These Cuffs Will Make You #Cross Over!

Have you ever wondered what CrossOver Bondage Cuffs are? Or even tried to use them? If not, you are really missing out. Last month, my husband and I wanted to try a new thing to make our sex life more exciting and better. We reached out to some of our friends and there was this one friend who had a very exciting idea; cross over bondage cuffs. We decided to try on that because we had never heard of that. She advised us where she got them and  we found out that they are device like handcuffs that are wrapped around one’s wrist or several arm positions during sex in order to put your partner to a position you desire.

We found cross over cuffs very exciting because you get to keep your partner’s body parts, mind, loyalty and actions where you want them to be. They are simple and clever and the person who you are putting into bondage cannot free themselves without the key. You may think why bondage? But this is what I think; It is fun to play master and mistress. The master gets to control the mistress and the mistress submits.The Cross Over Bondage Cuffs are useful to keep your partner from getting away or changing positions you do not want.  It is sexy when one is the master and the other submits

With the CrossOver Bondage Cuffs you can get sexually creative. Use them and you will straight away get out of your mundane normal routines and day to day life. The CrossOver Bondage Cuffs challenging; to play while you are tied up.  You get to connect with your partner emotionally because they are giving you complete control over their body, trusting you with their physical and mental health. If you take your time to experience their bondage hobby with them, by giving your partner what they want, they will appreciate and lust over your completely. Cross over bondage cuffs are very easy to use you just cross your hands, put the cuffs and they will automatically close themselves. They are also very comfortable to use in that you can put them in any arm position you want.Cross Over Surgical SteelI also learned that they can come in different material whichever you desire. They normally come in body safe, medical grade, stainless steel. They also come in titanium, gold, and leather materials.  I love the fact the the CrossOver Bondage Cuffs material can be changed based upon the type of material you choose. They can be more like a jewelry piece making bondage that much more fashionable and enticing. As much as we love fun and misery we all know that sex safety comes first where both parties who are experience sex together remain safe.

Some of the safety measures we should take are; First, you should know about the circulatory system of your partner, as tying one up may course impaired or cut off circulatory system.  You should know how to operate the cuffs before using it.  Check the material used on the cuffs before use if you have any allergies or skin reaction to metals.  You should know your partner’s health like high blood pressure, Asthma, Physical injuries, or physical limitations etc. Check in on how tight the cuffs are.  If your partner wants out you let him or her loose  before any injuries occur.  And most of all discuss with your partner on how you are going to play, if there is any rule you can apply to make it more fun and to reduce tiredness.

For me using the cross over bondage cuff has improved my relationship with my husband and our sex life. I find it more exciting. We also communicate well during the time we are it has improved our is very comfortable to is very sexy to see your partner tied up and you are in command. Am so much in love with it.

These CrossOver Bondage Cuffs, have started us on a journey and we have booked tickets to go to the gathering in Sydney this long weekend to explore what other avenues there are for us to further our BDSM Relationship.




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