16 Reasons Vintage is Good – Gerontophilia Explained

Are you one of those people who just can’t resist the charms of an older woman? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Science has even given a name to this fascination; it’s called gerontophilia. And, believe it or not, there are actually some gerontophile benefits to be enjoyed!

My obsession with older women is further categorised as anililagnia! That is to describe men who love older women.

Thankfully, doctors say it is not really a problem and requires no treatment. That would be one perception I would gladly take anyway.  Unfortunately others say it is a mental illness that I wish to say is unfair and not true.

Gerontophile Benefits

Cougars,MILFS, Grannies, Matures are commonly known as the older women, that I believe are diamonds in the rough.  Easy to miss while chasing the glorified young  goddesses swinging their tight merchandise all over town.

This is one experience  no man can afford to miss, and avoid those petty theatrics of younger women.

These are reasons why any self respecting young stud should be batting in the senior leagues.

Gerontophile benefits
Sexually Attractive Elderly Woman

16 Gerontophile Benefits

Stylish and more elegant

An older woman might not look as tight and smooth as younger women, but she  more than makes up for it in elegance.  Any discerning man will skip those  bubblegum girls in skimpy miniskirts.  And opt instead for the mature cougar  in the Versace suit.

Older women have outgrown the style disasters of youth,  and have developed cultured and elegant mannerisms to go with it.

Experienced – Gerontophile Benefits

Experience is the best teacher and an older woman has seen it all.  From all  types of men, looks, and sexual prowess, she has seen and had them all.   She will instantly recognise a great man and treat him well.

An older woman has also  learnt over the years how to please a man, and will wow you with all manner of sexual moves.  Age also bestows a delicate touch to all humans, a valuable  asset when dealing with a young man.


When an older woman likes you, its game over for the competition.  Cougars have learnt over the years the folly of losing a man. It is you who is the apple in her eye.  She will not bother looking elsewhere for other options.

With such undivided attention, any man will feel like the king of his own castle.

Less needy and more self reliant – Gerontophile Benefits

Beautiful as they may be, young women can be extremely needy. Girls have a habit of inventing emergencies from the most minor of situations. All this attention seeking can make the loveliest of women a pain to be with.

Having raised a family, older women understand that men don’t like being bothered with trivia. You can lie back and have the time of your life, without being bombarded by the latest fingernail tragedy.

This is what I probably like the most about older women.

There is no chasing her all over town trying to prove you are sent from heaven. An older woman knows what she needs and will say yes without too much fuss. Nothing beats getting straight to the point with a woman.

Financially stable

She is more likely to have a successful career, live on a fat alimony settlement, or piles of cash from the empire her pop left her. An older woman is confident and rich enough to spend on her man.

Forget those gift hungry and demanding girls. What’s more, older women are not wowed by expensive gifts. A bunch of flowers will do the trick, and she is more understanding of your thin wallet.

Forbidden Fruit! – Gerontophile Benefits

Yes, your folks will be horrified and friends will snigger. It is a big turn on knowing you are doing the craziest of things.

Sneaking around to avoid family and friends will send your heart racing. And that is very good for the sack.


Older women have spent years dealing with bad men, demanding kids and stubborn husbands.  She will be very patient with your youthful hubris and lack of experience.  And she knows she has ever dwindling chances of finding another stud, and thus tolerate your bad behavior better.

This is especially so if you cheat.  Older women are more accommodating of infidelity.  Because they know you may need to sample a different body once in a while.

Highly Sexual – Gerontophile Benefits

It may sound strange, but older women go full throttle as age advances.  A young man, with all that pent up sexual energy, will fit in perfectly with a cougar.

Older women also know a man’s needs can’t wait and will let you have your fill no matter how often without needless grumbling.

Doesn’t Want or Can’t Have kids

She is past that age.  So its sex and more sex without the scares of missed periods, pills or marking calendars.

More Adventurous – Gerontophile Benefits

A lot of sexual fantasies and kinky stuff that may horrify a youngster but will be par for the course for older women. She is experienced enough to know the folly of frowning on your latest fantasy.

An older woman is more willing to try out new things, having been treated to the monotony of sex over the years.

Readily Available

There are countless lonely and desperate women out there who have been jaded by wayward husbands. With today’s high divorce rates, you can choose and pick from a large pool without much competition.

You will only have to worry about potbellied and greying fathers way past their prime. Get to spend less energy chasing, and more having a ball.

More Confident – Gerontophile Benefits

Older women have risen to senior positions at work or power. They have also had many relationships and know exactly what to do.  Age also makes women more accepting of their bodies.

They are more comfortable with nudity unlike younger women.  They fret over the tiniest of skin blemishes, instead of letting you get on with the erotic deeds.

gerontophile benefits
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Easy to Seduce

Beautiful and on demand, young women think they have it ll. An older woman knows she is languishing at the back of the queue, as all men chase smoother thighs.

Just a little attention and she will cut all corners to have and keep you. She may not look as good, but in today’s world, rarely will you get a more sure thing.

More Honesty and Openness – Gerontophile Benefits

A mature woman has learnt to be open. She is confident too, so she will speak her mind. You can say goodbye to those infamous sulks and moods.

A cougar complains less and does not nag. That is every man’s dream come true.

Less Judgemental

After going through bad marriages, sex and crazy teens, an older woman is less choosy and expectant of men.  She will not criticize you for the little things you fail to do or achieve, for she is just happy to have you in the first place.

Mother Figure

It always feels safe and secure being wrapped in the arms of an older woman.  Being snuggled unconditionally and having someone older to take charge and be answered to.

