I Wanna Be A Cowgirl!

The Cowgirl is the epitome of the sex machines of the world, and only the finest of fine sex connoisseurs of the world will divulge the secrets of this astonishing machine. It is not for the faint hearted and this is the type of machinery that should be showcased and not hidden away shrouded by shame and embarrassment, this is a work of art quite literally, every sensual curve of the surface, the luscious purr of the motor and the impeccable attention to detail rivals the most exquisite toys in the sex industry.


But there is a reason this isn’t described as a sex toy, this is a machine and so it should have that status.


I have a way of describing brands in this industry and I often relate and compare them to cars. An Aston Martin vanquish Is my ultimate machine, it alludes sex appeal, and the sound of the motor drives me into audible ecstasy, the most impressive sports cars have a distinct and orgasmic sound that projects out of those luscious exhaust pipes and without them these cars would not have the same sensory overload that they have with those fine pieces of metallic masterpieces.


So as with the cowgirl it has an audible experience with the rumbling purr of its astonishing motor, like I said earlier on this is not something to hide away in a locked closest this is master piece of a machine and should be presented that way. If you are the sex connoisseur I know you then the moans and groans and occasional screams of pure delight will have nothing on the purr of this luxurious motor, and I’m sure by now your neighbours already know the difference between pure joy and the act of murder.


So if you’re not in the business of collecting stylish supercars, then this might tickle your fancy in all the right places, the artists of “the cowgirl” boast this as the most stylish ride. The thoughtfulness of this design is reflexed in its quality and it redefines the style of the previous sex machines on the market.


This is a PREMIUM product, not a gimmick or lump of metal that forgets the meaning of the word sex. The cowgirl embodies empowered sexuality, and why shouldn’t it, it is the most decadent of decadent pleasures just like that fine desert that causes you to shudder in delicenses, with just the perfect amount of kink.


For those who have spoken to me know how much I harp on about quality, and with the cowgirl the quality is in its details. Do I need to mention its precision engineering which creates its ultra-powerful vibrations with over 1200 rpms, it’s the kind of power that puts your partners smart car to shame.


Hand crafted… would you have expected any less? The cowgirl has a saddle style seat with comfort padding for that extra hard ride because trust me when I say you won’t want to stop. It accommodates bodies up to 181kg, so you have machinery worthy of the grinding and pounding you are going to give it.

Cowgirl Machine
Sex Machine

Unparalleled, that’s right you read correctly the cowgirl has unparalleled luxury, comfort, functionality to deliver the most superior experience.


Every single detail of this sex machine has been thought out with precision and perfection, from the easy to grip handle for easy transportation, to the slip resistant base for added stability for the most liquescent of sessions and protection of surfaces.

And what about those usually pesky electrical contact points which always seem flimsy, there is no need to stress because these points of been put to the test with the most ultimate heavy metal bands. Cowgirl moulds its plugs after high end musical equipment, so you know it is able to take a beat or two.


included in this impeccable work of art is a pair of modern, superior and functional body safe silicone attachments as well as a set of 10 springs and stems. The RAWHIDE attachment is for the art of bumping and grinding while the WILDWEST penetrates you with the perfect blend of orgasmic and intense form.

The springs and plastic stems are provided for your own custom experience, it will turn your WILDWEST completely 360degrees and full rotational while the plastic stem gives you a solidness to your ride. What do you prefer flexible or solid? You’ll never know until you try both.

As a self-assured control freak it ticks all the boxes from me, control is literally in your hands with its easy to use and to grip multifunction LED remote attached my a 3metre cord, or if you want a little less control and more mystery to your next vibration download the smartphone app for total cordless control up to 10metres away.

The cored LED remote has a simple and independent variable speed controller, so no moment is lost by fiddly buttons when you’re in the height of pleasure. It has the option of six vibration patterns and 360 degrees of swivel rotation.

While the smart phone app is also simple and easy to use and gives the added bonus of cordless control.  But if your anything like me and need to learn how to let go of the reigns a little then the FEELME app is absolutely perfect for you.


This is what dreams are made of quite literally and with that the cowgirl welcomes you to the next generation of riding. With all the advances in technology these days there is no wonder the feelme.com app is so damn popular, not only does it allow your secret lover or partner to control you ride from anywhere in the world it also allows you to see and feel real time pleasure.

You have the option of connecting to a partner’s device to control and allow to be controlled with the cowgirl’slong distance remote connection which also takes distance away with intimacy right on the screen in front of you. It allows you to be intimate with even the most distance relationships anywhere anytime.

And for something a little more the Feel me and Feel VR also allows you to digitally view your dreams on screen with real time non-verbal touch in the flow of vibrations that connect you and your dream together.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the ride that dreams are made of and no bucking required.


Morgan x

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