How To: Drop Shipping Sex Toys

If you already know what products you want to sell, contacting the original manufacturer is the easiest way to find qualified distributors. Not all the distributors of these manufacturers will be willing to drop-ship, but it will give you a list to follow up with. Unfortunately, the market is full of scams and low quality drop-shippers and it is often hard to tell the legitimate to those scammers. If you do decide to invest in an online sex business, I can recommend Xsales as a reputable company that will offer great drop shipping services for adult sex toys.

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Despite today’s growth, drop shipping has both its downsides and benefits. Choosing a reputable company like Xsales to do your business with will prevent you from experiencing a lot of the downsides,  and let you experience most of the benefits. First of all the competition among drop shipping companies is tough. Xsales is a well known a reliable company and a well known and trusted name. By cooperating with them you will be able to establish a viable business that will bring you profit. The harder you work and promote your online presence the more profit you will make.  To be successful you need to compete on price and offer value with your online products. Xsales helps you to do this. They will offer you good prices and better discounted offers especially on bulk orders. Let your customers buy more and you will earn more money.

In the drop ship model, you organize to offer items offered by distributors, wholesalers and/or merchants. You don’t buy stock. Rather, you advance the items through photographs and data gave by the supplier and/or by demonstrating test items.  At the point when the client arranges to purchase the item, you get the money and then request the drop shipper to supply it and they pack and post it.  The drop shipper should never place their company name on the package however they may add yours.

In this model:  Because you are not paying for expensive overheads like warehousing, multiple staff and holding inventory you are able to discount your margins – making you  more competitive in the market.  Postage fee’s where possible should be fixed so that you do not have to adjust this in any of your listing and is easily factored into each transaction.

If you worry that a drop shipping company will disappoint you on stock, Xsales in the contrary will amaze you with their options. They have a massive warehouse that store large quantities of products. If you are selling adult sex toys you will be amazed by the variety of the products that you can choose from to offer to your customers. This gives you a great flexibility.  Xsales also has some exclusive brands that are only drop-shipped by them in Australia like hell’s couture, Aphrodisia, Szpassiontoy and more…

Another important thing is that it is hard to sell something that you can’t see in person. This should not be something that worries you. Xsales ensures that you will offer high quality images of their products so that you can list them on your site for your customers so that they will have delivered what has been seen. By using Xsales for your drop shipping services will help you run your business, free from errors, logistical mistakes or other problems. Xsales will take care of all your issues once they have received your order, to dispatch and then through updating stock inventory to ensure that only in-stock items are displayed. Another benefit of using a drop-shipper company is that you do not have to pay upfront for products.   Xsales will store them for you and they are available only when you want them to be.  However remember all good things do not come to those that wait so take action now and used the drop-shipping serviced offered to you.

So is drop shipping the way to go?  Of course. Choosing Xsales, a well known company for all your drop shipping services will ensure that your customers will get high quality sex toys. You will only invest a small amount to start your business, however you will need to work on you own website design and marketing but if you are good at that eventually you just need to lay back and count the cash that will come in. Drop-shipping today, is one of the easiest ways that can help you start your own business. Sex sells and by using a drop shipping company that will supply and deliver sex toys directly to your customers, you can earn profit.


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