Can All Women Ejaculate?

Female ejaculation, squirting and gushing… is the expulsion of fluids by the paraurethral ducts during or before orgasm. Female Ejaculation is one of the most debated topics when conversing about sex, along with the elusive G Spot – the two are debated and questioned medically and professionally every day.  Dr. Ian Kerner the author of She Comes First says:

“Much of the confusion around female ejaculation and squirting is because they’re two separate phenomena that are often discussed indistinguishably. While it’s not correct to refer to squirting as a G-spot orgasm, it may be a simple way to think about the experience. Some women squirt voluntarily, some women do so involuntarily. Some women report pleasure, others do not.”

What is Female Ejaculation & Why Does It Occur?

The Skene’s Gland is anatomically near the G-Spot and is basically like the female prostate gland. Glands produce hormones, however during arousal they also produce fluid. In the female body this fluid can be suddenly released with vigorous or prolonged stimulation.

What Does Female Ejaculation feel like?

The sensation you feel before squirting is similar to the sensation of needing to pee. It is for this reason that most women panic, or even stop masturbating at this point in fear of they’re going to wet themselves. One has to push past this slightly uncomfortable sensation for a few minutes before usually starting to experience unbelievable pleasure. Some people don’t feel anything before or during squirting and get a rather wet surprise mid way through a masturbation session or during sex.

How Do You Squirt?

Typically, a curved toy which has a rigid body is the best for achieving your squirting goal. A few of my top picks for achieving a squirting orgasm would be:
  • Lelo Mona 2
  • Lelo Gigi
  • Curved glass dildo or steel dildo like the Chrome Curve
  • Jopen Key Comet
  • Rock Box Finger
All of these toys have a strong curve or bulbous tip to stimulate the G-Spot. This is key to when trying to achieve a squirting orgasm. Not only do you need the correct ‘tool’s (haha), however, but you also need serious arm strength (usually) to achieve the desired result. Some of the key techniques include super fast thrusting or rocking for a decent period of time. I say decent as it is hard to pin point the exact moment that it’s going to happen, if at all – but once you start to feel that strange needing to pee sensation, you’re well on your way!!

Can Everybody Squirt?

No. And not because they physically can’t, but they’re merely out of practice. Some people need to almost train themselves to do so, while some people simply cant go without squirting naturally. My favourite sex blogger Girly Juice was frustrated for years saying that if she COULD this toy (whatever toy it was) would definitely make her squirt. She took the whole concept with a grain of salt and decided to just be patient, yet consistent with her efforts. And low and behold, as her twitter account reveals, she regularly achieves squirting orgasms on the daily.

So what’s the big deal media?

In my research, I found it rather horrifying that in December 2014, the British Government outlawed depictions of female ejaculation in pornography. No such ban was put in place for male ejaculation. So basically men’s orgasm = great, women’s orgasm = obscene. Interestingly, I also found in my research that Pornhub, the online porn site released data last year showing that ‘squirting’ was the 7th most searched term for their site in 2014, and that more women are looking for it than men. I think the people searching for it are not just seeking pleasure, but to see it for themselves, or people seeking out whether it is real. Only today I had a man come into Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre at Caringbah, he was rather upset saying he has been married to his wife for 22 years but he still thinks she’s never ‘come’. She too says that she gets the slightly uncomfortable sensation of needing to pee and then refuses to carry on as she thinks something is wrong with her and that she needs to urinate every time they have sex. I explained this most likely is her body pre-squirt, put basically. He couldn’t believe it. So I sent him on his way to do some googling with his wife and here we are now writing this article! So that got me thinking… maybe it’s a lack of knowledge on the subject that has created such a taboo and not the act itself?

In Conclusion

Achieving a squirting orgasm, if you already haven’t done so, is not an unattainable goal. With practice, the right toys and the ability to just ‘let go’ (literally), you will be well on your way to achieving your squirting goals. Happy Squirting!

 Author: Chloe a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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