Getting The MALE EDGE!

So, when I was given the assignment to review the Male Edge I was a little nervous, I mean I am lacking the equipment to extend anything. However, I am nothing if not a researcher and so in the name of science I researcher the heck out of this product. So, here’s what I’ve learned, observed and researched and experienced of the MaleEdge penis enlarger.
About the company:
Until today I had never heard of Male Edge, a quick Google search leads me to discover that the company has been creating penis enlargers since 1995! The company has focused on two key functions with the design of MaleEdge: ease of use and comfort of the user. The makers claim the product is stylish, discreet and simple to use as well as guaranteeing it will extend your penis is both length and girth.
What is a penis extender and how it works:
According to the company the penis extender is a product that is work over your penis to stretch it. The product will stretch the penis skin both in length and width as the device is worn for several hours per day. Penis extenders are medically proven to give men longer penises without the means of surgery, which means no post-op care and it’s all natural. A penis extender is also used to fix a curve in the penis, so basically it’s a great method in achieving your dream dick.
Unwrapping this product was lots of fun, the presentation is absolutely beautiful. (Gosh, you can tell a woman wrote this review now) The case was in a vibrant red zip-up case which was firm and held its shape when pushed and squeezed – protecting your product inside. Inside the case is a ruler to measure you initial results and for your later results to compare. There is also an instructional DVD to walk you through your extending steps. Finally, your extending product and protective penis gear are also placed inside in a neat little carry case which would be ideal for travel.
Product Usage:
The most alluring thing about the MateEdge is the simplicity to it; it really can be used by anyone. The instructions are not complex and the instructions are as follows:
·         Adjust the length of the extender to your current penis size.
·         Attach the product on your penis.
·         Tighten the strap around your penis, just below the glans.
·         Adjust the traction according to your level of comfort by pushing the rods.
·         Wear the device for 4-6 hours.
·         Enjoy your extra inches for the rest of your life!
Like I’ve said, I don’t have a dick so unfortunately I couldn’t test this bad boy out because we all know if I was a dude I’d have a massive dick. I read countless reviews and ratings on this product and I could not find a review under 3 stars and even those were hard to come by. Most men claimed they gained 2 inches from this product and the images supplied also highlighted not only length but girth growth. I was relatively shocked to see the change in a penis size and shape in as little as 2-3 months.
Best used by:
Men obviously, particularly those seeking a non-invasive or surgical approach to gaining some girth and length to their manhood.
Positives of the MaleEdge:
·         No surgery
·         Lifelong results
·         Expected growth of two to three inches over a longer period of time
·         Your girth will also be increased
·         Hand-made
·         Made of light-weight and high-quality materials
·         Comfortable to wear (according to the reviews)
·         Affordable and less expensive compared to other products
·         Covered by a money-back guarantee
Negatives of the MaleEdge:
·         Can be bulky in pants and will require boxers over jocks to wear comfortably
·         Commitment to the product, users will need to wear it every day to achieve their results
·         Unlike pills or surgery this product takes time to work (will not have overnight results)
·         Taking it off for bathroom breaks will annoy you but it will be worth it in the end
Final Thoughts:
Overall, despite not being able to use this product myself I have several friends I believe would enjoy this product. I would not hesitate in recommending this product to friends or loved ones as well as customers. The company, MaleEdge have worked tirelessly at having this product classed as a medical device to give their consumers peace of mind. MaleEdge also believe in this product so much that they offer a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you, you literally have nothing to lose in trying this product.

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