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Every couple likes to have an enjoyable sex life that is full of pleasure and ecstasy. Having an enjoyable sex life can help create a closer bond between two people and keep your lover asking for more. The memories alone of every sexual experience will keep you happy and full of joy but like every other pleasurable moments, there can be events that limit them. One is not reaching orgasm or a memory when there is difficulty to satisfy your partner.

Sex between a man and a woman or two men sometimes require a little helping hand. The man carrying out penetrative sex is often the major driving force in the sexual experience. Thought must go into how best they control the situation and improve the overall experience for the couple. Many men who have experienced some form of erectile dysfunction have opted to use cock rings to maintain longer and stronger erections. Others who do not have ED also use it for a better sexual experience for them and their partner. 

What Are Cock Rings

What exactly are cock rings? A cock ring is also known as a erection rings or tension rings. Cock rings slow the flow of blood, naturally making a harder erection for a longer period of time. It is placed usually at the base of a penis when it is semi-erect. They are also worn below the shaft, on the scrotum or just below the head of the penis. There is no specific way of wearing them. Cock rings are made from a variety of materials such as silicon, leather, rubber, nylon, ivory and surgical steel.

Cock Ring History 

Have you ever wondered when these sex toys for men came about? Surprisingly, they’ve been around for as long as you can imagine. They were first known to be used during the ancient Greek dynasty. They gained popularity during the Yang and Ming dynasty. They were used for sexual gratification until the Victorian dynasty changed the perception of cock rings. During the Victorian era, they were actually worn by young boys and men who believed they were capable of reducing sexual urges. The perception of cock rings changed until the late 1960’s, when they became popular again.

Beginners Guide to Choosing A Cock Ring

For most people wanting to buy their first cock ring selecting the best one for the optimum experience can be a little difficult with the huge amount of choice available. There are just so many options to choose from. So how do you decide which one is right for you?

You need to consider how stretchy they should. Those that are not stretchable are made of wood, steel, glass, ivory and aluminum. They have absolutely no flexibility and therefore are not advisable for use by a first timer. Cock rings that are not stretchable need to be bought in the correct size. In a situation where there is a full erection and the ring is too tight the blood cannot disgorge which is painful. At the same time you have to get the sizing right or it will not stay on, it may be too tight and uncomfortable to wear. Our advice for any beginner is to buy a stretchable one as most are one size fits all. When you wear the pleasure ring you can decide whether this is a male sex toy for you.

Another important factor to consider is texture. Many cock ring users enjoy not feeling the texture of cock rings while others do. Many cock rings are designed to have the texture of animals while others have little bumps which some users believe allow them improve their sexual drive. It is usually best to try out those that are completely smooth before attempting to go on an adventure with the bumpy ones.

Cock Ring Maintenance

Some cock rings are water compatible and should therefore be washed in warm, soapy water or cleaned with anti-bacterial spray. After they are cleaned, they should be dried and stored in a hygienically dry environment. Washing your cock ring after use will help anyone who has sensitive skin. If you are using the cock ring for a one time only experience, it is advisable to opt for those that are cheap and disposable.

Cock Ring Size & Comfort

Using cock rings should always be comfortable. It is not advisable to wear them for more than 30 minutes at any one time because wearing them longer than that can cause nerve damage and permanent numbness which will eventually lead to erectile dysfunction or penile damage. If you feel of any form of discomfort, pain, numbness or pains or needles, the ring should be immediately removed.


Tantus Super Soft C-Ring Photo
Sex Toy: Tantus Super Soft C-Ring


Cock Ring Types;

There are basically two types of cock rings. Those that are worn below the shaft just above the scrotum and those that are worn under the scrotum. Most other sophisticated ones are usually a combination of both. Below are a list of some cock rings we would recommend for beginners:

