VIP Interview With Stephanie Berman of Berman Innovations

Adultsmart is pleased to introduce Stephanie Berman CEO of Berman Innovations Inc as one of our VIP Interviewee’s.  Stephanie has been in the women’s reproductive health industry since 2003. As co-owner and Vice President of her familybusiness, Sepal Reproductive International, Stephanie hasextensive knowledge and understanding of the women’s reproductive health market.


Stephanie Berman
Stephanie Berman POPDildo

Stephanie knows first-hand what it is like to want to be able to get your partner pregnant, but not have access to any product which allows for an authentic and natural experience. When Stephanie and her wife were in the process of trying to conceive, it was their experiences with trying to get pregnant which sparked her desire to make a product of this kind available to women.

Stephanie is extremely happy to share that her and her wife were able to successfully use The Semenette® to try and conceive – they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! As the product has gained national media attention, Stephanie learned that were many other communities in need of a high quality product which provided the technology of The Semenette®. After making some changes to the design and shape of the toy, Stephanie launched POP® by the Semenette. She is thrilled to be able to service so many different people and hopes to revolutionize the way couples are making love. Her main goal is to continue to bring people FUN and FUNCTION
in the bedroom!

Tell me about yourself Stephanie!

My name is Stephanie Berman, owner, founder and CEO of Berman Innovations and product, POP Dildo.

What inspired you to create the company Semenette?

Prior to creating my product, I had worked for my family business for 13 years which specialized in distributing products for women’s reproductive health.  More specifically, products that were used to help couples undergoing IVF or other types of assisted reproductive technologies.  This served as my insight into the medical aspect of conception which directly tied into my desire to create something other than the medical options available for same sex couples when trying to conceive.  In my work with my family business, I noticed a huge gap in the technology and resources available to lesbian couples trying to conceive.  If you couldn’t afford artificial insemination or IVF (which is insanely expensive and often not immediately covered by insurance for same sex couples), you were left with needle-less syringes or turkey basters.  I knew I could do better for my wife and I and ultimately, that’s how this all started.  When my wife got her first positive pregnancy test after using my prototype twice, I knew this could be something huge for the LGBTQ+ communities.

What inspires you? 

My biggest inspiration and motivation are my wife and 2 kids.  When I have those tough days, they always keep me going.  As for other inspirations, I love poetry and also find lots of inspiration in music.  I have lots of quotes that I love but one I always refer back to is by Ralph Waldo Emerson and reads, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  I truly believe success is not an accident, it’s a choice.  And this quote always motivates me.

Squirting dildo

What is the POPDildo and Semenette range of products made with?

POP and the Semenette are made with platinum grade silicone.  I had several offers to use materials that were less expensive, but I always strive to create the highest quality products possible.  I want to be able to personally say I not only stand behind my product but use it myself and I would never compromise quality just to make a little more money.  That was and never will be part of my business model.

Who can use the POPDildo?

Anyone!  Of course, we have target customers such as same sex couples looking to conceive, however, the product can truly be used by anyone which is one of the reasons I love it so much.  I really enjoy seeing different people’s creativity when it comes to how they envision POP for them and fulfilling their fantasies.  One of my customers loves doing POV shots with glitter lube…how cool is that?!  We have customers ranging from lesbians and transgender folks to pegging and fetish enthusiasts.  The possibilities are limitless with POP!

What type of sexual health reasons would people use the POPDildo for?

The obvious of course, was as a tool for home insemination which I am happy to say worked twice for my wife and I and gave us our 2 beautiful children.  POP can also be used by men with erectile dysfunction or physical disabilities, serodiscordant couples, women with vaginal dryness, folks with gender dysphoria or those that want to play with gender role play, etc…  I like to think of POP as a 2 in 1 dildo.  You don’t always have to use the ejaculation feature if you don’t want to and you are getting a very high quality dildo at the same time.  It’s all about catering to each different persons desires and providing a unique function to do so.

Women and lesbian couples can use the POPDildo to recreate the experience of conceiving a child. What are the benefits of conceiving with the use of POPDildo?

One of the most important benefits for me (as the non carrying partner) was the fact that I got to be so involved in the baby making process and the intimacy we felt in our efforts to conceive were unlike any others that we had when using a syringe or turkey baster.  It can be quite challenging to make a turkey baster sexy and romantic!  POP allowed me to feel like we truly made the baby together, similar to how heterosexual couples would.  From a science standpoint, when the body is comfortable and not stressed, it always increases the chances of conception and POP really allows you to put yourself in the most private and comfortable situation right alongside your partner.  Additionally, the success rates of home insemination versus an intrauterine insemination at a doctors office are nearly identical, both providing a success rate of anywhere from 5-25%.  However, doing IUI’s at a doctors office are extremely costly.

For trans people can the POPDildo be packed for day to day use then easily be used for penetrative sex?

With the current version we have on the market, the POP cannot be packed.  For trans people, we would suggest using the packer of their choice and swapping out for POP when you are ready for play.  We are working on a new version that will be more ideal for those that want to pack and be able to go right into play so stay tuned!

What are the best harnesses and strap-ons that you would personally recommend to use with the POPDildo?

Hands down, no questions asked, any SpareParts harness.  We offer a the Joque harness as a bundle with the POP on our website and customers love it.  I’m also a personal fan of the Tomboi from them as well.

What liquids are safe to use with the POPDildo?

Being mindful and safe is of the utmost importance when choosing what liquids are safe to use.  The type of liquids used somewhat depends on how you intend to use them.  For example, if you were going to experiment with food play and wanted to squirt chocolate syrup on your partner, it would not be safe to introduce that inside the body and would only be appropriate for use outside the body.  The majority of our customers will use various lubricants to mimic ejaculation and one of our favorites is our own custom POP Lube made by Sliquid.  We partnered with Sliquid to create an extension of their Sliquid Silk to make it to look and feel even more like cum.  It’s called POP Lube and we love it!


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