Hitachi Vs Smart Wand! Which Is Better?

I have recently been questioning whether the Lelo Smart Wand is worth the money.  A primary disadvantage to the Smart Wand when put up against the Hitachi Magic Wand is that it puts out somewhat less power but with a higher price tag.  For a toy that got to be famous for its unrivaled force, a contender that doesn’t stack up in that respect appears like it will be a disappointment. However I figured it would be worth the investment to compare the two together. So, here we have it; Hitachi vs Smart Wand.

Which one is going to come out on top? 

hitachi vs smart wand
Lelo Smart Wand

Hitachi  Vs Smart Wand

Round 1: Materials 

  • Hitachi Magic wandis made of well do you even know? With such a great amount of buzz about phthalates, I’m amazed that the Hitachi Magic Wand has generally gotten away with not fully disclosing its ingredients. But having used one I can say that I experience no ill effects.

Hitachi’s vibrator has been the same for quite a long time in fact years, and was made far before phthalates were viewed as a worry in sex toys. Actually probably worrying about phthalates is not really a worry in light of the fact that the Magic Wand is an outside toy.  Still, what the hell is that head made of?  A… covered froth? Surely over the past few years there could be an improvement on it.

  • Lelo Smart Wand, in the same way as the majority of Lelo’s items, has unadulterated, safe silicone.  So you know it is phthalate free and body safe. You can likewise sanitize it with a toy cleaner and know the cleaning won’t harm your sex toy.  Silicone is a clean, safe material for sex toys, and that is what you’re getting with Lelo.

So the Lelo Smart Wand wins in the battle of materials

hitachi vs smart wand
Lelo Sex Toys: Lelo Smart Wands Medium

Round 2: Reliability

So we all know the Hitachi Magic Wand is a vibrating Massager! Aren’t those very 80s pictures on the container silly? Yet Hitachi is not a sex toy organization, and the Massage wand was never expressly promoted or intended for use as a sex toy.

Would you trust Sony or Mitsubishi to make a sex toy?

Lelo, then again, is ONLY concerned with grown-up items. Smart Wand, hence, is made with full affirmation and design as a sex toy and ergonomically fitting.  Lelo comes with a 1 year guarantee where I can see no such warranty of the Hitachi.  My Hitachi has been running for three or more years so on this count.

I call it a draw!

Round 3: Ease of Use

While the motor is the thing that loans the Hitachi Magic Wand its amazing force.  It likewise puts the toy on a short chain. Keeping in mind chains can be provocative, your masturbation session going to a shrieking, full on experience unless of course you inadvertently yanked the plug out of the wall.

Let’s face it having power cords going out of a sex toy is not a sexy thing. When you are stroking off you should be free to move about as you will and not within 5 feet of a power-point.

This battle the Lelo Body Wand wins hands-down.

Round 4: Functions

Hitachi Magic Wand has three functions which are slow–knee trembling and jack hammer like. Whereas the Lelo Wand has multiple vibration speed and modes.

It also has the new patented SenseMotion that will anticipate what mode or level you are going to. The body wand is water resistant and I believe there is a new model that is waterproof.  On this one there is no competition

Lelo Body Wand has better functionality.

hitachi vs smart wand

Round 5: Expense

Lelo sex toys come with Guarantees and Warranties and are specifically designed with materials that will not cause infection or be abrasive. The Hitachi is a full on body massager that people have started using as a sex toy primarily because of its reliability and jack hammer vibrations that will get an Elephant off.

Hitachi Magic Wand comes with a modest price tag and at most places you can pick them up for around about the $50 mark. The Lelo Body Wands are over $100 – double the price.

So in this category the Hitachi Wins.

Final Decision

  • All in all my view is that if you are after a sex toy then you should purchase the Lelo Smart Wand as it simply is designed better to use on your private parts.
  • If you are after a Body Massager the Hitachi is a good fit.
  • If you want use them for both then it is a flip of the coin which suits you.

Lelo Smart Wand has made it into my sex toys box whilst my trusted Hitachi is now in a box in my cupboard so you know what my choice was.

hitachi vs smart wand
Total Relaxation

A Vibrating Wand That Brings Serenity!

At times, you may want to have your own sexual adventure just by yourself in your room and you are going to experience nothing less than maximum self-orgasm.

At such times it is always important to have the right accessories with you to ensure that you fulfill you sexual desired and may I suggest to you purchasing a wand.

