It Doesn’t Vibrate It Thrusts!

The real magic is in the thrusts. It’s a common misconception that a good vibrator has to vibrate.  Truth is, vibration is just one way to enhance pleasure.

With each thrust, you’re taken to new heights of pleasure that just can’t be replicated with a simple buzz.  So if you’re looking for something that really delivers, go for the thrust.

“It doesn’t vibrate, it thrusts.” 

My manager explains on my first shift at Adultsmart Lifestyle Centre at Kogarah.  I watch her press the FUN! button as her arm jolts into action,“My god” I say incredulously, eyes widening.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I’ve secretly had my eye on the Fun Factory Stronic Eins from the moment I saw it.  If the promise of mind-blowing orgasms for all wasn’t enough, the ability to lay down and let it do all of the work for me definitely was.

It has now been almost two years since I began working at Adult Lifestyles Centre’s and this week, I finally tried the Stronic Eins (*squeals!!*).

Stronic Eins – Tell me About the Thrusts!!

Trying the Stronic Eins for the first time was like finally getting that birthday present.  You’ve been telling everyone that you’re getting it since January when your birthday isn’t until September.

The German manufacturer, Fun Factory create sex toys of the highest calibre with an impressive range of toys for everyone.

From pulsators to vibrators, anal toys to kegel exerciser’s. My favourite line to tell people is that “anyone can find the perfect toy for themselves in Fun Factory.   And that’s because it is true!

Whether you enjoy ribbed, girthy, slim, curved or non-vibrating toys, they’ve got the perfect one for you.

thrusts, sex toys that thrusts

What Does the Stronic Eins Offer? 

Out of the whole Stronic range, the Stronic Eins offers the best thrusting and pulsing experience overall.

  • This simply comes down to the toy itself having the most simple design of them all.
  • With no texture, ribbing or clitoral stimulation it allows for smooth and continuous pulsing.
  • It takes a long 16 hours to fully charge.  Although it gives you so much run time in return, possibly even the full equivalent in 16 hours return.
  • We rarely need to recharge the store stronic testers.  You find that due to it just being the magnetic element inside that makes it pulse, the charge holds for a reallllllly long time.

Not exactly a hands-free toy.

If you do not hold the base the thing will wiggle straight out of you.

I’ve found that lightly holding the base with your forefinger and middle finger allows for the Stronic Eins to pulse and do its thing.  Then you won’t be interrupted by you holding it or to face the catastrophe of it falling out.

thrusts, sex toy that thrusts
Buy Now | Fun Factory Sex Toy Adultshop

Features of the Stronic Eins – Watch Out for those Thrusts

  • 10 different pulse motions, ranging from a steady shuffle to a canter

I’ve found when positioned carefully, the Eins can and will give you G-Spot orgasms.  Though I’ve had the best results when pairing it with a strong and rumbly clitoral vibe.

  • As always, the firm, raised, lit-up controls of any Fun Factory toy make masturbation an effortless experience.

There’s no accidentally changing settings or turning the toy off by accident. All buttons require a firm push.  Which I think is great, especially when gripping the handle of any toy can so easily lead to disasters.

  • Completely Waterproof

Can even be used in the bath – an important feature to any toy as not everyone has the time or privacy to masturbate often.

  • Use Lubricant

Stronic Eins, as does all of Fun Factory’s range, requires a generous coating of lubricant.   This just comes down to the medical-grade silicone that Eins is made out of, making it little more gritty than a smooth ABS plastic made toy.

I’ve had great success with Fun Factory’s own brand of lubricant, Toy Fluid. This pairs perfectly with the silicone and allows for smooth, uninterrupted use.

  • Charging the Stronic Eins

It’s made SO easy with Fun Factory’s ‘click n charge’ technology.  The magnetic charger just needs to be placed on top of the receiving end located at the bottom of the toy

Shown in the image below.

sex toy that thrusts
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Stronic Eins in Purple With Magnetic Charger

When it comes to Fun Factory’s range, I kind of see Fun Factory as my child, the naughty child that can do no wrong.

I simply love all of their toys and would highly recommend them to anybody searching for a high-quality silicone toy.

The Stronic Eins wouldn’t make a great first sex-toy purchase but would be a GREAT addition to any sex-toy connoisseurs collection.

It feels strange to fall so in love with a toy that takes little-to-no effort to use.  Though the Stronic Eins has quickly (and unabashedly) become a cornerstone to my masturbation sessions.

Fun Factory is an amazing adult lifestyle company who have won a multitude of awards including  a Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2008 and an IF (International Forum Design) Product Design Award.

When you buy Fun Factory you know you are buying quality!


thrusts, sex toy that thrusts
Fun Factory Male Viabrator

Ein, Drei, ZWEI for Thrusts and Pulsating Sex!

Most people connect sex toys with vibrators but what happens when you get a sex toy that does not vibrate?

The innovative stronic series from Fun Factory adult toys has a pulsator that thrusts up and down instead of vibrating.

Find out what makes these sex toys so unique and popular

It’a A Pulsator NOT A Vibrator…

thrusts, sex toy thrusts
Fun Factorys Stronic

1 Perfect Tip For Thrusting Success

When I first started working at Adultsmart Lifestyle Centres I had not owned a vibrator in several years.

In the past, I had settled for the affordable and budget friendly sex toys.  As fun as they were, I was open to paying a bit more for a much better quality sex toy.

