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I have been lucky enough to have been given the beautiful Fifi to review this week, it is a new luxury rabbit vibrator from Je Joue, and I am going to tell you all about it.

Years ago when I first entertained the idea of using a sex toy, I like many other women immediately thought I wanted a rabbit vibrator. They looked more fun, feminine and fancy than the other vibrators I had ever seen. My knowledge of adult toys in those days was limited. I recall a cold, silver, metal, straight thing an old boyfriend produced to use once. He said he had found it in his mum’s room (This was WRONG!! on so many levels). And a huge, black, vibrating, latex dick that a stripper pulled out in a pub once. I remember the smell of it more than anything, that sounds were much grosser than it actually was. It was the overpowering smell of the plastics they used to make all sex toys and still sometimes do, unfortunately. Fast forward to today and I am much more familiar with sex toys. The humble rabbit has now become almost a staple addition to most girl’s bedroom nightstands. Now, this one, Fifi by Je Joue is a world away from traditional vibrators and even traditional rabbits. It is sleek, modern, stylish, elegant and fun. If it is possible to be all those things at once.

I was given the box to take home and it’s a great box! Really, I love it. I am packaging crazy. It has an outer cardboard box which would satisfy most on its own. It has a lifesize picture of the toy on it, so it isn’t discreet but it doesn’t need to be because when you look inside there is another really good quality black box with the toy displayed in it. It is a real keeper and is perfect for longterm storage, which is a good thing as surprisingly there isn’t a drawstring bag inside like there usually is with toys in this price/luxury bracket. I can forgive the lack of bag though. I generally use them to stop me from losing the fiddly magnets and USB chords most toys require these days require.

Je Joue Fifi comes with a USB magnet AND a plug. You hardly ever get that these days. So many cords hanging around my house and not a plug to be seen. I also love that the magnetic charging point is pink. When you work in an adult shop and have boxes full of chargers that all look identical, it’s a feature you practically want to kiss. The magnetic charger is simply 2 small magnets on the end of the USB that attach to the metal buttons on the end of the toy. The magnets can charge the toy without the toy having to have an entry port. Hence the toy is completely waterproof and you can even take it in the bath with you. Who doesn’t love that? It promises 2 hours of play for 2 hours of charge and I can personally vouch for the fact that you do indeed get that. I didn’t use it much on full but I also got a lot more than 2 hours out of it.

The rabbit vibrator I have is a cerise pink but it also comes in purple, white and black. It looks like a lying down cartoon rabbit with two long ears for the clitoral ticklers and 2 metal control buttons for eyes. They are also ingeniously the charge points. It makes me smile, it is like a character from one of my son’s computer games but I can’t think of the name… Even my partner grabbed it for a look and a feel. He agreed that the Je Joue Fifi is a nice looking toy. It doesn’t look as big as it actually is. It is rigid, 7.5 inches long and insertable up to almost 5 inches. It has a circumference of 4.5 inches and the two ears are just over an inch. It is 100% body safe and phthalate free.

Je Joue Fifi in Cerise Pink Photo
Sex Toy: Je Joue Fifi in Pink


Every inch of it is covered in a luxuriously smooth, silky silicone and it is seamless. This makes it easy to clean and a good choice for more sensitive ladies who can feel ridges in sex toys. I was surprised that by the time I got it into the bedroom it had picked up a bit of fluff on the way and I had to give it a wipe with toy cleaner. I had played about with it quite a bit though, as it is for review. My initial impression of the way it felt led me to believe it wouldn’t be a lint magnet and that I probably wasn’t even going to need lube it was so smooth. I was wrong though, I found it too draggy to insert without lubricant and it actually turned out to be a bit of a guzzler at that. I needed lube anyway to insert it as it had more girth than I had anticipated, the end is really quite bulbous. It will be a real winner for women who enjoy that full feeling and I can feel it hits my G-Spot perfectly. Unfortunately, before I even turn it on I can tell it is not right for my body. The ears don’t hit my clitoris unless I pull the base upwards and when I do that I lose the close contact with my G-Spot. I haven’t turned it on yet but I already know it will be one I have to rock back and forth a bit. Rabbits are such an individual thing especially one as inflexible as this. They can be the absolute best or just plain frustrating. Just because it doesn’t fit my body doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be a brilliant rabbit for someone else though, so on with the test.

The rabbit has 3 motors one in the shaft and one for each ear. The motors are all fairly strong, especially on the higher settings. I thought it was a bit loud on high but my partner said he couldn’t hear a thing when I had it under the covers. You can’t exactly control each motor separately but the 5 intensities and 6 pattern choices mean that there is probably going to be one that does what you want. The patterns are not your average pulses though. No, they are unique. Believe me the word ‘unique’ is not something I use lightly working in the adult toy industry but this is my favourite thing about Je Joue Fifi.

Intensity 1 is very subtle, more of a tickling sensation from the ears which I probably wouldn’t want in a rabbit. I can’t concentrate enough to cum if the ears and shaft aren’t doing the same thing. I need the G-Spot stimulator to be really strong. As with all sex toys you don’t have to use them the way the designer intended so a couple of days later when I took Fifi out again, I turned it on its back and used the ears for clitoral stimulation alone. Its little light taps on the first 2 intensities were just to my taste and made for a quick orgasm.

Intensity 2 is okay, good for those who like a bit of a lead up to the main event. Intensity 3 is great for my clit but just a tease still for my g spot. Intensity 4, 5 and 6 are all great and not at all buzzy or rumbly, it is really hard to explain but they are kind of like a knocking sensation.

It’s the patterns that I loved though, there are obvious choices for those that want it all about the clit or all about the shaft and there are your normal fast pulsing ones, but 5 and 6 were really different. Kind of like a galloping horse, it really got along with my vagina. I have to say, I wish, wish, wish, Fifi had a shaft that was more curved or had flexible ears because then it might fit my body. I would even go so far as to say that if this was the case, this weird galloping jackhammer might even make my top 3 sex toys!

I can only really think of one negative. I didn’t like the buttons. They are more aesthetically pleasing than they are practical. I was not keen on the placing and found the middle button under the silicone quite hard to press. I don’t tend to play around with different settings with toys, I find one I like and stick with it so it wouldn’t be a problem for me. But for those who like to mess around it takes a bit of getting used to.

The rigidity and bulbous shaft mean I probably wouldn’t offer this choice for a first-time buyer as you need to know your body, this usually comes from owning other toys and comparing shapes. If you are lucky enough to have an anatomy that fits Je Joue Fifi, I would highly highly recommend it.

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The Fifi is made from 100% silicone (with the exception of the two tiny button eyes) which makes it velvety smooth in the eyes of most customers. It’s also seamless meaning that more sensitive girls won’t feel the pull or interruption of the seam during their playtime as reviewer Kira’s Kink notes:

“It’s completely seamless silicone, so seam sensitive users will have no issues. The entire toy is smooth with no texture.”

Similarly, users have praised the shape of the Fifi:

“I liked using this as a regaular rabbit, but I preferred using the body more. This is great for anyone who’s looking for a rabbit to fit your anatomy”

“Nevertheless, the ears and G-Spot angled shaft work beautifully together.”


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