Kegel Exercise Benefits With Evi!

The Benefits of Kegel Exercises

I find kegel exerciser toys to be the easier products to sell to women of all ages because I have experienced them for myself and know how incredibly beneficial they can be for many reasons. From stronger & more pleasurable orgasms to eradicating urinary incontinence and greater recovery post childbirth, kegel exercisers are the holy grail of sex toys and a must for every woman to own. When I saw the Evi by Aneros, a very different style of kegel exerciser, I was intensely curious as to how good “Hands-Free Pleasure” would actually be.


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I have been intrigued by the Aneros products since I begun working at Oh Zone, not understanding what it was about these toys that warranted the higher price tag for non-vibrating toys. I have sold many of the Aneros for Him hands-free prostate massager products and have heard consistently amazing reviews of these toys from male customers. The Evi is the one and only female-specific product of Aneros and has received a great deal of applause from women online but is a product I haven’t sold in store yet. The price tag can be a slight deterrent for women trying toys that are unique, as it is a pricier option. There is often a fear of spending money on a product that ultimately is going to end up sitting around being unused. Despite there being so many amazing toys that are guaranteed to pleasure and please, I was excited to take one for the team and purchase the Evi for a field test. I am happy to say I’m so glad I did!!

Evi by Aneros!

The Evi is a kegel exerciser, G-Spot stimulator and Clitoral Stimulator in one. What makes this toy so unique is the design. The Evi features a short bulbous dildo shaft that when inserted into the vagina, sits snug against the G-Spot. It is shaped to fit most woman’s bodies so it stays in easily. The handle is a long arm that sits against the clitoris and when completing kegel exercises, pushes ever so slightly against the clitoris which is a very pleasurable sensation. Many of the kegel exercisers on the market are ball shaped toys that are inserted into the vagina which does not provide clit stimulation and does not necessarily stimulate the G-Spot either. I love that the Evi stimulates it all and fits really comfortably against the body.

The Evi comes in a solid white box with a flip magnetic lid. It’s perfect for storage of the toy and roomy enough to accommodate some of your other toys. I think it’s great when toys come in reusable packaging, it’s good for the environment and means that your toys don’t end up dust covered sitting in the bottom of your bedside drawer.

The Evi is made from really smooth, high-quality red silicone. This material is perfect for these types of toys as it’s non-porous and super easy to clean. Simply use some antibacterial toy cleaner after use and make sure you give it a wash before use in case it’s picked up any dirt or dust in between uses. If taken care of properly, the Evi will last a long time.

The Evi is a really easy toy to use (Once I got my head around which way to put it in that is). When inserted into the vagina and the arm facing the clitoris, using the Evi is as simple as completing some kegel exercises. This involves the squeezing and releasing of the pelvic floor muscles which brings the bulbous end firmly up against the G-Spot and the arm up to the clitoris. Aneros also recommend laying on you back with your knees bent and feet planted, rocking your hips back and forth with the Evi inserted. They also recommend swivelling your hips in circles to activate the Evi’s capabilities.


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Sex Toy: Aneros Evi


My Experience With Aneros Evi

I found the sensations ignited from using the Evi were subtle and pleasurable but they were not strong enough to make me orgasm from using it alone. I could definitely feel that by doing the kegel exercises, I was becoming more sensitive to these sensations the longer I used it. Plus it’s always a good thing to have a new toy to inspire me to do these exercises. I intend to put in more practice using the Evi because I believe it is one of those toys that requires regular use for the full benefits to be experienced. This toy has a lot of potential and I would highly recommend it to women looking to mix up their kegel exercising program.

There wasn’t much about the Evi that I could really fault. Wearing it with underwear or pants as you go about your day is quite uncomfortable due to the clitoral arm, so unlike other kegel exercises that you can pop in and walk about with, the Evi is more suitable for bedroom play or picking a calm, windless day to wear a dress with no underwear!! I also would reassure women wishing to purchase the Evi that it isn’t necessarily a one-time use=mind blowing orgasms kind of toy (Well at least it wasn’t in my experience). It requires a bit of practice to find positions that really suit your body but in saying that, I think that this kind of practice and exercise is worth the end results.

The Evi is a unique and the sophisticated design of the kegel exerciser that I would recommend to women looking for something different than the regular kegel balls. With regular use of this toy, you’re guaranteed to get your money worth in orgasms!! You can buy Aneros sex toys from Adultsmart.


About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave






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