I Want! But Most of All I Want You

I want to take you out for a late breakfast in the morning. Talk shit over craft coffee and smashed avo.  I want my eggs to go cold while I’m lost gazing into your big beautiful eyes.

Hooked on every word that dances from your lips. I want the world to fall away.  Where only you and I exist in our little bubble.

I want to sit at the bar with you and sip martinis, dirty of course, our toes tapping to the live jam from the corner and I want to feel your hand within mine.

We chat when the band takes a break.  But happy to enjoy listening to them once they resume, perfectly comfortable to sit silent in each other’s company.


To hold you throughout the night, our naked bodies pressed close together, kisses both short and long, but always impassioned.  Your lips, as soft as gossamer, lilt my body, and my soul.

I want to wake with the perfume of your hair filling my nostrils.

Go on a bushwalk with you, soaking in the scent of gums in the air, the sun dappling through the treetops.  Our picnic upon the cliff top, homemade baba ganoush and deli meats and cheeses.

Gluten free crackers, picture perfect without the intrusion of an actual camera.

Tie You Down on the Bed

I want to tie you down to my bed and tease you until you beg for an orgasmic release.  Cover your body with strawberry massage oil, before licking it all back off.

I want to roll a wartenburg wheel slowly over you, along your hips, your sides, your thighs.  You will find that fine line between ticklish and erotic.

I want to tongue fuck your dulcet pussy, lavish in her folds and keep you on edge, withholding your climax.  Only giving you release only once my fingers latch onto your g-spot, with my mouth still engorged on your clit, and your body lashes about in seizure.

I want Strap On Pegging
Pegging Fun Factory Share

I want to see you take total control.

Slide that harness up onto your hips, and watch as you slide the dildo into my ass and peg me.

Thrusting at your own choice of pace, working my cock as you do.  I want to see your tits bouncing as you do, the pleasure plastered to your face as you make me your own.

Relish in the explosive orgasms with perfectly sized cock rings you deliver me, watching my cum spurt up onto my belly. The thick milky flow entangling itself in my snail trail.

But I don’t want you to stop there.

I want you to keep riding my ass, wrapping your hands around my ankles to raise my legs in the air enough.  So you can better sink the dildo in even further.

I want to kiss and cuddle you after. My cum smearing all over our naked bodies as we make out like teenagers.

Thirsty.  Unbridled.  Passionate.

I want to twist your nipples until you’re ready for more, sliding my leg between your thighs, your cunt rubbing on my flexed quad.

I want bdsm gear

Use my fingers elsewhere

So I’ll clamp your nipples up, stretch them out further.  And I want you on your knees, so I can eat out your ass while finger banging your pussy.

Your whole body is a delightful smorgasbord, a variety of scents and flavours that nourish me but keep me ravenous for more.

I want to slowly awaken with you the next morning, our bodies exhausted and battered.  Then I’ll summon the strength to make you banana pancakes while you get the kettle on.

I want you to grab me from behind

While a flip the batter, and grab onto my cock while you kiss my neck.  I want to smack your ass when you turn away back to our coffees.

But most of all, more than any of the above things, I just want you.

Exactly as you are.

Just the way you were when we first discovered each other, and all that may entail.  That woman bursting with life and energy that sucked me in like I didn’t even know was possible.

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