There are so many to choose from so I thought I’d go with something exciting and different from the rest. And I think I may have found it in the Fun Factory Stronic Eins!!!

This Fun Factory sex toy is not a regular vibrator, it’s not actually a vibrator at all.

Fun Factory’s Stronic Eins is an especially made sex toy that is primarily meant to add new rhythm to users love lives.  With a gentle to powerful pulsating rhythm instead of vibrating.

This means that this is a pulsator with a unique Stronic power unit.  It authentically mimics sexual thrust movements and delivers the natural thrust movements of love-making.

In and Out Thrusts

The movement motions of this pulsator are made of in and out thrusts.  Giving users ultimate pressure which is not readily experienced in ordinary occasions.

Customary vibrators utilize a weighted turning engine.  Its utilizes what Fun Factory calls “Drive Technology”, which is an engine quickly moving a weight forward and backward in a straight fashion.

Truly simulates the pushing of sex superior to some other sex toy.

What makes it so Great?

This pulsator is made for vaginal use and it can even be used for hands-free masturbation.

Users can enjoy themselves without having to use their hands consequently making it convenient.

Overall size of almost twenty-four centimetres

Which enables the user to get optimum excitement by reaching the areas which are not reached in ordinary situations.  This size also makes this pulsator more ideal to ladies with prior experience of using sex toys.

Different and thrilling thrust rhythms

They vary from the ranges of low-frequency to powerful consequently giving users the ultimate control of fun.

Various thrusting rhythms also ensures that using this sex toy is not boring.  You can  change the frequencies to increase pressure and eliminate monotony.

Ten settings

A business mode.  Three “algorithmic” modes with a slower relentless example. Another three “consistent” modes with a quicker semi-enduring example.

And three “element” modes that switch around amongst rate and power (i.e., moderate and after that wavering and afterward quick and after that back).  A portion of the higher settings appear to mix together.

Features Of The Fun Factory Stronic Eins

  • Sleek and elegant shape which makes it a great sex toy to own.
  • Rounded and slightly tipped which makes it comfortable and easy to insert.
  • Easy to use this sex toy since it is switched on and off by just pressing the fun button.
  • It also has a key lock which allows user to carry it discreetly.
  • Gets its power from batteries and comes with an integrated charger.
  • The charging system is simple to use since one just needs to connect the pulsator’s charger to power and then click ‘N’ charge system.
thrusts, sex toy that thrusts
Fun Factorys Stronic Eins Pulsator Photo

What is it Made Out of?

Fun Factory’s Stronic Eins pulsator is made using one hundred percent medical grade silicone which not only enhances safety, but it also ensures safety.  It’s an excellent, well made medicinal grade silicone sex toy.

The safety of this material is enhanced as it is medically tested by professionals.

Easy to to clean which enhances hygiene for the pulsator.  Just needs to be easily cleaned before and after use. Gently clean the sex toy with mild soap and warm water.

Why I Love the Stronic Eins

  • With penetration of the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, the shape and movement are dynamite for concurrent incitement of the clitoris and perineum.
  • It’s calm and the sound it makes is somewhat mitigating but truly, the Stronic Eins is stealthy.
  • No one will be able to hear it as it has no batteries that rattle around inside.
  • Completely submersible, which I didn’t understand at first which means you can use it in the shower.
  • It’s pushing movement does such a significant part of the work for me.

Some of the exciting features of the Fun Factory Stronic Eins include:

  • 10 rhythms and patterns.
  • Gentle curve intended for G-Spot stimulation.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Made of body-safe and high quality silicone.
  • 2 year warranty.

When I saw the Fun Factory Stronic Eins in the store it was like love at first sight.  It’s thrusting motion was unlike anything else I had seen before in a sex toy.

Two colours to choose from, purple and pink and both have a black handle.  It is quite a heavy sex toy due to the motor weight which may not be ideal for those with arthritis or hand injuries.

I do find the silicone can be a little bit draggy…which brings me to the next section…

How To Use The Fun Factory Stronic Eins

In order to make the most of the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, there are a few practicalities to ensure pleasurable times:

  • First and most important tip of all, USE LUBRICANT!!!!!

I cannot stress this enough when using this sex toy!!  Never been much of a “lube user” (very technical term I know), so when I first used this sex toy sans lubricant, I could not understand why it wasn’t doing the job.

Fun Factory recommends using a water based lubricant with all their sex toys. It is really important with the Stronic Eins to ensure easier insertion.  Using lubricant is what makes all the difference with this sex toy!!!

  • Second tip when using this sex toy is to not grab or hold the handle firmly as this prevents the sex toy from pulsing.

I have found that keeping it in place with two fingers and gently pushing down so it’s on a slight angle guarantees proper G-Spot attention.

  • Last but not least…RELAX!!!

There is a few things to concentrate on when using this sex toy that it can be easy to get caught in a mechanical frame of mind.

Remember that playing with the Stronic Eins should be approached with a sense of curiosity and exploration of what feels good to your body.

Have fun and enjoy the experience!!

I would recommend the Fun Factory Stronic Eins to women in search of a unique masturbation experience from a high quality sex toy who would like guaranteed fun times ahead.

Ein, Drei, ZWEI to Pulsating Sex!Ein, Drei, ZWEI to Pulsating Sex!Ein, Drei, ZWEI to Pulsating Sex!Ein, Drei, ZWEI to Pulsating Sex!Save



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