The Beginner’s Guide To DDLG Role Play

If you’re thinking about spicing up your sex life, it may be time to level up your role playing games and dive into DDLG role play. DDLG, which stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl, is a kinky role play between two consenting adults during which one assumes a dominant, older person, while the other takes on a submissive and younger role. It’s a lot similar to BDSM, yet there are many ways that DDLG can be adapted to suit your comfort level, making it an enjoyable, sexy, and romantic role play for both parties involved. If your partner likes it when you call him daddy in bed, here is your guide to get started on DDLG role play.

Set some DDLG rules

Before getting started, it’s important to understand that DDLG doesn’t have anything to do with incestuous relationships. It’s a sexy role play, which can range from vanilla to hardcore, and since there are so many variations of DDLG, it’s important to set some ground rules before heading to the bedroom. Talk about your age-play, and define the little girl role. What age would you be when you’re doing a scene? Some women prefer to act like an innocent teenager, since it’s easier for them to enter this headspace rather than, say, role playing as a 10-year-old girl, so you may consider acting like a teen if it’s your first time to do DDLG. You should also decide what you’ll address each other during scenes to help you slip easily into DDLG. You can refer to your daddy dom as Daddy, Sir, Papi, or Master, while he can call you Baby, Baby Girl, Angel, Princess, Bunny, or Darling.

Talk about what you’d like your daddy to do to you before, during and after sex. For instance, do you like a bit of pain play before sex, and would you like some cuddles and more affection during aftercare? You should also discuss the kinky clothes and unusual accessories that you’ll wear while role playing, since donning the right outfit is the easiest way to slip into DDLG. The schoolgirl uniform is a classic, but you can also wear a cute onesie or a crop top and frilly panties with some over the knee socks. Finish off the look with a collar to heighten your daddy’s dom instincts.

Getting started

Set the scene to get started. Decorate your room with plushies and lots of throw pillows, then dress up for your daddy. If you want to rile him up a bit before having sex, act a little bratty so he can take you over his knee and give you a good spanking. Once you’ve taken your punishment, always say thank you when your daddy praises you for being a good girl. You don’t have to have sex right away. You can take a bath together and let your daddy dom take care of you, or you can do your “homework” together. All this affection and nurturing will naturally put both of you in the mood for sex, and sex can be hardcore by using sex toys or bondage, or it can be vanilla with lots of sweet talk and kisses, depending on your mood.

If you choose to have hardcore sex, remember to agree on a safe word right before you start. You can have a special safe word, but the color system works fine for this too. Remember that green means that you’re feeling good and that your daddy should keep going. Yellow means that you’re on the edge of your limits but it’s still okay to continue, while red means to stop altogether. Your daddy should always check in during pain play, bondage, or intense sex, and checking in can be as simple as asking, “Baby, what’s your color?” Respond honestly, and don’t be afraid to say red if something feels too intense or uncomfortable. Remember that DDLG should be enjoyable, so your daddy dom should be responsible and check in with you always so you can feel safe and happy while role playing.

Staying inside the DDLG mind space

One of the challenges of role playing is being able to stay inside a specific mind space. When you role play as a little girl, you’ll need to get in touch with your inner child and be sweet, cuddly, playful, indecisive, and a little bratty sometimes. Distractions, certain words, or actions can pull you out of your little girl space, so it’s important to dive deep into your role to fully enjoy DDLG. For instance, to really get into the young mindset needed for this age-play, you can have your daddy make all the decisions for you, such as what you’ll eat, wear, or do in the bedroom. Let him take care of you and spoil you with hugs, kisses, and loving touches, and remember to be sweet and obedient, no matter what he asks of you.

Playing some music can also help to get you in the mood for DDLG. Play Disney songs if you’re role-playing as a little girl, or pop songs if you prefer being in a teen mind space. You can also use a diffuser to add some ambiance and set the mood. Choose sweet scents such as vanilla or cinnamon, or any scent that you associate with comfort so you can relax. Use these sounds and scents whenever you’re role playing and soon, you’ll easily slip into a childlike demeanor once you hear a particular song or smell a sweet scent.

Don’t forget aftercare

Aftercare is essential to slowly usher both of you back into the real world and get you out of the DDLG mind space. It’s highly important, especially if you’ve had rough sex. During aftercare, your daddy can lavish attention, praise, and affection on you while tending to your needs. He can draw you a warm bath, make you a cup of tea, or feed you some snacks, all while cuddling and talking to you in gentle, loving tones. Talk about what you liked during the experience, and what you’re willing to explore the next time you engage in this type of role play. You may also want to praise your daddy, so don’t forget to let him know that he made you feel good while role playing.

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