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Eva is an extremely cute, hands free, non intrusive clitoral vibrator that is designed to be worn during intercourse. Studies show that 70% of women cannot climax from intercourse alone, leaving a lot of women unsatisfied with their sexual encounters. Eva was designed by two women in the USA who decided that if they “want better sex toys, they better make them themselves”. They point out in the video linked below, that men are TWICE as likely to orgasm during sex then women and after seeing a gap in the market for a non intrusive sex toy – they designed Eva.

Sure. There are toys on the market designed to be worn during intercourse, like the We-Vibe 4 Plus (Check out our sex toy review on the We-Vibe 4 Plus) … but some folks don’t like the way its worn, complaining that it’s intrusive/get’s in the way or is just generally uncomfortable. Eva has been designed so that the wearer can lie back and enjoy the vibrations without having to hold anything in place or sacrifice internal stimulation.

Firstly, I took a few photos unboxing Eva because it was so damn cute. The picture above shows what you first see after removing the lid. Eva is placed in a velvet cutout with a cute ‘Plug me in to wake me up!’ sign. Eva comes factory locked and can only be unlocked once plugged in to charge. To lock Eva, you simply hold down the button for 10 seconds. The light will begin to flash, indicating it’s locked. Again, to unlock you have to plug in to charge. This is so that there is no possible way that Eva can turn on whilst traveling etc.

Eva comes with a set of SUPER SIMPLE to read, basic instructions on how to operate, charge and wear. They are literally the best instructions I’ve ever seen, complete with diagrams and short, simple instructions. Also included in the box is a super cute, small sticker with #evalution on it – love a good pun! I think this is a nice touch… I guess most people wouldn’t use it for anything but I sure think it would look amazing on my storage box…‚Äč

Dame Product's Eva Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Dame Product’s Eva


Eva is designed so that the two (flexible) wings sit under the labia majora, keeping the vibrator directly over the clitoris. The wings are SUPER flexible, allowing for pretty much any sized/shaped vagina. One thing that I LOVE is that the wings carry SOO much vibration, furthermore stimulating the Clitoral Crura (alternatively known as the clitoral legs), which I mentioned in a previous review.

In use I expect that during vanilla sex positions like missionary and cowgirl the Eva would stay completely in spot without budging. In more adventurous positions like doggy for example, I suspect you would need to lightly hold the head of Eva down to achieve stronger vibrations because, you know, gravity.

There are three vibration strengths and no patterns. The first one is a lite whir, going all the way up to damnnnn that is strong. Granted, It’s no Tango, but it is still way stronger than your average clitoral vibe. The back of Eva has a slight arch/point to provide more pinpointed stimulation.

Eva takes an hour and a half to fully charge and can last up to 5 hours on the lowest speed, and 1 hour consistently on the high speed. It is charged by a USB charger, making for easy travels and easy charging.

Eva is only splash proof, and should not be completely submerged in water.

(Photo disclaimer – I know I was born and bred in Helensburgh and all but I swear, despite what it looks like in this photo I do actually have 5 fully functioning fingers… hahaha)

As shown in the above image, Eva is actually really small. This surprised me… All the photos and gifs reaching up to its release date made Eva look massive! I thought, sure you might not have to hold it but it it’s definitely going to get in the way during intercourse. It’s actually super small and measures only an inch in height.

In an interview with Alexandra Fine the co-founder of Dame Products had said that their products were both funded by fundraising platforms, which I thought was an interesting fact! Fin was funded by Kickstarter whilst Eva was funded by Indiegogo, this means that their products had the support of people worldwide.

Over all, I was super impressed with Eva. Whilst this is marketed as a toy to be used during intercourse, there’s obviously no reason why folks can’t use this whilst masturbating or in a same sex scenario. I love this little thing!




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