed, without saying a word, kneeling on the floor and with one quick movement had my jocks down around my ankles.  I stepped from them as, stunned at the speed they had been removed looking down at my erect cock standing upright and seeing her mouth only inches away, smiling looking up at me.

Without a word her hands kneaded my thighs and literally centimetres from my balls.  I could feel her hot breath on my cock and it was driving me insane. Slowly but surely her hands slowly crept up towards and onto my cock, her finger just brushing it gently.  It was so intense, my balls were aching but it was a pleasurable pain. Finally, she grabbed hold of my cock hard – but did not move it and then began to dangle her long hair brushing my cock with it driving me insance.

She said, “You like your cock being touched Jonas?”

I said, “More than you can imagine Eve.”

She said, ‘ How would you like my mouth on it. Perhaps sucking it too.”

I said, “Yes please, there is nothing I desire more.’

As she knelt in front of me she spread my legs apart with her hand she grabbed the back of my balls and squeezed tight as she slowly took my whole cock into her mouth.  In one go, no warm up, the whole length of my cock went in her mouth, touched the back of her throat and beyond. I could feel her gag reflex – it was exquisite and I could hear slurping and gagging noises that corresponded to the intense contractions I could feel on the head of my cock, from the back of her throat.

Having never experienced a full on deepthroat experience before the intensity was too much and I began to shoot my load.  I tried to pull out of her mouth but if possible she pushed my cock in further by squeezing my balls and pulling forward. I came and came down her throat and not a drop was spilled.  I yelled out in pleasure and then because the intensity became too much tried to remove my cock. I had cum but she held my cock tightly deep in her throat.

Finally she released me and I collapsed onto her bed.

She said, ‘Jonas.  The time has flown.  It is now after 10pm.  You have another two hours to do with me as you will.  But remember at 12 your cuckold training will start so please make the most of this.  This opportunity will probably never be given to you again’.

I said, “Yes Eve, just give me a few minutes to regroup and recoup.’


Excerpt:  I used one hand to keep her pinned whilst deep inside her cunt.  The other hand I began to play with her ass. Rubbing it, stimulating it and finally penetrating it with first one and then two fingers.  She moaned as I rimmed he butt-hold and it drove me crazy

Continuation of Chapter 3 Scheduled June 16 or 20 Comments.  Whichever comes first!


Mistress Eve calls Claire to see the chained up Jonas.  Claire and Mistress Eve get it on in front of him.


Mistress Eve begins Jonas’s cuckold training in earnest


Jonas enters into his cuckold contract.


Mistress Eve is the keyholder for Jonas’s first male chastity device.


Mistress Eve locks up Jonas in a cell and uses time torture on him.


Mistress Eve takes Jonas to a BDSM event where he is publicly humiliated.


Mistress Eve has group sex and then dresses Jonas in women’s clothing and pegs him.

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