Finding Crazy Mad Love After Pain

It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. You just got out of what can only be described as hell and now you are back in your last relationship, and you swore you would never fall for it again. So many years you spent clinging to hope that things would change. You had suffered enough hurt to last a lifetime that you vowed you would never allow any man the chance to put you through it again.

You tell yourself you’re going to stay single for the rest of your life, and you completely resign to the fact. You even begin to relish singledom and all its perks. Nobody to answer to, freedom at your fingertips and all the time in the world to be left to your own devices.

Broken and passionate relationship
Image: Passionate lust

Isn’t it funny how in a fleeting second this can all change?

It was never supposed to happen that way, yet somehow it did. It happened so fast you think back and you almost forget how your life was before you met them.

That feeling of the first time when you lay eyes on him, the adrenaline running through your veins that travels from your breasts all the way down to your vagina. You lock eyes for the first time and in that very moment you just know how wild and animalistic the sex is going to be. You can nearly visualise it.

You walk up to approach him right then it’s as if time has frozen and everything around you stands still, everything except for him of course. He’s standing there almost half expectant. Like he knew you were coming up to him. Like he would almost bet money on it. You’re so drawn to him, both of you are so drawn to each other. It’s almost magnetic and you couldn’t stop yourself even if you tried.

So you don’t, you run with it, you allow your urges and hedonistic desires to completely overrule any rationality you thought you had. Because when you’re with him there is no one else who exists and the intensity of your intimacy only solidifies that.

See it’s not just sex, it’s a feeling he gives you that can only be compared to a euphoric drug. The things he does to your body biting, licking, kissing, touching, caressing and worshipping every inch of you. When you’re on top of him you feel on top of the world. You don’t just fuck, you make love.

This is a feeling you don’t want to give up, you would fight for it until you have nothing left. And while you still don’t understand how someone can come into your life under such unexpected circumstances and make you feel all the things you do in such a short amount of time you begin to accept it and even embrace it. You start to welcome the newfound happiness and wear it with pride. You haven’t done that for a long time, so long that you almost forgot the feeling of what it’s like to have so much love from someone with so little damage in return. To have someone who loves you for not just your beauty but all your flaws too. He pays attention to the details that matter to you the most, the real things not just the superficial. You no longer are alone and neither is he because there isn’t a single thing in the world that could break that magnetic force you two have.

Over time that pain you held onto from before begins to wash away. Those scars you wore from all the previous battles of your former lover they start to fade and that fear of having your heart broken all over again gradually disappears. While nothing about love is easy, everything you feel about him is and you never have to question a single thing and neither does he. Just like how both your bodies come together in perfect mould, so do your minds. At times you are both almost in sync with each other.

You’ve had so many others try win your heart failing to succeed in the process, and while you may never be able to understand or comprehend how you can fall so deeply in love with someone so fast, everything in your life at present has shown you now that it was always supposed to happen that way.

Author: Channelle is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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