Exclusive Coco De Mer Release The Nell Vibrating Massager!

I am a 38 year old, divorced lady with a 9 year old daughter . So you can imagine the struggles that I have had to go through to make my life function properly. I have a very busy schedule with my daughter’s extra curricular activities and my long working hours. I barely got time to do anything apart from taking my daughter to her classes and finishing my assignments from work.

My partner and I separated and we don’t really get much support from him.  My daughter is my responsibility and I have to pull off long hours at work to be able to give her whatever she needs. But at times I felt lonely and sad about the the fact that I had to lay alone in bed at night with nobody to hold me or talk sweet nothing with me.


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Whenever I saw people around me who were dating and getting the love and attention that one desires of my jealousy kicked in. I too want that sometime but due to my busy schedule I don’t have time to go out there and date a man who would make me feel the same way. I felt I was not yet ready to date and experience with what I had experienced with my ex.

Emotionally I was stable, I had my friends at work and my daughter and my parents who have been there for me since the time me and my ex broke up. But I always felt that there was something that was missing. To be honest I used to miss the times we used to have sex, regardless of the way we felt about each other.

Till the time my husband and I were together we used to have frequent sex and I used to like it a lot. After the separation it had been a very long time since I had been touched sensually by another human or felt an organism through play. Even after having everything that I needed a job that I love, my beautiful daughter, a house, a car it felt as if something was missing.

I missed the sexual experience that I used to have with my husband but I felt shy to speak to someone about it. Then one day, after I was done with my work I was searching the Internet and I ran across an article about sex toys.  It was about a luxury sex toy brand that all the stars in England used called Coco De Mer.  It featured and article on the award winning Nell massager.

Adult Toy Review
Sex Toy Review Nel

I visited their site and it looked promising and their products looked really nice. Among their wide range of sex toys, sexy lingerie and other sex products like dildos and vibrators they all looked very pleasing to the eye and sexy at the same. I obviously knew about these products, thanks to internet but had never owned one. Only seeing their products one can make out that they are completely safe to use and I loved the Nell as it did not look phallic or the way I imagined a vibrator would look like.

I opened the link and read about the sex toys and their uses.  Some of these toys looked like the human (male) genitals and they claimed to offer the same sexual experience that one gets to have with their partner, but I wasn’t into anything like that. I don’t know why but I started to look more into it and the website had really great customer reviews and people were praising their products on all the sites that sold their products. After reading about the company and its high end products and immense pleasure stories of the people, I visited the adultsmart site and ordered it.

I didn’t know much about how I could use sex toys so for starters I ordered the Coco De Mer Nell vibrator. It looked really nice and sophisticated unlike other vibrators that I saw on the internet. While reading about their site I got to know Coco de mer had a boutique in London selling sex toys and exotic lingerie. They claimed that their products are capable to bring out the pleasure in anyone and one can explore pleasures they have never experienced before.

I got the parcel through mail only a couple of days later and after opening the wrapping found the packaging was very nicely done. I decided to try it out later that night

I used it the sex toy when I got home and I couldn’t believe what had happened to my body. Being married for so many years didn’t bring me such pleasures, which I had just experiences with the Coco De Mer Nell sex toy. The product did everything that they said it would and so my first sex toy experience was so satisfying that it had left me wanting for more and more. I felt sexually satisfied, and whenever I felt the urge I took this baby out from my drawer and gave myself the opportunity to experience very erotic pleasures which I never had before.

It has been a few months now since I got my beloved Nell and have successfully started dating.  The man I am with is very loving and tender in bed and sometimes to spice up things we  make use of the little dark drawer that I have chosen in my room for my new found love of sex toys.  After my first encounter with the Coco De Mer Nell it got rid of some of the emptiness that I felt in life after my separation.

I would recommend this to all the people who are sexually actively or who are dealing with sexual crisis in their life. It helped me at a point of time when I was alone it would surely help others as well. My new partner and I have become regular sex toy customers.  It’s not a replacement to sex or a man but it sure does give you the kind of alternate pleasure that you need in life. The Nell  is extravagant in looks as well as price but it more than desirable and a sex aid that I was and am happy to have purchased.

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