Sex, Drugs and Luv N Fun!

I am a sales consultant at the Oh Zone Store Penrith and recently I did a review on the Luv n Fun 3 and 4 and the benefits of Kegel exercises. Today I will follow up and review the other little gems in the Luv n Fun range, the L1, L2, L5 and L6.

Something that I failed to mention in my last review was that on first inspection of all the Luv n Fun toys in the range, is that they all come beautifully presented in a lovely gift box. Not only do you get the gift box, but also included with your purchase is a nice satin bag to your new bestie in. I am not sure if people understand the true benefit of this simple little inclusion, but I am sure by the end of this review you understand the significance of keeping your toys clean and protected whilst not in use.

All 6 variations of the Luv n Fun range are ultra smooth to touch, have both a glossy and matte finish, are made from body safe silicone and have a 100% silicone body. All 6 are 100% waterproof, rechargeable and have a self sealing point of charge. The L1, 2, 3 & 4 all have a maximum run time of 2 hours when fully charged and 10 different pleasure modes to choose from. The L2 and 4 are also remote controlled which means, you can take the fun with you anywhere and everywhere you go, inside, outside, restaurants, bars, parties, BBQ’s, the possibilities are endless, you name it and these 2 little pleasure treasures can be taken and used there.

Luv N Fun 1 Vibrator Kegel Balls
Sex Toy: Luv N Fun 1


The L1 and L2 are bullet vibrators but due to their size and shape they could easily double as a bullet in play times and kegel balls in more serious times. The L3 and L4 are kegel balls but again due to its size and shape they also could easily double as a bullet vibrator. The L5 and L6 are longer vibrators, both have pleasure points at the top end of the shaft for g-spot stimulation and both have flexible necks. The L5 comes with a ribbed top to give you added sensation when the pleasure point reaches your g-spot. The L6 has a unique curved shape for your pleasure. Again specially designed to give you the ultimate orgasmic experience. The L5 and L6 both have a maximum run time of 4 hours when fully charged and 8 sensational pleasure modes to choose from.

OK now the best bit, all 6 of the Luv n Fun toys are made with your health in mind. All 6 have an antimicrobial or antibacterial surface. Now to the average person this possibly does not enter the thought process when they are selecting a toy, but for me, having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, this little tidbit of information is massive and can be a great selling point, especially to a customer who is a germaphobe.  An antimicrobial surface basically meas that the surface material have been treated with an agent the inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The Vagina is the perfect breeding environment for bacteria. Bacteria needs moisture, nutrients, temperature and oxygen to grow and when I say grow, I mean multiply. Bacteria grow when spores split and multiply. Bacteria is literally everywhere, but most of the time the bacteria is harmless. Everybody has good and bad bacteria and for women the good bacteria keep the vagina healthy. Lactobacillus (the good bacteria in the vagina) has been referred to as the gatekeepers of the vaginal ecosystem. It basically keeps the vagina’s PH levels (PH=Vagina acidity level) at an optimum 3.5 to 4.5, this level indicates a perfect amount of good bacteria (lactobacillus) and no overgrowth of bad bacteria (pathogenic). However like I said, the vagina does provide the perfect breeding environment for bad bacteria when the PH levels are outside of what is considered normal levels.

There are many different factors that can cause infections in the vagina and there are also many different types of infections that women can contract.  The two most common bacterial infections in the vagina are Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Candida (Yeast). Bacterial Vaginosis is the most common of the two and is caused when the bad bacteria (pathogenic) outgrows the the good bacteria because the PH levels are out of the norm. BV can cause offensive odor’s, irritation, itching and out of the ordinary discharge. Left untreated, BV also increases the chances of contracting some STD’s.

Yeast infections are commonly known as Thrush. Symptoms are itching and irritation around the vagina, a smelly cottage cheese looking discharge, burning when urinating, swelling and redness of the vulva and even in some cases bleeding. 3 out of 4 women will suffer from a yeast infection on more than one occasion and for some women its happens on a regular basis. A yeast infection is so common these days you can even buy an over the counter treatment and as much as this is a blessing in some cases, it is a problem when the symptoms for BV are very similar and women self diagnose. The treatment for a yeast infection is different to the treatment for BV. The most effective treatment for BV is an oral antibiotic that is not available over the counter. There are studies happening now that are looking into if taking a pro-biotic will lower the chances of contracting BV.

So getting back to the Luv n Fun toys, having an antimicrobial surface is a major plus and yes even with this surface, cleaning is still recommended and once cleaned and dry, storage in the little satin bag should keep most of the nasties away is also recommended, preferably in a cool dry environment.

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