This is part of what I enjoy with these relationships – going back to feeling safe like when I was a child.

The Rich Do It Too

You will clearly not be inventing the wheel. It may seem shameful.  But there are a heap of famous elderly women that have toy boys sometimes 40 years and more their junior.

For some reason they are not judged in the same way as the teen down the block dating his mothers friend.  With power and wealth comes more acceptance which is simply not fair.

I enjoy dating elderly women and do not believe that is a mental illness nor should I be misjudged.


Gerontophile Benefits – Is it a Fetish of Mental Illness?

Gerontophilia is the sexual preference for the elderly.  It is sexual urges, fantasies or preferences, all involving the elderly.  There are two types of Gerontophilia.

Two Types of Gerontophilia

The first is Anililagnia which is the attraction to older women.  Second is Alphamegamia which is the attraction to older men.  If you spend so much time thinking about much older people, or have sexual fantasies about older people.

Or find that you are normally attracted to the elderly and not your own age group, then it is likely that you suffer from a mental illness called Gerontophilia.

Many start suffering from this from a particularly early age, even pre-teen.

Gerontophilia is a Puzzling Condition

And can be brought about by various factors.  It has been said that Gerontophilia may not be a mental disorder but I tend to disagree with this.

The main reason for this is that the habit is simply not normal. For a normal person, he or she is attracted to people who are of the opposite sex and who are in his or her age or slightly older or younger.

Any other thing apart from this is not considered normal.

It is unusual for a girl who is 24 years of age to be attracted to a boy 10 years of age, Or for a man who is 40 years old to be attracted to a girl of 14 years. If pedophilia is regarded as a mental disorder, then Gerontophilia should also be regarded as a mental disorder.

This is because the behavior of people suffering from any of these is not normal behavior.

Depression May Be a Cause of Gerontophilia

One of the common mental disorders that may be a cause of Gerontophilia is depression.

Depression has been referred to as the common cold of the mind since many people have this disorder or suffer from it in one point in life. They may notice it or not but it is still present.

One of the symptoms of depression is behavioral changes that cannot be explained or understood.

Depression can be mild or major

But the common thing is that it alters the general mental health of a person making him or her act in ways that they may not be used to.

Since Gerontophilia makes someone unusually attracted to the elderly, we can conclude that depression can be one of the mental disorders that contribute to Gerontophilia.

Depression is not something that you can control

Especially if it is in its advanced stage.  It is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  And it may need drugs as well as other treatments in order to contain it.

Bipolar Disorder

Another mental disorder that may contribute to Gerontophilia is Bipolar disorder which involves extreme highs and lows.

One can be very social now and making friends easily and he or she can be referred to as the life of the party.  This is the person everyone wants to hang out with.  But the next minute, this very person can go quiet and become highly irritable, maybe even aggressive.

Some who have suffered from this have claimed to change the color of objects. Of course, this is not possible and it is not normal.

Bipolar disorder is as a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain.

It affects the general mental health of the person including changing the normal behavior and personality of the person.

If someone starts getting attracted to elderly people, maybe even older than his or her parents, it might be due to the change in personality and behavior.  That results from a chemical imbalance causing Gerontophilia.

Reasons I believe Gerontophillia is a mental illness and not a relationship choice.

For many who may suffer from mental disorders, you may find an underlying cause for it.

Mental disorders can be inherited.

If this is the case with someone suffering from Gerontophilia, then it is not the person’s fault.  And the situation can be corrected through various treatments.

You may suspect that this may be the cause of Gerontophilia in you or in someone you know.  So, you could always observe the parents of this person to see if traits of a mental disorder may be present or was present some time back.

This does not mean that the parents suffered from Gerontophilia though.

It may be that both or one of them had depression or bipolar disorder.  But their abnormal behaviors were directed to other things such as isolation, anxiety attacks or something else.

gerontophile benefits
Grey Clouds Lake and depression

Traumatizing Events in Childhood

Another reason that could contribute to depression or bipolar disorder is traumatizing events that may have taken place during a person’s childhood.

I go this far back because you just do not wake up one morning with a mental disorder.  It has to start gradually and by the time it is noticed, it may have been present for a number of years.

Sexual abuses, constant physical and emotional abuse in the household and excessive bullying.  These are just some of the things that could lead to the development of a mental disorder.

Not Coping With Trauma at a Young Age

If such things occur when one is already grown maybe 21 years and above, they may be able to cope with such things though difficult.

But when this occurs to a child, they are normally not prepared whether physically, emotionally and mentally.  This may definitely lead to a mental disorder.

Alphamegamia and Gerontophilia in women, is more prevalent than Anililagnia.

It is more common to see younger women getting married to men who are way older than them.  And it seems it has been accepted as the norm in the society.

Since many mental disorders are more common in women and they are contributors of Gerontophilia, then it is only reasonable that it is seen more in women than in men.

Various Treatments Available for Mental Health

There are various treatments available including cognitive behavioral therapy, medications among other forms of treatment.

Even the types of treatments available are almost similar to the ones offered for mental disorders.  So this is proof that Gerontophilia is a mental disorder and other mental disorders contribute to its development either in early age or as a young adult.


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  1. I am a true straight gerontophile. Other than my this rare sexual preference i am absolutely cool and fun loving and normal. I live in pune, india. 35yrs old man. True straight gerontophiles all over the wolrd can contact me. Gerontophillia is not at all any kind of illness. Its just differant and rare and not in mainstream.

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