Gay First Timers Sex!

Have you got out of the closet recently and are you thinking about having sex with another guy for the first time? If this is true then you might have some concerns and questions about whether you are ready and how the experience will be like. Sex can be very important, so it is best to make sure you are ready so that you can receive a positive first experience. But how can you tell you’re ready? One way is to ask yourself some questions like:

Are you ready for your first time having gay anal sex?

Chances are if you are reading this it means that you are thinking of having sex. But are you ready emotionally except of physically? Have your looked into the intimate ways available including rimming, oral or do you know what is bottom or top? Its obvious how to top or bottom. One person will penetrate and the other will just receive. But, how do you know if you’re a man that likes top or bottom? And even then, are you a good on top or bottom sex positions? And, are you prepared to do either? Some guys can enjoy physical sex without experiencing emotional connections. Others, however, prefer some level of emotional bonding before being intimate with another partner. Have you thought about where you lay on? Do you want to have sex just to please yourself? Am I having sex with the appropriate guy? Or do you want to be emotionally attached to the person you want to have sex with? Am I comfortable showing my partner my likes and dislikes? Will this lead to something serious? Do I want a relationship or just sex?

You should also keep in mind that society puts a lot of pressure on the first time sex as well as the consumption of pornography as well where people place unrealistic expectations on sexual experiences. As a result, teens can have high expectations about what they want from the experience. But the first time people have sex doesn’t always feel like it is something special. Often the first time you have sex it is more of a process for discovery. Having sex with a man for the first time can be challenging, especially for teens that got out of the closet recently. You can always use the internet and find information on how to have safer sexual intercourse with a man or you can find some techniques that can help you learn or improve your oral sex and other intimate acts. Sex may seem simple like you give, receive and relieve pleasure. But, sex can be far more complicated, especially if you’re not prepared.

Always remember that sex should be enjoyed and not pushed and done fast. Discuss with the man you are having sex with, and tell him that you want to follow your pace. There are no fast rules and everyone has a different definition of sex. Tell him it’s your first time. This is important because he may push things without realizing that you need a little warm up, and vice a versa. We shouldn’t assume here that your first time will be about bottoming! Let him know that he needs to take it easy and be gentle with you as it is your first time. If it’s his first time as well, then you need to be relaxed, gentle and pay attention to his body and what he is saying and feeling. Discover his body and his emotions and let him discover yours. Sex can be important for anyone, so you should always take it slowly and make sure that you are emotionally and physically ready for having sex with another man.

There are some simple rules which are to tell you how to begin, where to continue, when to finish and how to get the maximum pleasure from your gay anal sex. Once you’ve chosen to have sex, there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. You need to know about safety measure these days as you can’t be too safe or sure a guy is clean and healthy by the way he looks or from what he says. Please follow these simple rules to make your first time as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Rules for your first time having gay anal sex

  • You should always buy and use condoms. One moment of unprotected intercourse may make you suffer for the rest of your life.
  • Use water or silicone based lubricants. Both oils and petroleum jelly  reduce any condom protective capacity quickly, the latex deteriorates under the oil. You may lubricate your dick itself or the condom. Remember, you can never have enough lubricant.
  • You can always start off with oral sex to make foreplay fun. Pace yourself to make your partner or yourself relaxed.
  • Turn foreplay into a game because you have a lot to discover.
Use a condom
Image: Gay couple using condoms

If they are above average in girth or length you may need to take some extra precautions by warming up first with some kind of anal toy. That will be the only thing that matters when it comes to penis size. The thinner it is the less pain you’ll feel, though some people can tolerate the initial pain much better than others.  The romantic and slow approach by the person you know is the best remedy from the majority of pains during gay anal sex.

Take your time and do everything the slow way and let your body and senses guide you and let go. Go with the flow. Try not to get anxious because there is no one right way to do it. Start with one finger; lubricate the anus with the lubricant chosen. If your penis is not extremely thin wait when you partner’s anus can hold 2 fingers. After this try to enter your penis and when you have entered it move slowly. Move it back and forth just a bit, go deeper slowly. If your partner feels pain, tell him to relax his anal muscles and try to push your penis out, as if he was going to the toilet. Use particular sex positions which let your partner stop the anal intercourse if you are too rough. If you do consider your penis as too small against your partner’s ass, then you are able to raise the pleasure by using one of the following positions:

  • The bottom is lying with his knees under his stomach, with his ass is slightly raised and his anus maximally open. When he lowers his ass, your dick will be squeezed.
  • The bottom partner is lying on his stomach. Climb up his ass and enter your penis. In the process, change the penis direction from vertical position to horizontal one.
  • The bottom partner is lying on his back; his legs are thrown over your shoulders. Raise his ass and enter it from the front.
  • The receiving lover is lying face down, with one knee under his chest. The other knee is taken aside; the leg is stretched and slightly bent. Slide it inside.

Some men like to have their penis squeezed. Well, squeeze your ass muscles to make him feel the ultimate sexual pleasure. Some men prefer the minimal pressure so relax your ass fully to let your partner go deeper and deeper. Other men just really like to have both and the pressure being alternated. Try all 3 approaches to find what the best is for your partner. It’s easy to get the simultaneous orgasm for both lovers. When your partner reaches near orgasm, let him stimulate your penis by getting him to jerk you off with the reach around or simply do it yourself. Use some lubricant to reach the full pleasure. The impact on both his penis and your prostate should make you have your orgasms at the same time. Though, if it doesn’t work out that way – do not panic just keep rocking it!

Not all gay men like anal sex!

Despite the common myth, not all gay men like anal sex. Take into consideration that while some gay guys enjoy anal sex, a whole lot of others don’t. Some mature gay guys just aren’t into anal. They might enjoy oral sex with a partner, mutual masturbation, rimming, frottage and body rubbing or role play. These types of non-penetrative sex can be used as foreplay or to complete intimacy. Sex is more than just anal penetration and the first time you have sex with another guy doesn’t have to be the first time you try out every sex act you have ever heard of. Sex can be very important for you. Hopefully, having more information will help you have the safest and most enjoyable experience during your first sexual encounter with a man.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.EdSave




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