Cock Ring Types

Cock rings are one of the most essential and popular sex tools in the world and makes your sexual intercourse much more interesting. You will be able to enjoy a better sex with your strong and firm penis. Cock rings are so affordable, the price range can be as low as $3.50 to anything as high as $100 depending on whether you would like one to vibrate or not. I suggest you start simple with a silicone cock ring and build up your sex toy collection from there! Cock rings are fun to use, they are there to assist in your sex life, to make what you have used to the best of it’s ability and encourage the act of sex in a healthy relationship.

Cock rings are specially used for restricting the blood flow out of penis, which creates tickling sensations of tightness and pressure that most of men find pleasurable. It is normally used for making the penis considerably more erect, firmer, bigger together with also it is going to make your penis harder for a longer period, and delaying the ejaculation. You are able to enjoy a greater sex simply when using the cock ring. The cock rings purpose is to ensure that you stay firm and hard, and it achieves this by clamping down on the penis. It’ll delay orgasmic pleasure together and additionally for many people provide the ability to have  better ejaculation together with considerably more orgasmic pleasure.  A new male organ ring can be employed intended for solo-sex or possibly in BDSM situations.

If you wish to buy different cock ring types, and then you will definitely get a lot of choices which often come in the stockrooms. It might seem regarding the male organ ring that is made with silicone together with additionally flexible. Nevertheless if you need to make use of a lot more elegant just one, then you can definitely find the leather cock ring or even the firm fitting metal style. It is very well-liked involving a great deal of guys because these types of male organ rings have the ability to get them considerably more elegant and they just look pretty damn awesome. And also the leather cock ring is extremely secure and flexible. The majority of leather cock rings have stud straps which allow them to snap on and off, which means that you can have them. The item provides you with considerably more pleasure. It’s also long lasting. Also you can think about this since the image associated with high-class. Leather-based is a high priced product and also the use of the cock ring and that is made with leather, and then you will be able to discover the tastes associated with luxury.

Different cock ring types are all truly magnificent in their own ways. When you use one, your sexual partner will be absolutely taken a back when your penis will extend, grow and fill out to its fullest capacity. Their eyes will dilate with interest.You will have to put the cock ring on when your placid, soft and not erect which can be irritating since you never know when your going to have sex. And when have your orgasm, they can likewise give you somewhat of an unusual feeling. I’d genuinely prescribe you attempt one in any event, they’re incredible fun and truly do keep you as hard as a stone all through. Concerning what you put in it, I know there are ones that can incorporate balls as well yet I’ve never attempted them and I’m genuinely sure the standard is only for the principle shaft. I’d encourage verify your penis size as to whether it will fit the cock ring you will buy as you will need a reasonable size to fit your penis in. Measure your penis size before attempting to pack them in as it could be very hazardous and excruciating.

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Cock Ring Types:

