Chastity Devices Explained

Many people will ask what a chastity device is, how it works and how to choose the best one available out there in the marketplace that is right for them. A chastity belt is a harness,or belt or cage, even a ring or clamp that is fitted with a locking mechanism that is used to stop the wearer from having sexual intercourse or masturbating. It is said that such belts in Medieval times were used for protecting the wearer from temptation or rape whilst their husband or betrothed was away for extended periods visiting other lands or fighting wars. The steel belts enforced strict denial of all forms of sexual stimulation including the ability to masturbate and achieve an orgasm. More recent chastity devices, especially those designed for men have been provisioned with additional features from punishment, to stop masturbation and more and often the wearing of the device is controlled by a ‘keyholder’ whom determines when, where and how the device is to be worn. Others who are part of the NoFap community believe that by controlling the penis and its desires allows one to think with the logical head and allows them  to live a better and more empowered life.  Of course finally there is the distrusting spouse, whom may have been cheated on before, that requires the use of such a device so that they can better ‘trust’ their partner not to be unfaithful again.

Chastity refers to a sexual behavior of people (whether they are men or women), acceptable to the moral standards as well as guidelines of a religion, civilization or culture. In Western Culture, it’s also referred to as Sexual Abstinence especially before marriage. Chastity restraints are devices that are used to control sexual behavior for men as well as women. These devices are also used to safeguard their virginity as well as people also use these devices for sexual pleasure with the involvement of their intimate partner or without involvement of a partner. There are varieties of such products available in terms of design & shape for men well as women and they can use them as per their special needs and requirements.

Chastity BDSM Control

There are many companies that manufacture chastity devices, each having their own specific design or trademark. Similar attributes are shared by most devices however small changes in build quality and style can create a huge differences in the manner of how the human body responds to them. Diversified materials are used to create these products and they include stainless steel, polycarbonate, silicone, glass, chromium, rubber and even titanium. So it is important for you to analyze various factors such as intention, cost, comfort, safety, convenience and aesthetics before you go out and buy a chastity device.  It is also very important for you to know how to size your chastity device.

Some chastity devices and belts are quite difficult to get off and on while others are relatively easy going. The thing to be considered here is that if you want to wear a device for extended periods it has to be comfortable to wear, easy to clean whilst worn and allow the user to take care of their bodily functions whilst it is being worn.. Although convenience and comfort are essential factors for long term wear, safety has its own area of importance that cannot be overlooked. Some of the devices might be dangerous because of poor quality in build or materials while others may be inherently dangerous because the fit is too tight or material toxic. Although you might experience a little chafing and soreness initially with any device – if it is the right size and a quality device that should be the extent caused by it being worn.  If you are planning for long term use, you ought to make sure that you are not potentially taking the risk of getting abrasions and cuts and check the device thoroughly for any scratches, indents or other potential areas that may cause injury..

People are learning to open up about their sexuality. These are some encouraging signs that a broader acceptance of sexual health and wellbeing and the FetLife community becoming so large it has instilled in people notions have led to such devices becoming more acceptable and common place in their usage. Every advantage comes with a series of disadvantages and so is the case with chastity belts. No chastity device as of now is completely safe or secure. Most of them can be removed with simple tools that are available in most home garages, however removal without using the key or proper tools has its own inherent dangers of physical injury. But with enough determination and effort, most men or women can cheat and get themselves to orgasm even when they are wearing chastity devices.

Wearing a chastity device can feel really odd to start off with. When you first begin using it your feelings may be imbalanced as it is not usual to not have control of your own private parts. It will be quite a shock to not be able to touch or pleasure yourself down there. Many devices are designed to allow a flacid penis in them but when a man becomes aroused whilst wearing one it will cause extreme discomfort and even pain.  This is exactly what the people in the NoFap Community want – they want to train themselves to be able to control their erection. A lot of people who are accustomed to this lifestyle (cuckolds), love the amount of control and power another human being has over their sexual needs (the keyholder).  It is good to get familiar with these terms and this can easily be done by reading a chastity guide.

A male in chastity will often experience a sense of relief relinquishing control to the person who holds the key to the device. If you are wearing a chastity device for the first time it can feel a bit uncomfortable depending on the material that it is made from though you will get used of that feelings. With a combination of not being able to fulfill your own needs and the uncomfortable nature of the device you might have trouble falling asleep the first night. Ensure you and your partner, take the time to study and pick out a chastity cage that fulfills both of your needs. For example, some devices allow you more movement so you can easily clean yourself without having to take the device off. With the right device your will feel unbelievably sexual!

You can buy from trusted adult and bondage stores online products that include chastity restraints, male masturbators, CBT gear along with many other types. Male Chastity online resources would be helpful for you to make a more informed choice in selecting the right type for you.  These things will be helpful for you in choosing one of the best places to get your device according to your sexual needs and requirements.




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