Experience New Feelings and Sensations With Handcuffs

There Are Masters Of Shibari

Do you love the feeling of uncertainty?  Of not being sure of what is going to happen next – of not being able to control the situation?  Making a relationship exciting can often mean going outside the square and pushing your comfort zone.  Things that may allow you to experience new sensations and feelings and what better way for a couple that has been having Vanilla sex for many years by adding some role playing tools like instruments that bind.  There are masters of Shibari that have spent years practicing to achieve perfect binds that are viewed as a living art form,  However you too can experience similar sensations as the shibari model with the simple use of some restraints as humble as a set of handcuffs.

Did you know that a recent survey conducted by Lifestyle Condoms SKYNS in 2017 found that 26% of people reported using restraints regularly whilst another 15% have said they had used them.  That is 41% of sexually active people have used restraints or binds to increase their sexual enjoyment.   So Why are binds so attractive to people?   Is the control (or lack of), the restriction causing greater awareness of sensations or just the fact that it is a little more dangerous than Vanilla Sex Play.

For individuals who have an everyday existence of being continually in control, juggling an excessive number of assignments with an over-burden of duties, surrendering control in their sexual domain can be a gigantic turn-on.  Getting them away from the 9-5 grind it permits them to take advantage of their bodies sexually and let abandon agonizing over any other person’s pleasure however their own. The same goes for somebody who is more submissive in their everyday life. It’s stimulating to be the dominant, to be the one in control, giving orders and coordinating the whole scene. Alternately you may like to do both and ‘switch’ roles during different sessions.

Has This Always Been One Of Your Fantasies

Being dominant.can be liberating. The closeness that can form between a dominant and his sub goes beyond sex and entail a great deal of trust and honesty between them. To learn to be able to put your safety in another hands whilst on the other side being in charge of the care of your slave can be amazing.  Wrap your wrists with these handcuffs that are made of annodized metal. That is right! Dare to feel the passion love of your lover thanks to this restraint toy. If this has always been one of your fantasies, then these quality and innovative anodized metal handcuffs are the top choice. Thus, beginners and experts are more than encouraged to buy them. Its locking mechanism allows fast-release. So, even if you lose the cuffs key, you can have peace of mind knowing that this will be released whenever you want. Press a button and enjoy.

B&D Cuffs

These handcuffs will make your dreams come true. From the most classic fantasy with the role of police and arrested until the most torrid related to dominance and submission. Discover the pleasure of feeling, enjoy and let go without making any movement with your hands. To use the handcuffs, put them on your wrists and close them. Make sure you fit perfectly with the dolls wives. These fantastic wives are a gem to unleash a couple seductions. Made from metal, it is as easy to use as any other quality handcuffs – perfect for any size hand. No doubt, it is a weapon of seduction that cannot be missed in your intimate evenings.

Imagination, eroticism and pleasure can lead to the best combo. If you are someone without bias, and you want to try new experiences and sensations, like bondage, be sure to use these shackles that will not leave you indifferent. Ideal to use them with someone you love- you can tie him to the bed, to a chair, pretty much any place will be adequate to give free rein to the imagination! is there anything else you can do? Yes! You can add a spicy touch with long gloves. If you dare, blindfold your partner to not know what comes next.  This product is made of high quality materials, it is durable and skin friendly.




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