Exploring The Love Of Macrophilia & Giantesses

My fascination with weird and wonderful fetishes continues with today’s post on Macrophilia. Macrophilia can be loosely translated as a lover of large things. This fetishist usually has a fixation on large ladies, not large in the chubby way, or even in the tall way. No, we are talking huge women, king-kongesque women. Yes, when most visitors to New York are marveling at the Statue of Liberty, Macrophiles are wanking over it.

Male Macrophiles are usually heterosexual who fantasise about Giantesses or GTS, as they fondly call them. They love the idea of a huge skyscraper sized females being the ultimate combination of power, sexuality and dominance. Imagine a giantess stomping her way around the globe trampling tiny men under her perfectly manicured feet at will. Eating them at will and using them as her playthings. The intoxicating fantasy of fear and complete powerlessness is what drives the Macrophile.

They may get aroused by the idea of shrinking at the feet of a GTS or about their partner growing in front of them to an enormous height. The preferred heights of the Giantesses differs and because this is a fantasy that is pure imagination, scenarios vary greatly. Some more common fantasies seem to be about being fully inserted into a Giantess’s vagina, being licked or swallowed, being bathed in the sexual fluids of the Giantess or the GTS masturbating by rubbing up against a particular part of the giants body. Then there are those who just cum at the thought of being squashed to death by her.

Psychologists have studied this Macrophilia and came up with the usual explanations of ‘unresolved childhood issues and a domineering, sadistic, abusive mother”. I think that maybe true in a minority of cases, but if you go on the fan sites the guys chatting seem much more like a cross between shy and introverted science fiction geeks. As well as the kind of people you would come across in the more commonly accepted BDSM world. What they do seem to have in common though is a great imagination. There is never going to be a way to meet a real Giantess so the internet is the perfect space for that. They can see photo shopped pictures galore of ordinary women superimposed onto landscape backgrounds that make the girls look huge and even the camera angles can make an ordinary girl look like she is a Giantess at home in her giant house. Luckily there are a few girls out there who also fantasise about being giantesses. The women who enjoy becoming a imaginary Giantess have galleries of pictures of them selves cleverly shot from the foot upwards often with pretend squashed ant men on the soles of their feet.

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So apart from manipulated pictures and art on the internet, where are these guys getting their kicks from? More than one Macrophile sited Gulliver’s travels as being their first turn on and an enthusiastic fixation on films like ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids” is common. “Attack of the 50ft Woman” and “Land of the Giants” are also frequently mentioned as masturbation material. Hollywood is a Macrophile”s dream if you think about it. The viewer is a tiny person in a chair looking up at giant sized people on a giant screen.

How can a Macrophile take his fantasy out of his imagination and into a relationship though. He can date taller girls for sure, or make his girl wear tall fetish shoes. ‘Point of view’ is probably the best weapon a Macrophile has in his arsenal. Nearly all the pictures and artwork make POV the way the illusion is created. If you have your partner  sit on your lap looking down on you, you feel smaller, if you are on your knees and your partner is standing she looks huge, face sitting and smothering could also work. When something is really close up it is easier to feel tiny.

Macrophilia often overlaps with other fetishes, such as crushing and breast suffocation. It certainly ticks sado/masochistic boxes as pleasure is often derived from being physically harmed or even killed by the giant. Voraphiliacs like the idea of being eaten. The object of a Macrophiles affections are not always human, they are often huge animals . This also has a crossover with ‘Furries” people who like to dress up as animals when they are having sex. There is a more macabre aspect to the fetish which is very prevalent on the websites and that is Macrophile’s enthusiasm for watching the girls eat and crush insects . They seem to find the sight of a creature exploding under a foot particularly arousing.

Curiously there doesn’t seem to be a female equivalent of this fetish, I can only think perhaps this is because in our society, women already see men as larger and more powerful.

Like most fetishes, if you haven’t got it you probably won’t get it. The future looks bright though for this unusual group. The internet is not only a perfect medium to get hold of and create material it is also a place where like minded Macrophiles can come out of the shadows and get together and even arrange to meet up in real life. They are too. Macrophilia is becoming ‘enormously’ popular I am predicting virtual reality technology is going to be the best thing that ever happened to Macrophiles. Although I wasn’t able to source any movies made specifically for them in this genre. It is only a matter of time. I have had a play around with normal POV virtual reality adult movies and I thought the girls looked like Giantesses anyway. If you have a go you will see what I mean. Imagine how easy to create a Macrophiles world, a computer game of gorgeous Gianteesses rampaging through a city. Imagine seeing a giant hand come down to scoop you up , in virtual reality glasses that would look pretty awesome, it’s enough to make any Macrophiles reading this cum in their pants!

Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



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