Twisted Fun With Fun Factory Amorino!

Fun Factory Amorino arrived in store today, It is just the cutest coolest thing. I almost don’t care how well it performs, I just want it. My interest is particularly piqued because of the strange looking silicone band that is twisted around it. I have never seen anything like it before and I haven’t a clue what purpose it serves or if it is even part of the sex toy. So I went online to find out from Fun Factory exactly what this toy is all about. It comes in a gold sleeved cardboard box with a picture of the product’s actual size on it. Inside there is an easy to understand instruction manual with a click and charge USB cord used to recharge the sex toy. It could definitely do with a drawstring bag because the silicone band is something I would lose as soon as I looked at it.

It is one in the range of the miniature vibrators that Fun factory do. They are small and suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. It comes in neon pink or turquoise (petrol as they call it??) and both have a bright yellow silicone band that crisscrosses around the rounded ridged tip of the shaft and the small arm of the clitoris stimulator. It is supposedly inspired by Cupid and his bow. It is 7 inches long and has a circumference of around 4″. The silicone is very draggy as with most fun factory toys, but when it is loaded down with water based lube it feels great. It has an abs plastic handle with the controls on it. It is the same great quality that you always get from this company and almost goes without saying that it is completely phthalate free and body safe. It is waterproof too which is always a bonus.

Fun Factory Amorino is a miniature rabbit vibrator and the end curves inwards for g-spot stimulation. It has the small clitoris nub, so it could be used safely for anal play too if you wanted (obviously take the band off first). The curve is perfect for prostate play. It has 6 different patterns and intensity settings. It is very easily controlled like other Fun Factory toys. There are 3 buttons, the red fun button for turning it on and off and the plus and minus buttons that take you through the modes and vibration strengths. and the fun button even flashes when it needs you to press it if you are trying to turn it on with the wrong button. The toy comes with a bit of charge in it and takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge. I hate magnetic chargers generally, but Fun Factory click and charge have a good strong magnetic connection that isn’t at all annoying.

Fun Factory Amourino Duel Stimulation
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Amorino


So what of this strange little band, well I thought I would let Fun Factory explain how it is supposed to work:

“The gently taut silicone stimulation band is placed between the softly rounded tip and the side bud for clitoral arousal. It externally stimulates the Venus mound (mons) and the vaginal lips (inner and outer labia) – this little detail ensures levels of excitement of a special kind. The Amorino is the first vibrator ever to use a silicone band to transmit vibrations all around the external erogenous zones. The string is removable and can be adjusted to create different sensations.”

I can understand the science behind it, as you can feel the vibrations being conducted from tip to tip along the string, and it would be fun to just experiment with that externally. It definitely gives you other options, you could position it to surround your labia. I like its uniqueness, a rarity in this industry, though I am not sure others will follow behind. For me, it is just an accessory. a very interesting, nice one, but the toy is good enough on its own. Fun factory toys have really good motors and even though the toy is small it still packs way more power than a lot of full-sized vibrators that cost more. You could also turn the toy around and rub the smooth back against your clitoris for the dispersed kind of sensation I prefer. The vibrations are pretty strong and comparable to the other mini vibes in the Fun Factory range. Personally, I prefer the lower settings as they are felt at a deeper level. On its higher settings, it is fairly buzzy. There are 6 patterns, as I mentioned, a good amount, and there is something for everyone.

Even though I can take or leave the band, this is a welcome addition to the range.


By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre


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