Control Your Sex Slave With A Leash

XR Brands brings us this chain leash from their Tom of Finland series, XR Brands are the people who bring us some amazing lines that you may have heard of including; Master Series, CleanStream, STRICT, Strict Leather, Prostatic Play and of course Tom of Finland, all six of these lines being available here at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres or on Adultsmart our online store.

Tom Of Finland Banner
Image: Tom Of Finland Banner

About Tom Of Finland

Touko Valio Laaksonen, a Finnish artist known for his stylized highly masculinized homoerotic fetish art, and better known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland produced over 3500 illustrations in his 71 years of life, mostly all of them featuring men wearing tight clothing, fetish gear or little to no clothing at all with exaggerated sexual features.

Touko Valio Laaksonen Photo
Photo: Touko Valio Laaksonen

He has been called the “most influential creator of gay pornographic images” by cultural historian Joseph W. Slade and has had a big impact on gay culture throughout the 20th century and continues to, to this day with the Tom of Finland Foundation and his artwork still inspiring, turning on, reassuring and unifying its viewers.

“Tom of Finland is one of the five most influential artists of the twentieth century. As an artist he was superb, as an influence he was transcendent.”- Harvey S. Shipley Mille

Obviously the Tom of Finland series has a lot to live up to, luckily XR brands have created some wonderful and quality items in their Tom of Finland range including collars, leads, restraints, clamps, insertables and more.

Tom Of Finland Leash Packaging

The Tom of Finland Leash comes in wonderful packaging featuring Touko Valio Laaksonen’s artwork on the box that is metallic and reflective in places, it is so nice you may have the urge to preserve the packing itself like I considered doing but to my delight I discovered that inside as a bonus each product in the Tom of Finland range includes a collectable, exclusive art print with a portion of proceeds going to the Tom of Finland Foundation, dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting erotic art.

Tom Of Finland Leash Design

Now for what’s inside the box! The leash is a lovely gun metal grey colour of the chain is beautiful and different to other leashes I’ve seen out there that tend to just come in either black or silver metal, I adore this colour and it really set this leash apart looking incredibly stylish with the black neoprene hand strap that is soft yet sturdily made, there is a silver metal look plastic plate on the handle embossed with the Tom of Finland logo.


Tom of Finland Leash Material Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Tom of Finland Leash Material

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that resists degradation more than natural or other synthetic rubbers and is easy to clean if the need arises just use a warm wet cloth to wipe down the surface of the leash and its handle with water only as neoprene is sensitive to household chemicals and urine, so if golden showers are your thing be careful to not be wearing any of the neoprene range when participating in those activities. Neoprene is also vegan-friendly making the entire Tom of Finland matching collar, leash, ankle and wrist cuff set the perfect choice for those who wish to avoid purchasing or using animal products or if you simply do not like leather or silicone it is a good alternative.

The Tom of Finland gun metal chain leash is 42 inches (106.68cm) in total length, the chain without handle being 30 inches (76.2cm) this is a good length in my opinion for a leash intended for human use, when using my leash I’ve never thought it was too long which can be a pain having excess chain in the way or too short which can cause unwanted tugging on the person who has it attached to their collar being led around.

Tom of Finland Masculinized Homoerotic Fetish Art
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My Final Thoughts

This leash is an excellent addition to anyone into or considering collar and leash play, stylish, high quality and with a rich history behind it, you will feel confident and in charge with its bold dark metallic grey glinting as you show off your submissive or as you’re being shown off. Using the Tom Of Finland Leash is an incredible way to introduce dominance and submission into your sexual lifestyle.

Author: Erin is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave








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