  • The Screaming O RingO:  The Screaming O RingO is stretchy, affordable, small and tight. They are quite easy to pull off if they are uncomfortable.
  • Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring: The Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring are made of silicone, non-odorous and nonporous. Since they are non porous they do not harbor bacteria and do not smell. This one is a little pricier.
  • Spartacus 3 Pack:  The Spartacus 3 Pack are rubber rings that give you different size options. The biggest ring is usually worn below the shaft. Depending on the size of the penis, the best fit can be chosen. The smaller cock rings also give you the option of having another just below the head. You can decide to wear two or even all three to find the right size for you! This definitely improves pleasure and is not too expensive.
  • Pro Sensual Adjustable Cock Ring: The Pro Sensual Adjustable Cock Ring happens to be one of the most popular styles. This is because the adjustable knob gives you the freedom and absolute control. You are able to loosen and tighten the cock ring at will. This makes it one of my top picks especially for those getting used to cock rings or trying it for the first time. It comes in a black and white variety.

These choices are all relatively inexpensive when you consider the enjoyment they may give you and increased sexual pleasure for your partner.   There are so many other models and styles that vary in design and price. Some cock rings come with a clitoral or anal stimulator that enables your partner achieve orgasm faster and last longer. The simulator helps to tickle the vulva or anus during sexual intercourse. Others make use of cock rings to achieve more pleasure during masturbation.

The more expensive ones are more common among experienced users of cock rings. Below is a list of Cock Rings for experienced users:

  • The Alloy Cock Ring: The Alloy Cock Ring is not elastic. The beautiful metal can adjust to the body temperature of the wearer and so the wearer absolutely forgets he is wearing one. The very smooth feeling allows it to be taken off and put on with so much ease.
  • Vibrator Cock Ring: Vibrating Cock Rings rank among one of the best cock rings to use as they help reduce the energy put into stimulating your partner while giving you more energy to enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience. The vibrating pleasure ring will help you feel maximum sensations while you maintain an erection for a longer period. This way both you and your partner can reach a state of ecstasy far exceeding that without the use of a cock ring. Many are rechargeable, others take batteries that can be swapped and yet others are designed for a one time use.
  • Waterproof Vibrating Cock Rings: Waterproof Vibrating Cock Ring gives couples the ability to use it in the shower, bath or pool. They are designed to ensure that absolutely no drop of water gets into the compartment which can cause a malfunction. These are usually made of plastic or silicone.

As one becomes more experienced with cock ring use there are advanced models that incorporate a sheath, a cage, restriction of the testicles, hangers and more.

Are Cock Rings for Every Male?

Everyone wishes to have a great sexual experience but unfortunately not all can wear a pleasure ring safely due to medical conditions. Individuals who are on blood thinning medication, have a history of diabetes or sickle cell disease are advised not to use these devices unless medical opinion is gathered. Those who have diabetes may have erectile dysfunction.

Many people who have erectile dysfunctions are advised by Doctors to use cock rings together with a penis pump to get and maintain an erection. Especially so for those people who wish to have sex to become pregnant or after prostate surgery.

Cock Ring Safety

Sometimes using a cock ring can become uncomfortable. When the wearer attempts to remove the cock ring it can become entangled in pubic hair. To avoid this, it is usually advised to shave off or trim the pubic hair before use. Use should also not be combined with the use of illicit drugs or other sexual enhancing pills as that can pose great danger.

Sleeping with cock rings on is a big no, no. As the human brain activity and nerves slow down. When asleep, the nerves around the groin are unable to maximally function. The cock ring further blocks adequate flow of blood into and out of the penis causing dystrophy. When this happens, it might require medical attention before the penis begins to function properly again.

Cock Ring Advantages

In addition to an improved sexual experience, another advantage of the cock ring is that it enlarges the penis without pain. Users have constantly worn the cock ring specifically for enlargement. Many have said it has increased their penises by about a quarter. It has also often been said that ladies prefer men with longer cocks so this definitely serves as a plus. It also assists men who ejaculate too fast to delay it.  The gains in width and girth of the penis are temporary.

How to Use a Cock Ring

Using a cock ring should not be a big deal at all. All it takes is to slide it in and position it in the right place on the penis and you’re good to go. For more comfortable use it is advisable to use a lubricant which makes wearing and removal of the ring much easier. A water based lubricant is recommended.

There you go! Now you have enough knowledge as a beginner to choose the best cock ring for your optimum sexual experience.








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