I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In Anything But Spotlight Hosiery

I’ve always had an infatuation with lingerie. Most young women would spend money on clothes and shoes – I would save my pennies for lacy bras and underwear. The only problem with this is while everyone else was walking around looking sharp and beautiful in their new jeans and top, I looked like a bit of a dag. If only people knew what was underneath!! This is the thing I love about lingerie, the mystery. Going about your day wearing something beautiful under your clothes is a confidence booster and although no one can physically see from the outside, there is something that radiates from women who choose to wear something sexy under their clothes.

I am all for women wearing lingerie for their self-esteem and love of oneself. It’s a beautiful thing to want to please your partner by putting on something sexy but what’s even more attractive and what will lead to them being even more impressed is if you do it for yourself. Put it on and wear it with pride as you go about your day. Feel confident and sexy in your own skin and see how this feels. I almost guarantee that your partner spontaneously finding you with a lacy bra, G-string, thigh high stockings and a garter belt under your work dress at the end of the day is going to be a far more exciting experience then planning it.

Wearing lingerie is all about one thing… building your self confidence!!! It should inspire you to feel empowered and sexy. It is normal to feel a little strange if you are not used to wearing lingerie or being seen in your intimate apparel by your partner but ultimately it should not be something that makes you feel uncomfortable or awkward. Be proud of your body and relish in dressing it beautifully.

My Favourite Lingerie Brand

Spotlight Hosiery by Well Knitter is a favourite brand of mine for sexy, good quality and affordable stockings and bodystockings which are perfect for wearing under your favourite dresses and outfits. They have a large range suited to many tastes and look great with or without clothes.

The stockings come in a wide variety of patterns and styles from the thigh high lace top stay up stockings which are super sexy with a garter belt to the full coverage black spider web design which are funky and unusual-perfect to turn a plain little black dress into a quirky outfit.


Lara Seamless Garter Stocking in Black Image
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My Favourite Products

My personal favourite Spotlight Hosiery products are the thigh high stockings with a built-in garter belt. I make an effort to show every woman coming through the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres these incredibly sexy stockings as, without wanting to sound overly dramatic, they will change your life!! So many woman agree with me and walk about super excited to try them on.

They are perfect for women who love stockings but complain of an itchy derriere as the space means if you’re sitting down for a long period of time they are not going to rub and irritate your skin like the full coverage stockings often do. Another amazing pro of these stockings is that if the opportunity arises to partake in some intimate times with that special someone, you will both enjoy the fact that they do not need to be removed.

Body stockings are amazing not just because they look really beautiful, sexy and help with self-esteem, they also add to the sensory experience of intimate times. Both partners can enjoy the texture of the stocking at the same time as taking in the visual feast of their partner wearing a cut out, uniquely designed outfit. Spotlight Hosiery have so many choices of body stockings, including a floral fishnet design with strings connecting the stockings to the torso part or a full length, crotchless, long sleeve stocking.

The Spotlight Hosiery Range also feature some gorgeous short dresses, teddies and stocking sets which I am sure you are going to love. Some designs are available in different colours such as pink, red and white if you feel like stepping away from the traditional black.

Spotlight Hosiery Sizing

The Spotlight Hosiery Range by Well Knitter are available in One Size only, this being the only downfall in my opinion as curvy women greater than a size 12-14 miss out. They recommend these products to people 90-160Lbs (That is 40-72 kilograms). As a reference, I am a pear-shaped size 10. They fit well and most of them are very stretchy however I have found that one pair of stockings with the in-built garter belt were just a little bit tight around the thighs. Luckily my petite sister was more than happy to help out and take them off my hands! They are so affordable that I keep adding to the collection every week and have only had the one pair be too tight. If like me you feel a bit unsure about whether they will fit your body if you’re a bit on the curvy side, I say take a chance and try them out!

It’s a fun and exciting thing to wear sexy stockings and outfits, the Spotlight Hosiery range being a perfect option for women on a small budget to play with this. Come into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and check out these products!

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