Erotic Prose From Nala

It was just me and one other player

My old friend Tabitha, the man slayer

The cards were stacked in my favour

Down to her lingerie, a body to savour

My own boxer shorts bound to be a stayer

This hand would define the losing layer

Her raspberry one piece was all my flavour

The Ace in my hand was the life saver


Her exposed body would be my visual buffet

I turned over a nine, my twenty at play

I was rapidly rising like a parfait

Ready to unwrap her like it’s Christmas Day

Already enamored by her feminine bouquet

She overturned her card without delay

Two nines and a three out on display

My boxers dropped like my jaw, I had to pay


From my ankles, I kicked them to the floor

I could see how much she liked what she saw

A terrible poker face was her greatest flaw

She took my thickness within her paw

And sucked me hard like a paper straw

I looked down at her technique with awe

She’s so fucking good, I had to withdraw

Away from her gaze, like a wanted outlaw


How what happened next only god knows

But there she was, tossing aside her clothes

Her legs were anything but closed

Awkwardness and inhibitions disposed

I’ll never understand why me she chose

But as our bodies re-positioned in juxtapose

We lost one another in passionate throes

She’s amazing, enough I thought to propose.


We went three times that very first night

And despite being emptied of egg white

We made love once more come first light

She offered me her ass, gorgeous and tight

I accepted the offer quickly without a fight

We shallow orbited orgasms like a satellite

But I didn’t last long, anal is my kryptonite

Finally erupting with a very vocal delight


A delightful prose from Nala who often works as a consultant for the Oh Zone Adult stores.



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