How to Open an Online Strip Club Using xCams

Stripping is an erotic adult entertainment act that has been in the scene since the early 19th century but now there is online strip club. What started as an act of pleasing kings and princes and high position ministers of a kingdom, has now grown multifold and is available for any common person like you and me. Strip clubs or Gentleman’s club is where strippers perform their act of erotic seduction while taking their clothes off.

As time has changed, so have the preferences of people. As compared to the earlier traditional stripping done just by women to please men of the high decree, now stripping has ventured into many classes and niches.

It’s not only women who perform these acts but men too. There are strip clubs for a vast range of niches now like clubs for the gay community, LGBTQ community, lesbian community, women-only clubs, etc.

Stripping or Lap Dance in Your Home 

The advancement of technology has meant that now you can enjoy a strip show or a lap dance sitting in the comfort of your home rather than being present at the strip club physically.

With the boom of online strip clubs in the market, it has become really easy for the models too to make more money by working at multiple online strip clubs from their homes.

As per reports, the market size of strip clubs in the US only is around $7.2 billion in 2021. This rate has declined considering that in the past 2 years most strip clubs had shut due to the pandemic. Now to counter this decline, strip clubs have started to venture into the online strip club business which is growing quite rapidly.

So, today in this write-up I take you through questions like how to open a strip club and how to make money in the online strip club business using breakthrough tools like xCams. Let’s get going.

online strip club
A Professional Stripper

Physical Strip Club vs Online Strip Club?

Although the traditional way of physical strip clubs was the talk of the town for ages, in recent years we have seen a decline in the market share and revenue generated by the physical strip clubs.

This is due to various reasons, and now we see a rise in the online strip club business. In fact, many strip clubs have accepted that the way to survive is to adopt the technology and go for an online strip club.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why online strip clubs are the preference now.

  • Investment

A physical strip club needs a lot of investment starting from a physical location, furniture, manpower, etc. whereas an online strip club doesn’t need much other than a webcam, a few tech masters, and models.

  • Stigma

If given an option, users and viewers would want to discreetly watch strip shows rather than walk into the infamous physical strip clubs due to societal stigma.

  • Ease of operation

Models can operate from the comfort of their homes with a basic setup of some props, a good internet connection, a webcam, and a computer. Even for the owners, it saves the hassles of managing model timings and payments and various other commitments of a physical setup.

  • Diversity

In an online strip club, you can hire models from around the world, rather than being constrained to your city in the physical strip club setup. This way you get a lot of diversity in your club and can satisfy the needs of various classes and thus increase your user base.

Things to Streamline for Your Online Strip Club

Before you jump into how to open a strip club, there are a few things you need to streamline.

Here is the list

  • Registration

Your strip club business whether physical or online, needs to be registered first. I would suggest LLC or Limited Liability Company if you’re planning to run both a physical and online setup for your strip club.

  • Insurance

With a high-risk business in the adult industry, you need to consider getting your business insured. Depending on your setup, you can consult an insurance agent to help you with the needed insurance policies.

  • Documentation

Be it online or physical, you need to have proper documentation about your business like terms of use, privacy policy, NDA, etc.

  • Intellectual property

Especially for an online strip club, you need to get your logo, name, concepts, software, etc. trademarked in case someone tries to bank on your name and work. ‘

Exotic dancer on a pole
Image: Stripper

Why xCams?

So now we’ve reached the part where I tell you how you can set up your online strip club in the easiest and most affordable way. xCams is a ready-made turnkey script using which you can build your online cam business within hours of purchase. xCams provides you with everything you need to run an online strip club. From various monetization methods to smooth payment gateways, xCams gives you all you need.

Using xCams, you can hire models from all around the world giving the diversity your online strip club needs. Easy payment structure means you don’t have to get involved every day to make payments to your models, you just set up the commission rates and then sit back and watch xCams work its magic.

You don’t need any setup or technical expertise to run your online strip club using xCams. All you need is to hire models and enlist them on your website, provide them with a good webcam and internet setup and some props for the live shows and you’re all set to earn good money from live shows by models around the world.

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Some monetization features on xCams

  • Private 1-on-1 live shows with per-minute billing.
  • Group shows with per-minute billing.
  • Peek shows on 1-on-1 shows(voyeur shows).
  • Tip feature for the models.
  • Sell photos and videos.
  • Models can sell their social accounts private access like Snapchat, IG, etc.

As an admin of the online strip club, you can set the commission rates for all monetization methods and earn good money when users spend money on the models.

Transactions on the website are done through a token model where users buy token packages and spend them as they watch live shows or tip the models. Multiple payment gateways are integrated into xCams making it easier for users to buy tokens and spend.

You can also set up subscription packages for models where users get private access to a model’s cam for private sessions.

Final Say

Seeing the current decline in the physical strip club market, it’s safe to say that as an owner you should be looking at alternatives to get your strip club business online.

Sooner than later, physical strip clubs might be history and if you want to ride the tide of the online boom, you need to consider a tool like xCams to build your online strip club empire. Without much investment and technical knowledge, you can switch from physical to online space to run your successful online strip club.

So, jump on this booming online strip club business as soon as you can before you run into a stiffer competition. Because sooner or later, online strip clubs will be a thing to reckon with.  Curious about escorting how to become an escort or stripper? If you have any questions or suggestions, do write in the comments section below and I’ll try and answer them as soon as I can. Till then, cheers!

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