  • Single Strap Penis Ring (Adjustable): This cock ring is placed behind the scrotum and fastens over the top of the penis. These rings can be easily worn by the men in comparison to other rings. So, if you are going to use it for the first time, it’s ideal for you.            
  • Single Penis Ring (Stretchable): The most popular type of cock ring would have to be the simple singular ring which sits at the base of the shaft to slow the blood flow creating a stronger and longer lasting erection. You can get varied looking singular rings with some being minimalistic looking O-rings while others could be thick chunky “rammers”. The simple ones tend to be the go too when having sex only because it doesn’t take up too much of your length but if you have a  very long ‘johnson’ then the rammers are the way to go  and can also provide a bit more cushion when having hardcore sex, think of it as a pillow for your penis.
  • Single Penis Ring (Solid):  It is usually worn when the cock is soft. You can also use sex lubricants to remove the ring from an erect penis
  • Double Cock Ring: The double cock ring is two rings with one situated on the shaft of the penis and the other one is a little larger and goes around the shaft and underneath the testicles. It provides double the effect and is a great way to control your ejaculations especially for those who suffer from premature ejaculation.
  • Triple Cock Ring: The triple cock ring is the trifecta of cock rings, it has one ring for the shaft of the penis, a ring for the balls and scrotum and ring for the base of the balls and shaft. These cock rings are simply a a double cock ring with a scrotum cuff.
  • Testicle-Spreader (Double Crown): This ring is placed behind the scrotum and snaps closed on top of the cock, thus forming a ring. The short straps should be hanging down, behind the scrotum. After that, you have to snap each short strap to the ring, by one hand to hold a testicle while the other hand to bring the strap between the testicles to the side of the ring.    
  • Double-strap (Duet Crown): To wear this ring, you have to place its longer strap at the tip of the cock as well as behind the scrotum. Snap closed with the strap is connecting both rings on the top of penis. After that, you have to snap the smaller strap around the penis shaft.     
  • Ball-Stretcher (Triple Crown): For wearing this ring, you have to place the longest strap behind the scrotum and snap closed top of the penis. Now, pull testicles to the bottom of the scrotum and snap the ball-stretcher (the widest piece of leather), around the testicles and snap to the ball stretcher. Now, bring the thin gap between the testicles and snap to the ball stretcher.
  • Ball Rings/Scrotum Cuffs: Ball rings are simply larger cock rings and they go around scrotum between the body and the testicles. Ball rings have some very important benefits including, making the penis appear longer, and preventing the testicles from lifting up so far that they become lodged under the skin immediately adjacent to the base of the penis, and also delaying or intensifying ejaculation by preventing the testicles from rising normally to the “point of no return”. It is much harder to reach an orgasm while wearing a ball ring.
  • Vibrating Cock Ring: A vibrating cock ring will help the person you are penetrating feel the vibration stimulation through to their sexual partner.  Vibrating cock rings are either made of silicone or metal. The silicone ones are usually super comfortable and stretchy where as the meal cock rings are more specifically used for erections or in form of restraints.

  • Vibrating Cock Ring with Butt Plug: A cock ring that has vibrating bullet that also has a butt plug to give the wearer a fuller anal feeling.

  • Electro Stimulation Cock Ring: A cock ring that also used electro play.

  • Penis Sleeves: Not necessarily a cock ‘ring’ but it does have the effect (if it’s tight enough) to reduce blood flow to help keep an erection longer. When wearing during intercourse its use is main to stimulate the receiver with the ribbed like texture but if using solo you can invert the sleeve and use it to stimulate yourself.

Thus, you will feel the most erotic stimulation using these cock ring types according to your sexual needs & requirements. There are leather cock rings, jelly like cock rings and even metal cock rings. Most leather cock rings can be adjusted for a comfortable fit and jelly cock rings are really comfortable but tend to not have as much restriction as other materials. When it comes to materials like metal or glass you start experiment with temperature play. This is when you either heat the ring up or cool it down so that when you wear the ring it has unique feeling. You can also find mixed material blends like silicone mixed with TPE. If you are entirely new to this sex toy, then you must choose a flexible and adjustable cock ring that is gentle on you and at the same time, delivers pleasing results.

A little tip when buying your cock ring, so you can get a perfect fit just measure the circumference of you shaft and divide by 3.1 to get the diameter of you penis shaft. after doing this you can safely buy a cock ring knowing what your exact size. As you can see now that because cock rings have various different uses there can’t be one ring to rule them all unfortunately, but there are some amazing cock rings out there and if you know what you want then Invest in the higher quality ones but I you don’t know just yet which is best for you just dabble with a few affordable ones and see what you like the most.

There are many different cock ring types, so it’s not a surprise that it might be a little difficult finding the right one for you. The stockroom assortment, is actually popular for the leather things and will also be able to find the great just one in your case. Nevertheless, prior to deciding to buy the cock ring, you have to measure up. There are many benefits to wearing perfectly sized cock rings for men like explosive orgasms and better sex.


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