What Delight! Fun Factory Does It Again!

Fun Factory Delight is a couples sex toy with a eye catching design that almost looks out of this world. The Fun Factory Delight is intended to be a combination vibrator that allows you to stimulate the G-Spot and the clitoris. The secret with the sex toy is that it can be used for anal play and would be an absolute delight to use as a men’s prostate massager to.

The Fun Factory Delight features the new click n’ charge technology. To charge get the charging nodes on the toy close to the charger and the magnet will pull them together. it is this fantastic click n charge technology makes the sex toy fully waterproof for some bath, shower and sauna fun. Even though the looped handle kind of looks like an octopus arm it is made perfectly for your partner to control the sex toy. The handle is a little small on size. For me, it personally comfortably fits one of my fingers but believe it should be able to fit two or three.

At just 6 inches in length the actual insert able length is dependent on how much of the curve your body can take. With experience of using this sex toy you will work out what is best for you. The vibrating motor is situated on the ‘clitoral bump’ of the sex toy which is almost in the centre of the curve. In the picture below you can see the bump situated on her pointer finger knuckle. This clitoral bump gives ample vibration but it’s not going to blow you off. I would describe it as a deep rumbling rather than a buzzing bee. It allows you to hit your G-spot but not much more and once inserted you can tilt and roll the toy that toy that allow simultaneous G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation’s.

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Fun Factory recommends that you charge this toy for 6 hours uninterrupted the first time you do so and that will allow you over an hour of continuous usage. The toy is fully charged when the fun factory logo on the charger turns off. When you first received the Fun Factory Delight it comes travel locked so it does not accidentally turn on when you are taking it to and from the store. You have to take it off the travel lock by holding the Fun Factory button and the plus button together.

Controls are easy with a + button to increase vibrations and a – button to decrease them. There are also 9 different vibration modes that are also controlled by the + and – buttons so you can adjust it to your specific liking. There is also a pulse mode available that has 3 speeds. The modes are extremely fun as they are so diverse. With all Fun Factory sex toys they always go out of their way to find the best modes and always add them to their toys. If the highest vibrations are to strong, you can definitely choose the lowest settings.

The material is very hygienic as it is made from body safe silicone. After you use it, you might always use luke warm soapy water or use a good anti–bacterial toy cleaner which is highly recommended. When Fun Factory made the delight, they choose to make it in a variety of different colours to fit people’s individual tastes and uses. The Fun Factory Delight is is very colorful and pleasing on the eye. It is best to use water based lubricant with any type of sex toy made from silicone material. I recommend using Wet Stuff Gold or Pjur Aqua.

All in all I found the Delight by Fun Factory a great toy to use and you can also use it as a prostate massager if you are daring! The Fun Factory Delight will remain in my sex toy box but it is not nor do I think it will ever become my favourite playmate in the bedroom. Hope you enjoyed my review of the Fun Factory Delight. Fun Factory sex toys come with a 2 year warranty which shows just how dependable Fun Factory sex toys are. Fun Factory sex toys are some of the best and of the highest quality in the adult world.


By Allison from St Kilda




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