How to have a MMF without including another Male

Fantasies can be tricky subjects especially with something like How to have a MMF when you have a long term partner who might not be as sexually inclined as what you would be. Sometimes if they are not as sexually experienced or sexually mature, your requests to try not so common things can come off as either an attack or something that might be ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’ to your partner. This tends to be a common theme when women ask their partners (most of the time they struggle to muster up the courage because they don’t want their partner to think that they want to cheat on him) to have a threesome that includes another male joining her and her male partner, making it a Male Male Female (MMF) threesome. This idea also plays on the sexual fantasy of Double Penetration which is a female being penetrated both vaginally and anally simultaneously. But how do you fulfil this fantasy when your partner doesn’t want to invite another male into the bedroom? There are a few things you can do to actually substitute the additional male out (although it won’t be the actual fantasy, this solution is a lot better than nothing at all). By substituting another person for multiple different positions and toys, you can actually have more fun for yourself and your partner. So here are a few steps you can take and/or do to get you close to fulfilling the fantasy without another man marching all up on your partner’s masculine territory.


First things first, you have to communicate to your partner about your fantasy. This might be a tough conversation depending on who you choose to lay with. If you have experienced issues in the past when it comes to being open and communicating, then it might be best to really consider if this is the right person for you (Why do you want to be with someone who won’t even hear you out?). However, if you are with someone who is open to listening to you communicate then the first option would be to sit down and express to them what your fantasy is. It is super important in this conversation that you reassure him that it’s not about emotionally involving another man into the equation but rather the physical aspect. Explain that he is more than enough and that this has just always been a one off fantasy. By reassuring your partner that he is more than enough and he provides you with all the pleasure you need, this will heap him hopefully come to a decision to consider inviting another male into the bedroom. Also if he isn’t so comfortable with the idea and says he isn’t interested in doing it, he doesn’t walk away with a bitter taste in his mouth thinking that he isn’t good enough. In the case of the later option, this is where you can bring in a whole bunch of toys to substitute and fulfil.

As we all know, toys are a comrade for men rather than a competitor. They are designed to help increase pleasure for both partners and often help women reach climax. So what type of toys can you introduce to give you that MMF feeling? Well there are 2 different options that I would recommend.


A double penetration dildo (Please see image for visual recognition). This toy is great for the exact same rhythm that the penis is doing when it comes to anal penetration. How it works is, it is held in place by 2 rings (One goes around the testicles and the other goes around the shaft of the penis). The dildo actually sits comfortably between the shaft of the penis and the testicles. It will move with your body when you thrust, giving the exact same motion of when you insert your penis. There are a vast amount of different positions you can use this toy with including the usual missionary, cowgirl and doggy. To really add pleasure to the experience, have a clitoral stimulator working the clitoris at the same time.

Suction cup dildo’s have always been an amazing addition to any single or couples toy collection. Reason being is that they are the closest toy that can simulate the real thing, especially when you’re using it on walls for doggy or on chairs for cow girl. How can you include it for your MMF experience? By using it on the glass you can either give the dildo oral whilst your partner pounds from behind, you can use the dildo anally whilst your partner is holding you up thrusting from the front vaginally. Switching up the different variants are very fun when it comes to involving both the dildo and your partner.


These 2 options are fantastic if your partner does not want to include another Male. However, they can also be used if you’ve wanted to experience a multi-person gang bang also. Make sure to always look for ways to increase your pleasure. Have fun!

AJ is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores

2 Replies to “How to have a MMF without including another Male”

  1. after bringing my wife to a number of orgasms whilst giving cunnilingus using mouth, lips, fingers and a small plastic test tube and then further orgasms whilst penetrating her with my penis and having had my own climax would ‘roll off’ exhausted, she would almost always ask in a small voice, ‘can you do it again’ that would be the time to suggest a second male to keep her in a high state of sexual ecstasy. If we wait for me to recover she will have lost some of the ‘urge’ for sexual satisfaction. I find, once a woman has reached a certain level of rapture she can continue to enjoy multi orgasms until the clitoris becomes too sensitive

  2. We are in our late 40s and meet with our three couples once for a while in darkened room in each of our house by rotation, go nude and grope and feel each others at our will – in any one agrees with another then go for sex…., toys included .

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