Rising Trend of Designer Vagina’s

In a world where one can easily take a holiday to an exotic country to get their medical procedures done, it’s no shock that cosmetic surgery is on the rise. But it’s not Botox or boob jobs that are the latest trend, it’s “Designer Vaginas“. A Designer Vaginas is when a woman has her labia surgically altered to her specification which is otherwise known as Labiaplasty. A recent study shows that 80% of vaginal surgeries are to reduce or reshape the labia.

Occasionally, some women will need to have Labiaplasty surgery for medical reasons, such as labia so large that it causes extreme chaffing and pain during every day activities; though it is completely normal for a women to have folds around the vaginal opening and usually nothing to worry about.  Increasingly, a lot of women are getting Labiaplasty surgery as they are displeased with the appearance or presentation of their labia, even though their ‘junk’ is medically seen as perfectly normal.

This was shown recently in a controversial and rather horrifying story where a mother has sent her 15 year old daughter to a specialist to get a Designer Vagina because she thought her daughter’s genitals were “abnormal”. The mother is causing a huge scene worldwide after fighting against doctors professional opinions, exclaiming that:

“Normal women are neater”

And that her daughter:

 “Will never be able to have sex looking like that”.

This is literally the craziest story I’ve ever read… First of all: My mum has seen me naked on lots of occasions, but never right up and personal. She was definitely not close enough to make a comment on the aesthetic of my labia, that’s for sure! Second of all, those early teen years are full of enough insecurities and social anxieties without your OWN MOTHER unnecessarily saying you’re abnormal and that no one is every going to want to have sex with you. What a horrible thing to say to your child!


Vagina Painting
Painting: Vagina Types


Statistics are saying that whilst many people think insecurities come about by pornography, the truth is many women say they’ve seen their friends, family members and other people undressing in change rooms and they “just didn’t look the same”. Fair enough, though no excuse to publicly humiliate your daughter for the way her labia looks.  The trouble is, there is no:

“‘Measurable’ way to tell what’s ‘normal'”

With regards to labia and their size/appearance. Cultures play a massive part in determining the ‘normal’ size of a labia and what is desired. For example, it is well known that in Japanese cultures, larger labia are more desired and thought to be more appealing, whilst in our culture a smaller and ‘neater’ labia is more sought after.

So, what are the risks associated with Labiaplasty Surgery?

  • Loss of sensitivity
  • Over cutting
  • Under cutting
  • Patient not happy with the result
  • You cannot wear tampons, have sex or work out for 6 weeks (sometimes longer) after the surgery
  • Risks of infection
  • Sitting down and walking is uncomfortable for a few weeks
  • Time off of work is necessary

So even after taking into consideration all of the above risks and that under the law, the surgery is not even legally allowed to be done to a minor (a child under the age of 18) for just ‘aesthetic’, the mother is still fighting to get her daughter a “designer vagina”.  While the surgery remains controversial and definitely not for everyone, it would be unfair to rule out ALL reasons for getting Designer Vaginas and one must understand the extreme distress the surgery may relieve to some women.

Our vagina’s are equally as unique as any other thing that is on our body whether its our body types, our face shape, hair or eye colours. There is absolutely no normal type of way a vagina or labia should look. Over time our bodies do change due to hormones, age or changes in lifestyles. You may even find due to your weight your vagina may get bigger or thinner. Or even depending how much your body naturally lubricates may effect its texture. Maybe there is a place for Designer Vagina’s, after all we can do is what make’s us feel better about ourselves to improve our self esteem or we might need it for sexual health reasons.


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  1. I never realized that plastic surgery had gone so far to include vagina’s. It would be extremely painful, wouldn’t it?

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