This One Is For All Cloppers Out There!

Pony play is a type of fetish where people role play as a pony that may or may not incorporate sexual manner. It is done so that the person interested in the human pony can takes advantage of the pony or to showcase the pony using different training techniques. Frequently Pony Play may include some type of restraints like a mouth gag, a pony harnesses, whips and much more. There are also different types of domination and submission traits that are featured in Pony Play. Although Pony Play does indeed not have any type of direct link to BDSM unless they are role playing some sort of horse and rider relationship it is still included as a fetish.  Pony play enthusiasts are known as ‘cloppers’.

There are two different types of Pony Play including:

  • Forced Pony Play:

The person role playing as a pony still considers themselves as a human individual. Their sexual partner who is named the trainer or owner must treat the pony as an animal and as if they will act like a real pony. This pony play make the pony role player feel dominated and possibly humiliated. Although the name says “forced”, pony play, it is a consensual act where both parties agree on acting like this together.

  • Equine Role Play:

In comparison to Forced Pony Play, Equine Role Play is when the person who dresses as a pony does not have a personality. Having no personality means that they cannot be humiliated but will fall under the total control of the ‘owner’ or ‘trainer’.

Woman Dresses in Pony Outfit
Female Clopper

The following reasons are why most ‘ponies’ like to role play, and be led and constrained –


  • Dehumanization or Animalization:

Being lessened to creature status as well as being “constrained” into that position is an essential piece of pony play. A human compelled to act like a stallion and then being treated like one is the center of a pony play relationship.

  • Subjugation:

Effectively supported by all the different bits of horse gear and components, for example, a bit and harness, reins, riding boots, horseshoes are almost mandatory in pony play.  Other embellishments like feathers or even additions like a cart add to the authenticity.

  • Command and Submission:

The owner or trainers mastery of the pony is a vital piece to make this form of role playing successful.  The pony must be under the trainers command and to submit to all their requests.  The pony should be trained to execute selected maneuvers and drills and be controlled by the reigns or verbal commands.

  • Ladies in Riding Clothes:

There is nothing so sensual as a lady in her riding clothes.  For ‘steeds’ this is a major turn-on, to be controlled by a well-dressed lady whilst they are being the obedient pony.  On the other hand ‘mares’ outfits generally include shiny vinyl or even rubber combining the rubberist fetish with pony play that will cause erotic feeling with any ‘trainer’ or ‘owner’.

  • Embarrassment:

As a human being treated as an animal, it has a dehumanizing effect causing the pony to feel animalizatioin.  Especially with forced pony play this will cause humiliation and to continue in the outfit and being made to obey is unimaginably embarrassing.

The blend of these components is overpowering. Being all tackled up in horse gear and driven  around by a lady in English Riding Gear appears to push pretty much every button that I have. Being dealt with like a creature and being compelled to act like a creature – the force of discourse taken away by my bit; the capacity to flee burglarized from me by my hooves; the capacity to oppose lost in my servitude; the will to oppose removed.

Obviously, these are only a portion of the reasons horse play speaks out to a lot of people. Pony play is a fixation, however realize that not everybody sees it that way, which is more than fine: there is no right or wrong approach to pony play. The best thing about pony play is its flexibility: much of what we do as horses is what attracts us to pony play.

If you are interested in pony play you will certainly enjoy reading about the furry culture.




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