Is Female Masturbation Normal?

Saucing the Taco, Tripping The Switch, Finger Painting, Diddling The Skittle, Polishing The Pearl…I never knew female masturbation had so many different terms (some less graceful than others I must say). In this post I will be discussing the mysterious act that is self pleasuring with the hope that I may shine light on a usually taboo and rarely discussed topic. I am a passionate advocate of women reclaiming their pleasure and power, and I feel that in order to be empowered with one’s sexuality, young women need to be informed about ways to claim their sexuality as their own. From this empowered place, healthy choices regarding sexual relationships can be made. Call it wishful thinking but my hope is  that one day, (sooner rather than later) having a normal and open conversation about female masturbation is commonplace, and with this, the shame and guilt associated with masturbation can be eradicated.

I have a brief recollection of the sex education I received in high school and it basically consisted of how sex can lead to pregnancy and/or  sexually transmitted diseases and that men sometimes masturbate and may experience wet dreams. Not once did I hear anyone discuss female masturbation. My parents did not discuss the topic either and I don’t know how well that would have been received if they had tried. The information I  read about masturbation was through a popular teen magazine, where young girls would write in and claim something along the lines of how mortified they were  trying it or how they had injured themselves using pens or other foreign objects. Ouch!!!!  I had an innocent curiosity as to what all the fuss was about so gave it a try one night. The best feeling I had ever experienced in my life was quickly followed by immense shame and guilt. I felt  dirty and disgusting as if there was something wrong with exploring my body. The desire to experience solo sexual pleasure exceeded the associated negative emotions, however looking back I am upset that I had to experience shame and guilt following self pleasuring in the first place.

Curiosity led me to research whether I was in a minority group that did not receive education regarding masturbation and so I had thought, it is not taught or discussed in the Australian education system. In fact it seems that the negative emphasis on sex and sexuality is the norm with sex education. A study completed by La Trobe University in 2011 indicated that “The pleasure of sexual behaviour/activity” was taught by less than 50% of teachers completing sex education in secondary schools. “This suggests that Australian Sex Education programs focus more strongly on negative outcomes of sexual behaviour.” A complete lack of emphasis on the pleasurable and positive aspects of sexual experiences only adds to the belief that sexuality is a negative and shameful part of oneself.


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It is well documented that masturbation is a safe and healthy practice for all women, whether in a relationship or not. Some of the benefits include:

Physical Benefits

  • Female masturbation helps prevent cervical infections and relieves urinary tract infections.
  • Masturbation is associated with improved cardiovascular health and lower risk of type-2 diabetes.
  • Masturbation can help prevent insomnia naturally through hormonal and tension release
  • Orgasm increases pelvic floor strength.

Psychological and Emotional Benefits

  • Improves your mood.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Strengthens your relationship with yourself and your body
  • Strengthens sexual relationship with your partner
  • Helpful in treating sexual dysfunctions for couples.
  • Can be helpful in creating positive views and beliefs regarding sex and sexuality in individuals

Masturbation is so important for women to experience, not only for the many health benefits listed above but also so that the reliance on someone else to fulfill their sexual desires is minimised. With this, empowered choices regarding who to engage sexually with can be made. I also believe that in order to  communicate effectively to a sexual partner about what you desire and what feels good to your body, it is important to know yourself what your body likes and doesn’t.

There are countless ways for women to approach masturbation, and could involve using hands, toys and/or vibrators. The wonderful staff at the Oh Zone Stores are very knowledgeable with all the latest products and gadgets that can lead to more pleasurable and exciting experiences solo or with a partner. My personal favourite brands we have in stores and online include Je Joue, Fun Factory and Rianne S. Their products are all excellent quality and come in such unique functions and designs suited to every body.

Every woman is different and what feels amazing to one person could be unpleasant for the next. I recommend approaching masturbation with a great sense of curiosity and erotic exploration…it’s amazing to get to know your body and to discover the pleasure you’re capable of experiencing.

I hope I have highlighted plenty of reasons  why “entering the mosque”  is an extremely healthy and enjoyable experience for women…get to it ladies!!


Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing


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