One Duo Not To Miss Out On Je Joue Dua & Nuo!!

Now I have to admit that I’m guilty of having some negative first impressions of Je Joue and my reasoning’s were terrible. It wasn’t just the price that shocked me and how similar the branding is compared to some other major players in the sex toy industry like LELO and L’amourose and due to not knowing about Je Joue earlier. I was under the unreasonable impression that it was just some “wannabe rip off” of these other premium toy companies but after I did research on Je Joue and got my hands on some of the toys properly I can easily and safely say that I was wrong and I believe that Je Joue not only deserves a spot on the shelf next to these other amazing Sex toys but they actually have several products that I would easily recommend to be in your hands.

To my surprise, Je Joue is actually a well established London based company with offices branching out to the east coast of the U.S.A and Shanghai as well. Like their competitors, they have a great variety and range of products for example cock rings, Kegel exercises and of course vibrators. The company started off pretty small back in 2008 and now has products in many different countries all over the world. Out of all their products, there was 2 in particular that stood out as toys that looked a little more complicated and a more unique then the rest of their range, the Dua and Nuo.

The Je Joue Dua & Nuo are both very similar, they are both remote controlled vibrators and they share most of the same features with the shape and outward design being the only big difference.  The Je Joue Dua is designed as a g-spot and clitoris stimulator for women and the Nuo is designed as an anal toy both males and females but its design makes it great for prostate stimulation.

Firstly the Je Joue Dua, which has a small resemblance to some other popular toys like the We-Vibe4 and LELO Tiani. It has one section (the larger part) that goes inside the woman’s vagina (for most women it will be positioned on the g-spot) and the smaller, thinner section rests on the clitoris. As for the Je Joue Nuo, it looks more like a bulbous anchor with the shaft of the device to be inserted anally, the Je Joue Nuo is designed to sit right next to the wall of the g-spot or prostate.

Both the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are both designed really well and for the majority of women and men’s anatomy, it should fit very comfortably. Both of them are very squishy and very flexible as well which helps so much when it comes to positioning and wearing.  Looking at these vibrators without any knowledge on how they work can be intimidating, these certainly are not the type of toys you can pick up and use without reading the instructions but fortunately the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are both very easy to learn how to use once you know how to connect the ‘pen’ remote that comes with the toy. Both toys can be controlled by the ‘pen’ remote that comes within the box but these toys can also be controlled by the free Je Joue app that you can download onto your phone for your toy.

Je Joue Nuo Prostate Massager
Sex Toy: Je Joue Nuo

Oh My God! And I thought the app for the We-Vibe was amazing, this app has it all, with seven different modes and 5 different intensities on each one and you can control it all with one hand as well. The app is super easy to use and it very intuitive. Connecting the phone and toy is just as easy as it connects automatically to your mobile phone (after you press the “play now” button) as long as you have Bluetooth on and the toy itself on, only downside I can see with this is if you share thin walls and your neighbour connects to your toy that you might of left on……… I know that sounds ridiculous and highly unlikely but I have to try and nit-pick when I can, especially when a toy is this impressive. Ok so to connect the ‘pen’ remote to your toy all you need to do is have your toy charged and on, a battery in the remote and then to just simply hold down the top button on the remote for only 3 seconds or until the blue light comes on, that’s it! It is very simple, once you are connected you can twist the top button to change intensity or click the button to change modes.


Besides the nifty remote and the brilliant app, the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are pack filled with heaps of other obvious and important features. These toys are both USB rechargeable and attaches via eternal magnets to make connecting and disconnecting super easy, the charge ratio is about 1:1 so a full charge of 2 hrs of charge will get you 2 hours of use and one of my favourite features to be on a sex toy is being 100% deep sea diving compatible which fortunately the Je Joue Dua & Nuo are. Both of these toys have two motors, on the Dua, they situated in two separate points and are great for strong stimulation to both the g-spot and clitoris and the two motors on the Je Joue Nuo is fantastic for prostate massaging and even perineum stimulation. The motors are probably average in power for a toy of this class but because it has the two motors it is very powerful, power freaks certainly won’t be disappointed. The material on both the Je Joue Dua & Nuo is a very high quality soft silicone that feels amazing to touch and even better when lubricated, for lube its best to stick to high quality water-based products as the majority of silicone and oil-based lubricants can ruin the sheen and coating on the silicone and over time render the toy unusable. Cleaning isn’t a worry when it comes to these toys, because they are waterproof you can wash them under warm soapy water or you can use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.

Je Joue Dua Massager
Sex Toy: Je Joue Dua

It’s safe and obvious to say that both these toys are amazing and that Je Joue is far better then what I expected it to be, I believe that the price point that they are set at is pretty reasonable and definitely worth buying if the toys suit your anatomy. During research, I was noticing a lot of websites were saying that you can only get the app on iOS but that must be outdated because I checked the google play store and it’s available for download and it runs exactly the same as the iOS version that I used when reviewing these toys. So, in conclusion, these toys deserve a spot in practically everyone’s bedside drawer or toolbox. The Nuo is an amazing anal toy for both men and woman but because it’s squishy, flexible and its curved shaft makes this a great prostate toy for men. The Je Joue Dua more predominately a females toy is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a comfortable dual spot vibrator but just keep in mind both these toys are made even better as couples toys.

About the Author: Bronson is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre.


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