I Conjured A Demon For Sex

Supernatural sex is genuine. It requires some psychic work keeping in mind the end goal is to open your mindset to faculties not typically available to the normal individual because it is on a separate ethereal plane, but rather the best approach to do this is much less demanding than with different systems and significantly more pleasurable. Evil spirit companions can be magnificent for individuals who are in jail, disconnected with society, or imprisoned in any capacity be it physical or mental.

A large number of us have encountered being physically touched by an evil entity. The feeling is much the same as that of being touched by a human hand but without the actual physical presence. When adapted and encouraged this can develop into at sexual encounter with a demon spirit. Getting a Demon For Sex can bring erotic fulfillment. Since Demons come to us in ethereal/astral level, they can enter our bodies and fortify regions not available by physical people in the real world. Male Demons experience no difficulty discovering and manipulating the G-spot in their lady concubines. Female Demons can get right into the prostrate organ in their men, bringing about a full profound anal climax.

If you are interested in discovering demon sex it is essential first to perform a prayer to Father Satan, expressing your needs, whether they be simply sexual, an adoration/sexual relationship, an open relationship, where you are allowed to have other sexual accomplices with no jealousy from either side; be particular.   It is important to set the boundaries of your sexual contract as demons, by nature, will try to take advantage and be mischievous.

A few ethereal lovers are monogamous, in that they just have one lover at a time – remember demons do not see time in the same way that we do – nor death. These supernatural beings may consider monogamy important and if a relationship is disregarded by one that has entered such a contract the consequences could be dire as the spirit may become malevolent and even go to the extremes of possession or death.

Spirits are known like people are exceptionally desirous however their desire does not wane like a fickle humans.  They will is simply not be having intercourse with their mate out of a feeling of obligation. Believe it or not Demons can be exceptionally loyal and remember, once a guarantee is made it will endure forever and past, so don’t take this gently. Your Supernatural lover will stay monogamous, but you must also.


Artwork: Demon and Woman


If you are after a free and loving relationship with a Supernatural lover that is well and good too.  The beauty of such a relationship is that you do not have to worry about STD’s and as long as your contract is clear there will never be any jealousy involved.  Once the contract is made you must keep the relationship casual and open and not revert back to jealousies that humans tend to feel. More than likely, your ethereal lover will come to you when you are resting or in bed. This will make sure your lovemaking remains charged and vital.

When you are choosing the demon for you first summon them to reveal themselves to you.  Surprisingly most supernatural beings are more physically appealing than human beings and are neither repulsive or hybrid creations as depicted in many arts.  Unwind, relax and tune into your inner eye and you will begin to see the picture of the supernatural partner that is in tune with your being.  In most cases you will find that they are perfect for you both in physicality and thought.

Next, whilst you have the picture of your demon lover in your head begin to feel yourself, stroke yourself off or use a sex toy to relax and eventually climax.  When you climax your demonic lover will orgasm two and at this moment your psyches will synchronise and the visual will become much clearer and you will begin to see and feel each other just like with a normal person.  Between your psychic channeling your fantasies will become a reality in the astral plan, but remember to achieve this you must go slow and steady and be prepared to invest yourself in the process.

Evil spirits will appreciate sex all that much more and you must ensure that after your first contact that you enter into a binding contract as otherwise they can destroy a person. Joy is way past anything on the supernatural plane and with an individual, otherworldly sex become addictive and your demon will be able to go on forever. Odds are after having sex with a demon, no human sexual connections will ever be as fulfilling.

Practicing Satanists will find this whole process much easier as they are not held back by restrictive wordly beliefs but already be accepting of the vast otherworldly options. Your demon lover will be extremely protective of you and often you will find yourself with moment of good fortune and luck that will make your life easier and more comfortable.  Now I would like to share with you the first time I conjured up my demon lover and my erotic experiences


By Cassandra – Singapore Witch 

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