Snuggle In With Je Joue Nuo!!

Recently in store, we have received a lot of Je Joue products and they all catch my attention and seem so luxurious from their external boxes but the one that stands out in form and functionality would definitely be the Je Joue Nuo a remote controlled butt plug and I can safely say it is adorable!   The product shape is much like my beloved Fun Factory Bootie but it has been enlarged and fitted with a super rumbly motor!  Much like the FF bootie, Je Joue Nuo has a rather thick tip that that tapers into a much skinnier neck. The tip is quite solid but the neck is soft an extremely soft and can make insertion difficult but the comfort of having a softer tip is the reward especially for those who are looking to wear for longer periods of time. The vibe self stands at 4.5 inches and 4 inches is insert-able the circumference at its widest is 4.125 inches.

Je Joue Nuo is covered in a gorgeously smooth silicone which is quite soft! It features two motors! one in the T base for perineum stimulation and of course one in the body for internal or P spot stimulation! Perfect for girl or boy the Je Joue Nuo’s base fits snuggly between the cheeks for discretion and can be worn out and about as its powerful vibes are whisper quiet! The Je Joue Nuo only has one button on its base tip and pushing it simply will open it to be connected to the mobile application or pen shaped remote. I’m yet to decide whether the lack of ability to control this toy without an external device is positive or a negative! its great that its aesthetic of being a streamlined butt plug covered in soft aubergine silicone with chrome accents is kept by not having a series of buttons on it make up for the possibility my phone could be dead and I’m terrible at keeping things together and the remote would likely be missing.


Je Joue Nuo Prostate Massager
Sex Toy: Je Joue Nuo

The pen shaped remote is extremely discreet and the connection is simple it just requires the user to push the top down for a second and wait for three blue light flickers and your Je Joue Nuo (like most other Je Joue products in this line) will begin to vibrate and indicate that connection has been made! The pen is great for short distance play and has a range of up to 15 metres and has great feedback function. When you adjust the speed or pattern the remote/pen relays the same vibration style back for 5 seconds so that the controller has an idea of what the wearer is receiving. to adjust the speed you twist the top clockwise to heighten or anticlockwise to lower it and to go through the pulse patterns you simply push down the top! In short, the pen is a great idea its quite discreet and the feedback is also great for couple play!

The second way of controlling the Je Joue Nuo is with the Je Joue app available on android and apple (check if it is compatible with your phone before you invest in this toy if app capabilities interest you). The app is beautifully created it is very feminine though and the backgrounds are the same as the Je Joue outer boxes. The app is also easy to connect just open it and tap play now and the app will prompt you to turn on Nuo and it will quickly pulse to let you know the app and device have synched. The app is super easy to use anyone with basic phone knowledge could use it! the layout is simple and effective once the device is synched 8 boxes will appear 7 of which are pre-made pulse patterns and the final box is to make and access your own patterns. Once you’ve pressed one of the boxes it will open in a screen where you can adjust the speed from 1 – 5 on the side.

Within the app, you can create your own patterns by choosing premade patterns and splicing them together at different speeds and times! you can email them to your partner as a way of sharing. Although to as advanced as we-vibes couples app which is in real time, Je Joue’s email to use patterns are more effective in strengthening intimacy as the users are free to make phone calls or use Skype if it is for long distance use without interrupting the app or having to swap from app to app on phones or tablets.

Other things to mention about Nuo are that it is waterproof (the pen is not) and rechargeable (the pen takes 1 x AAA battery).  I’m really loving the new Je Joue stuff the branding is amazing and the silicone is actually the softest I’ve ever felt!

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