Do Granny’s Still Have Sex?

Do Granny’s Still Have Sex?

The answer to the question on your lips cannot be easier said, as several reports and studies have showed that seniors of as old as 80 still have sex.

While some studies tend to peg the sex life of an average person at 70, life experiences have showed that people tend to want and have sex till they have their last breath. According to a study reported in the Medical Journal, people of sound health reported interest in sex regardless of their age group.

How Often Do People Have Sex?

Only 39 percent of men and 17 percent of women have regular partner sex after the age of 75, with several factors attributed to these statistics. Factors include the drugs used to treat them because of medical conditions and the loss of their partner.

This finding might not be particularly accurate as many elder do not even have partners and among those that have, 46 percent of the men and 41 percent of the women confessed to be sexually active. It can be concluded that the average person’s sex does not actually end at 70 as reported by several quarters.

The study only looked at partner sex. The proportion of sexually active elderly could considerably increase if seniors that have solo sex are considered.  Studies have suggested that masturbation is common in older adults.

Aging Does Not Necessarily end Sex

Aging is not one of the factors that have been identified to end sex, as it only changes it, eliminating penis-vagina intercourse gradually. Thankfully, there are several marvelous ways of enjoying sex without intercourse.

So how does aging change sex?

Science has revealed that women above 40 start to experience menopausal changes.  This includes declining vaginal lubrication, consequently leading to uncomfortable sexual intercourse. A frequent decrease in libido and sexual self-esteem has also been identified as one of the attributes of menopausal changes.

On the other hand, men above 40 starting noticing that it takes more time to get sexually aroused, with erections becoming balky.  They slower to rise, less firm, and increasingly prone to wilting. Both genders are more likely to have medical conditions that require taking medications that have sex-impairing side effects.

Between 50 And 60 Years of Age

After the age of 50, particularly after 60, these changes tend to intensify, with vaginal atrophy occurring in women, which usually adds to the discomfort they experience during penetrative play, even when they use a lubricant.

Men of a similar age group tend to experienced increased erection problems. Finally, the use of medication becomes more prevalent, with sexual side effects aggravated due to the interactions among multiple medications.

Age affects sex and understandably so. This does not mean that aging ends sex. With the subject of granny dating becoming increasingly popular and the emergence of different online platforms, particularly dating sites, it is becoming easier for grannys to have fun and get down even at old age.

Granny's Still Have Sex
Sexy Granny

Where Do Geriatrics HookUp?

How do these old folk meet?

Do they go to the local pub, bingo halls or supermarkets to meet their potential mate?

As with all people now, apps are used on the internet and phone to find people to share their lives with or just Hookup. According stats, lots of our granddads and grandmas have turned to the internet to find someone.

Whilst most people would opt for a normal dating site, some randy old buggers are searching just for sex – according to a new casual sex website which is dedicated to finding a sex partner for grannys.

Granny’s Still Have Sex

There are over 15,000 woman registered on their books over the age of 50 In the UK alone these stats are pretty similar in Australia and New Zealand too.  And over 50,000 men over 50 too !! These Stats are obviously dwarfed by the people under 50  which is 106,000 Women  and over 1million men. And that’s just on one small network of people.

Imagine what the stats are from the big boys like Match and POF.  If you are interested in Granny Phone Sex? PhoneKelly is the best website to visit.

So there it is, your questions have been answered, Grannys love sex and whilst some of us don’t like to think about mum and dad bonking away anymore and your single mum joining the casual sex dating sites around the UK in search for a lovely Friday night bonk.

Well, at least they don’t go Dogging !!! – (or do they J )

Dating An Older Man

I have a confession. Seeing a young man and an older man clearly in a relationship, I dismissed them.

The younger of the two I dismissed as a money hungry bitch with his name brand clothes, designer wallet. The older gentlemen as a sleaze who can no longer appreciate or deserve someone age appropriate. Instead, having to buy his love and affection.

Unashamedly. I had these thoughts during my visits to clubs. To the Midnight Shift, to dinners with friends, to couples on grindr and dating websites. At the time, I made absolutely no apologies for my explicit self-righteous behaviour.

Was He Just Scoring A ‘Daddy” For Self Benefit?

In an extension of my twisted thoughts, I had always assumed that the young man was a bottom and the older gentlemen a perverted top. Even maliciously contemplated scoring a ‘daddy’ for the purposes of self-benefit.

I was wrong, I am wrong, and i am ashamed. The queer world can be a harsh and judgemental place and I’ve been on the recieving end of that judgement before. Dismissing potential legitimate feelings, and had dismissed what they emotionally provided to each other stability, affection and security.

American Pie and Desperate Housewives

It is almost something ingrained within us, and I feel that it’s a completely gendered argument. In American Pie the idea of scoring a MILF is erotic, hot and beneficial.  It also does in Desperate Housewives with Mrs Gabriel Solis and her teenage lover John. The younger guy recieving the teachings of an older woman in her prime, enjoying the youthfulnes of her partner.

This is backed up by the idea that the husband is clearly not providing enough sexual activity or spice. The same thoughts and almost idolised relationship is not always extended to males, either straight or gay. Hugh Hefener is depicted as a legend and a creep. The language used to depict Hugh in comparison to Cougars only serves to ‘legitimise’ the feelings and disparity between the two.

Does this excuse my naive behaviour?

Certainly not, but it provides a contextual platform from which my behaviour was grounded within.


Dating An Older Man
Photo: Ellen and Portia Celebrity Wedding


Last year Stephen Fry married Elliot Spencer, an age difference of 30 years. Scott Daley revealed he was dating Dustin Lance Black, a 20 year difference. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossie have an age difference of 15 years.

All of these age differences were plastered around the news and various articles. A quick perusal of Hollywood age gaps within heterosexual couples indicate that it’s certainly nothing unusual.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have an age difference of 15 years, Samantha Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor Johnson have an age gap of 23 years, even more recently we have Kylie Minogue and fiance Joshua Sasse have a 20 year age gap.

Interestingly said this gem

‘We’re pleased for Kylie – and who cares about a 20-year age gap – he doesn’t seem to care’

whereas the publicity surrounding the engagement of Elliot Spencer with Stephen Fry seemed to have people feeling self-entitled enough to say things like,

‘didn’t realise Stephen Fry had a son for a BF’

One can only imagine the effect the hurtful comments had on what should have been an enormously happy moment of their lives

My thinking started to change when i first met my BF. At the time he was dating an older man, and granted his initial talkings of this relationship.  This seemed to support my views adding to my confusion. But over time, i realised what they had provided to each other and just how deep the relationship was to both of them.

It changed my views quite considerably and my ‘fear’ of older men slowly, but not completely, retreated. So, when it comes to the news headlines that Sam Stanley a UK Rugby Player, Sam Stanley, is dating an older man Laurence Hicks, it doesn’t really phase me.

It doesn’t phase me in the slightest, that as gaystarnews put it, his boyfriend is not what you’d expect this jock to have despite him in all probability having the pick of

‘twinks, twerkers and gym-obsessed twats.’.

Laurence is not the type of person that you’d expect Stanley to go for.  That is what makes this relationship so damn beautiful.

Stuff standards, stuff stereotypes, and love who you want to love. Try to look through society’s standards of sexuality.

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  1. My granny aged 70+ had active sex life and liked younger men – 30 to 50 yo. I guess she used to have penetrative sex but most often with other means … you know what! But sheer physical closeness with a companion make grannies happy. They need it!

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