Christie Mack Abused by MMA Fighter (Trigger Warning)

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to Domestic violence, abuse and rape.

We have seen the rise of boutique style adult stores such as Adult Lifestyle Centres and Maxxx Black catering towards couples, women and schools of thoughts surrounding sex positivity. This dynamic shift away from the idea that stores are seedy/sleazy, male dominated and perverted has allowed the sex industry as a whole to slowly shift and adapt. There are many more women within the industry and female led companies and chains are dominating the industry. It is therefore not surprising to see how differently scandals in the sex industry are taken in the eyes of this shift.

In the past few years there have been two high profile cases that have shocked the Adult industry. The first incident involved Christie Mack and her then boyfriend, John Koppehaver AKA The War Machine. The incident saw Christie violently beaten in an apparent jealous rage resulting in 18 broken bones, shattered teeth, a ruptured kidney and a broken nose. She has required necessary plastic surgery, dental work, and treatment for psychological trauma. John Koppehaver is currently facing 32 counts including 2 counts of attempted murder. The public response to the attack was abysmal, claiming she deserved it for working in the adult industry and that she was lying about being attacked and attempted rape. Koppehavers defence team have outrageously argued that the alleged assault by Koppenhaver was consensual, because Mack is a porn performer who has previously enjoyed ‘rough sex‘. Public comments ranged from calling her a ‘dick sucking slut’ to ‘act like a whore, be treated like one’. These disgusting comments continued even after she posted photos of her physical injuries that she received from the beating. She is currently recovering.

The second incident saw Adult Actress Stoya come out with a twitter statement stating sexual abuse from ex boyfriend – James Deen. Multiple women including his ex girlfriend of seven years Joanna Angel and Lily LaBeau, Tori Lux, Ashley Fires have since come out against baby faced porn star James Deen also with claims of sexual assault, physical violence and failure to adhere to notions of consent in a both a private and professional setting. The fallout and repercussions were swift and fatal; James Deen and his affiliatory links were immediately cut from (a network of BDSM and Fetish Site), Evil Angel suspended their contract with James Deen pending ‘further information’, The Frisky website has cut his advice column and multiple companies immediately sought to distance themselves, remove links from their websites and condemn his actions. As the editor of The Frisky, Amelia Margritte has stated;


Christie Mack Rape
Photo: Christie Mack Violently Attacked

“I imagine there will be some who will say, ‘But what about James Deen’s side to this story? What about evidence?’” Magritte wrote, elaborating with “Like so many rape cases, this will very likely be a “he said/she said” situation. And as I tweeted last night, today and every day, I BELIEVE WOMEN.”

Deen has since ‘voluntarily’ stood down from his position as chairperson of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s board of directors. Again, both Deen and his supporters have accused the individuals coming forward of lying and misleading and profiteering from the accusations. Why do i bring this up? Because i want to talk about the idea of consent, as well as the pornography industry in general. Our Adult Lifestyle centres pride themselves on their sex positivity and their female friendly environments, and with the majority of our staff being female there are some of the statements that have come out in the wake of these two incidents which need to be firmly dealt with. Just because these women work in the Adult Film Industry does not make them ‘sluts’, ‘whores’ or ‘bitches’ that were ‘begging’ for it and to do so is offensive to any adult performer, the films that our stores sell and the people that work on these films. Adult films are strictly choreographed with discussions occurring before and after a scene where the performers will state what they will and won’t consent to, often in a checklist like form – when these forms are not adhered to, it’s serious. The consent to one form of sex does not give an individual the right to all forms of sex. John Stagliano, Evil Angels Porn Video founder and president has stated:

“While our company presents what is consensual and exploratory about aggressive and rough sex, these accusations are of a nature so contrary to our company values that we feel it necessary to suspend the sales until more information is available.”

I would like to thank Mr Stagliano for his comments in the wake of this event. Evil Angel DVD’s are incredibly popular with New Releases coming out regularly, and it’s good to see film companies take some responsibility, initiative and a moral duty – the fact that most pornography is consumed by men it is sending a clear message to its audiences about what is and what isn’t appropriate. Evil Angel films, despite their rough looking nature are all ‘choreographed’ through negotiation and approved by the performers.  Failure to adhere to that is sexual assault. Ignoring an individuals wishes not to  specifically engage in a particular form of play, ignoring their safe word, ignoring an individuals stated limits – is sexual assault. Irrespective of whether they are paid for it or not, discounting the fact that they have sex as a career, consent is still consent, and it is still sexual assault. I applaud these companies for taking a stand, and for also not doubting the stories of these women. From multiple interviews from these women, most have stated their fear in coming forward centered around not being believed and with some of the comments that have originated within the public domain it’s easy to see why this fear exists. Statistically, a high proportion of sex workers and individuals in the sex industry have experience some form of sexual assault.

This is why i applaud the companies that have taken a stand. For too long the sex industry has been in the shadows, for too long has it been thought of as ugly, degenerate, depraved, perverted. It is why i, and the company i work for Oh Zone, spend so much time trying to make our stores as friendly and educational as possible, whilst still remaining light and fun. Why we spend so much time training our staff in not only products, but also in matters relating to sex, the sex industry and social issues. Together we stand, and little by little we will educate those around us.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit


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