Anal Fantasy Inflatable Expander Is Bound To Make An Impact On You

Anal Fantasy Collection a sex toy product range owned by adult company Pipedream Products. The Anal Fantasy Collection includes a range of expandable and inflatable anal sex toys. The Anal Fantasy Inflatable Ass Expander and Anal Fantasy Expandable Plug are my favourite inflatable sex toys as they have the following benefits:

Benefits of the Anal Fantasy Inflatable Ass Expander and the Anal Fantasy Expandable Plug

  • It’s less than 3/4 quarter inch thick and as such, it is perfect for anal beginners or trainers. I feel like any beginner can pick this sex toy up to train their bodies to get used to the feeling of fullness. You can control the size of the anal sex toy by managing how big you want it to be inflated. It can also help people slowly prepare people for anal sex.
  • Women can use it as a butt plug or anal sex toy which places pressure on the vaginal wall to makes it feel tighter during sexual intercourse. Not to mention that there is a large myriad of nerve endings in the anal cavity which stimulates the woman sexually. It can also apply added pressure along the anal cavity which can feel quite intense.
  • Men can use it for the inflatable direct pressure on the P-spot for intense prostate stimulation.
  • Some people like the sensation of feeling ‘full’ yet are concerned about expanding the sphincter muscles or making them too ”loose”. An inflatable toy counters that, in particular, this one. Whilst deflated it is incredibly small and won’t place undue stress on the sphincter muscles, or cause them to stretch in any way.
  • You can release the air from the anal sex toy but slowly twisting the silver valve near the hand pump. This is useful in case you pump to much air into the device and begin to feel uncomfortable. You can release some air from the Anal Fantasy Inflatable Expander and close the valve when you feel more comfortable. It is important to release the air slowly.
Anal Fantasy Collection Plug
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Whilst a toy like this is incredibly small, it is recommended that you use a lubricant for all inflatables. Either a slick water based lubricant, or use SuperSlyde for that extra smooth sensation. Once the Anal Fantasy Inflatable Expander is inserted, this toy can be pumped up slowly or at a speed that you are most comfortable with. You should probably play around with the anal sex toy before you introduce it into the bedroom with a sexual partner so you know how much pressure you can apply to the inflatable toy before it becomes unstable and poses a risk to someone’s insides. Also, to prevent the muscles from going into shock, it is advised that you release the air pressure slowly at a controlled speed. The AFC Silicone Ass Expander has a silver release valve which you slowly twist to release the air pressure. Other inflatable toys have a button which releases the air. Make sure you release the air slowly and carefully, if you release to much air at the one time it can cause your body to feel pain.

Inflatable sex toys can also be used for stretching the sphincter muscles. And despite its size, the Anal Fantasy Collection Silicone Inflatable sex toys will do a great job and are great for beginners you are learning to increase their anal capacity for sexual pleasure. The sphincter muscles need practice in order to stretch, and if they’re not continually being used or pushed, then they will learn to retract back to their normal size over time as they have had the time to develop the needed amount of muscle. This sex toy is definitely useful and sometimes people look past it because they think it’s a gimmick but the Anal Fantasy Inflatable Expander is actually a very easy way to begin experimenting with anal sex. The silicone ass stretcher will slowly expand these muscles in a safe way, at the direct control of the user. They don’t have to have twelve different sized toys slowly increasing in width in order to achieve the same results. You can increment in much the same way as a tapered butt plug will. Due to the small size of this sex toy, and the fact that it expands up to a several inch width, it’s a great stretching anal tool for men and women, as well as an awesome anal toy.

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