This Is Da Bomb In Da Penis!

For years, men have searched everywhere looking for some of the best ways to boost their sexual satisfaction, arousal and experience.  Many of us have sorted through thousands of products over the years and have tried and tested different types of men’s sex toys many of us including penis plugs.  All of which is aimed for a common goal – more sexual satisfaction.

Let’ face it not all of us are going to be into urethral play but if you are so inclined why do you have a try with the Da Bomb Penis Plug.  The following is a little bit about this male sex toy and why I think it is great-

I achieved outstanding urethral stimulation and pleasure from using the Da Bomb Penis Plug and I have been a urethral sex toy enthusiast for some years now.  If this penis plug is inserted very slowly, hygienically, accurately and correctly it can trigger a series of sexual pleasures and enjoyment through out your entire body. The best part, it comes with a ring on the exterior and this will prevent it from slipping in and makes it easier to manipulate it in and out of your urethra. With this ring you are able to feel safe and not scared of it slipping inside and have total control.

It has been impeccably made; its presentation exhumes quality and efficiency. After all, if the good ratings and praises I am giving it is anything to go by, then this type of penis plug will live up to the expectations of many users. In this case of the Da Bomb Penis Plug, the simpler it is, the better it is to use. Anyone from beginners to advanced urethral play users will be happy to use this penis plug.

Da Bomb PlugIt is extremely well crafted and if that is not enough; more than just a marketing statement, and has been remarkably designed. The creators of this urethral sex masterpiece were exceptionally clever. Coming with an overall length of 140mm and 100 mm of insert able length, this alone will give anyone a never felt before erotic sensation. It seems this item was designed by a person who had had a lot of experience with penis plugs before; and then put everything that he liked into it and has gotten it right.

When I used it there was no pain at all.   Cock plug safety is paramount and it seems the creators of this  penis plug had that in mind and made sure that was taken care of. Of all the penis plugs in the market that I have tried, if used correctly, this type is by far one of the safest.  I made sure I read up all about the safety tips at the urethral insertion resource site

Many people think that penis plugs are perceived to cause a lot pain; however, contrary to that believe, this type of penis plug has actually proven to be one of the best and cause less or no pain at all.  After all, much of the materials that have gone into its creation are of high quality, smooth and will not cause any kind of discomfort. This item did not only give me a harder erection, but also a never felt before orgasm and incredible ejaculation.

Shopping online I could not believe the pricing the penis plug coming in at just under $40 and as all the resource sites you read from make sure you buy quality as there are many cheaper and unsafe versions out there mainly made in China.  I live in America and it was shipped from Australia for $8USD and arrived at my doorstep in 7 days.

Final word; with what this item has done to and for me, it is going to hold the number 1 spot in my kit of urethral toys. Da Bomb Penis Plug is truly a must have and I would recommend it to anyone and anytime.

By Ralph Katherine


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