When I suggest a wand it is not just any wand it is the Serenity Vibrating Wand by NS Novelties.  I have found this sex toy to allow me to experience ultimate orgasms.  Afterwards leaving me in a state of Serenity that is very difficult to replicate by any other forum.

Good thing with a sex wand is that it is available at any time

Generally they have a pleasant look.  Most of them are available in a color that is perfect for you such as blue or pink or purple and they will definitely turn you on once they are turned on. They are affordable sex toys when you think what joy they bring you and the total outlay and best of all they are easy to use.

Even for a novice it is not necessary to read the instruction manual.  It is more fun using it by trial and error to find your perfect spot at your perfect speed. You are also assured of a healthy tool that will give joy to your clitoris and body.

Serenity Vibrating Wand can also be easily cleaned

Made from body safe silicone and it can be used by a single person and can also be shared in couples play.

Isn’t that great? They are a slim toy so certainly will not intimidate you and are easy to handle by use your hand.  Ends are slightly curved allowing you hit that right spot.  When you are alone it is a great substitute for a lover.

A wand will give you just that, and it comes with a number of rhythmic functions. You may want a slow vibration or even a fast one, depending on the level of your excitement. With a wand, you adjust according to your wants or rather how you want it to turn out. You can also use it as a play toy while having sex with your partner and it is fun I grant you that.

It will make sex enjoyable each and every time

You will not have to complain of similar sex styles and sensations that may cause you to get bored with your love making as now you are in charge.

For me I have found that the best wand to use is the Serenity Silicone wand and I assure you that the sex adventure you will get from this sex toy will surely be an unforgettable one.  As you will crave do discover more about your body each time.

hitachi vs smart wand
Serenity Vibrating Wand Personal Massager

Serenity Vibrating Wand 

This is the sex toy that you want  when you want to enjoy a maximum sweet sexual experience.  I find having a more technical and creative design makes it easy and appealing to use.  With the powerful vibration in seven different rhythmic functions, my sexual pleasure and satisfaction definitely go to the next level.

A good thing is that it is a very flexible vibrator.  I am able to hold it and use it comfortably without the vibrating wand falling out of my hand of even straining it. It actually maintains its position easily.

Another thing is that the serenity has multiple purposes. When I use it internally, the g-spot stimulation is way beyond my expectations. All I can say is the sensations are in a class of their own. Also, when I place it on my body, I am able to get massage experience and It really helps me with my relaxation.

It is medically safe as it is made of high-quality silicone. I am assured that if I clean it I will not be susceptible to any nasty infections or problems.

Product Information

  • Available in sexy blue and purple color.
  • Body safe and phthalate free.
  • Thin for proper clitoris play as its slim tip targets the desired part for detailed and extra pleasure.
  • Travel-friendly and stylish.
  • I find it light and, therefore, easy to use.
  • Seven vibration functions enable you to have different sexual pleasure from smooth to wild and all that takes place with a touch of a button at the base.
  • I find it easily compatible with any lubricant and it is non-porous and easily cleaned.
  • Simple to use and if gives me one of a kind mind blowing orgasm.
  • Vibration itself is very soft and comfortable with an emulation of skin design.
  • It also gives a nice touch feeling on your hand.



2 Replies to “Hitachi Vs Smart Wand! Which Is Better?”

  1. I have an Hitachi from 1984 that is still going strong though the logos have worn off and I did have to replace the cord. Over 30 years of faithful service and into the thousands of ‘happy times’ makes it bargain of the century in my books. Now I got a Lelo Smart Wand Large 3 years ago as a travel alternative to the Hitachi. I chose this one because the attachments I have for the Hitachi fit it. It looked lovely and sensual but the vibration never had the quality I got from the Hitachi and after maybe 18 months it started making loud knocking sounds on medium speeds as if the motor was lose. I looked into the much vaunted 10 year warranty Lelo offer and found it wasn’t worth using as I had to pay for the thing to be shipped back to Lelo in Sweden for investigation and then would only get 50% off purchases from their over priced online store. If I had wanted a replacement Smart Wand it would have been cheaper to by new from a discounting local retailer and to thrown the old one in the trash. I am not a Lelo fan anymore.

    1. Have to agree with you Mandy. For strength, reliability and longevity the Hitachi is a winner. For teeth shattering vibrations this is the Jack Hammer of Bodywands. Nothing sleek or sexy about it though. So if you want performance choose the Hitachi.

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