What’s New About Fun Factory Share?

There has been an update in the Fun Factory family of sex toys with the Sharevibe now releasing its version 2.! The trusted and always enhanced state of the Share strapless strap-on family now has added the exciting vibrations of a capable, rechargeable bullet. Sharevibe is the name of this great couples sex toy from Fun Factory which without a shadow of a doubt seriously delights any couple that choose to use this toy. Though, we aren’t limiting this to a couples only sex toy, but it would be a whole lot of fun if you did use it with someone else for some sexual experimentation.

The Fun Factory Share was released a few years ago and it was designed as a silicone strapless dildo. This meant the the short side can be inserted into a woman’s vagina without a harness to peg or penetrate her lover to both of their delights. It is the perfect sex toy for lesbian couples and very popular for that reason. Adventurous couples who would like to experiment or up the limits of their anal sex play would be interested in this especially for some pegging fun. If you are not aware pegging is when a female partner wears a strap-on to penetrate her male partner. This type of play is increasingly popular in the straight world and many men are finding the sexual and wellness benefits of increased prostate play and anal play. The main function of the Sharevibe is that it provides stimulation to both the partners involved. The sex toy is being held in by the female through her pelvic floor muscles, which in turn will strengthen them, and secondly by whomever is being penetrated. Both people in this sexual situation will be able to feel the vibrations when they are using it for some heightened pleasure.


Sharevibe Couples Sex Toy
Fun Factory Share


With a standard strap on belt for the women to wear that connects the sex toy to her body can undoubtedly lead to confusing, unyielding and not extremely sexy sexual play. The belt squeezes and bothers the skin and obviously disturbs body contact between the two lovers, and can also loosen during extended movement. When the belt loosens you will find yourself struggling to get it back on that will be a real turn off and cause frustrations during sex. Fun Factory Sharevibe provides an easy solution to this problem and being adjustable allows both users to bend it so it fits ergonomically and comfortably inside offering maximum stimulation.  As it is a natural extension of ones self rather than something attached to the body all movements are more in tune with the wearers body.

The addition of the removable bullet adds more excitement when using this toy and the vibrations spread throughout this fantastic sex toy.  It is not only powerful when used in the Share Dildo but can be removed to give clit centric stimulations.  The mini vibe has 3 power levels and 2 vibrating modes and is fully waterprood and rechargeable.

The benefits of using the Fun Factory Sharevibe include:

  • Using a bendable, double ended dildo that has a bullet attachment for pleasurable vibrations


  • The bullet has 5 modes and can be removed from the vibrator. You don’t have to turn on the bullet, so you can use it as a dildo


  • Soft, smooth, body safe, hypoallergenic and high quality silicone


  • The dildo is waterproof for shower, sauna or bath time fun


  • The dildo has a short shaft for vaginal insertion and g-spot stimulation. This means the sex toy is strapless so your not fumbling around with a harness or belt.


  • The main shaft can be used for pegging, masturbating, anal sex or vaginal penetration. The shaft is thin for ease of insertion.


  • The middle section is used as a base for outer stimulation of the anal rim or clitoris.


  • The dildo has a rechargable bullet using a USB magnetic charger. Since it is rechargeable the sex toy is quiet. The dildo lasts for up to 4 hours.

So what are you waiting for?  Isn’t it time that you find Fun Factory Sharevibe. The innovative strapless strap-on sex toy.


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