Sexy Pregnant Ideas!

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If you are thinking about having sex whilst you are pregnant, you simply have two options; you either enjoy it and will do it or don’t and won’t. Change of hormonal levels in a woman’s body means that some women end up being put off completely with even the idea of sex while others can not ever get enough. When I was pregnant two years ago, I was very scared of having sexual intercourse with my hubby and I used to get sex toys online and give myself a treat. But down the line, I realized that were some ways that I could still enjoy sex during my pregnancy with my partner. During pregnancy, the sensitivity of women to have multiple orgasms tends to increase and areas become more sensitive especially around the vagina and nipple.

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Putting your partner week after week can be frustrating for both of you and lets face it, it is not the time for some oiled up naked Twister.  Because of the estrogen and progesterone levels rising they cause changes in your body that will either heighten or lower your passions. Estrogen specifically, which serves such pregnancy-related as increasing blood flow to the uterus (and to your whole pelvis), additionally increases your bodies vaginal wetness and makes your blossoms and nipples swell.

Carrying a baby can make one feel tired and drawn but this still is not an excuse as you can always have some lazy sex.  This will help you elevate from the rut you are in.  Months 4-6 I especially found difficult and found the new found awkwardness and ever expanding tummy difficult to deal with however I made an effort to keep my sex drive up, often with the use of external personal massagers when penetration did not feel quite right.

In most cases it is safe to have sex whilst pregnant.  No you cannot hurt the baby and I think the closeness of my partner helped when making love.  And it is also regular after having sex to have spotting.  Your uterus and vagina are streaming with blood and the vessels in the cervix are swollen so it is natural and generally nothing to stress over.  However how many couples have you heard have not had sex during the entire pregnancy because of spotting.?  I know a few.

If you have any doubts see your gynecologist or obstetrician. They will confirm that the amniotic fluids surrounding your precious cargo are there to protect it, and unless your man is bigger than John Holmes he is not even going to get near it.   But mix it up!  Sure you cannot do position 18-101 in the 101 Sexual Positions book but how about rewarding your devoted hubby with a blow-job.

During pregnancy things will turn you on that ordinarily do no.  You will have cravings for food you would not have even thought of eating before.  One strange thing I experienced that really turned me on was getting my husband to blow air up my vagina.  Discovering it when he was going down on me it became part of our foreplay during pregnancy that I show not interest in after child-birth.  We spoke to our Doctor about it and this is a rather common thing (not commonly spoken about).  Apparently this cools down and soothes the veins and arteries that are bulging and working overtime keeping your baby fed.  On a side note, on a few occasions I actually climaxed whilst he was doing it and it was different to any orgasms I had or have ever experienced.

My favorite sexual positions during pregnancy was –

Arm Chair Sex Position
Sex Position Chair

The Arm Chair – One of the more creative positions, the Armchair is hours of fun once you can get the rhythm down. To get into this position, the giver sits up with his legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs on the giver’s shoulders and arms being used for support. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of strength on behalf of the receiver to perform this position, so you may need to train before you can enjoy all of its glory.

Spooning – where the woman lies on side to her man and guides the penis gently to find its way into the vagina and then takes control. The penetration continues until the woman comes. This is a pleasant and comfortable position for both of you to enjoy. By combing this great sex positions with a female vibrator you will be gland to know that pregnancy doesn’t have to come between you and your sex life.

The Saddle: If you want to try something new with your sex positions, sideways sex is a great place to start! He lies down with his knees bent and legs apart, and you sort of slot in the middle at right angles to his body. With one hand on his chest, and the other on his lower leg, rock back and forth until he’s hitting the right spot. It’s all about you and you can wiggle around until it feels just right.

The one position I could not handle at all whilst pregnant was doggie style.  It felt awkward and my belly was uncomfortable.  I guess the main thing I want to get across is not to go without, because nine months is a long time for both you and your lover.



It Vibrates During Movement & Gives Me Sexual Wellness

Using Your Kegel Balls For Exercise

Using Kegel Balls that have an internal ball that vibrates during movement can make people sexually happy. And this type of toy doesn’t distinguish between the sexes, because they are completely unisex, so that we can all enjoy their powers.  If you have not heard of these devices before they are a great way to exercise a females pelvic wall and floor (especially after childbirth).  This exercise will tighten the vagina, allow achieving orgasms easily and with more force and also help prevent incontinence.   They will give greater vaginal muscle control with the advantage of feeling pleasure and stimulations whilst exercising.This particular model consists of spheres that emit some intense vibrations when there is movement that will make you will moan with joy.  When inserted no-one will know as they are quiet, are discreet so may be used in a public place.  When used they cause the muscles in the vagina to expand and contract and so will cause women to orgasm when they are inserted. They can also be used anally by both men and women.


These ben wa balls are made of medical grade silicone, which is the best material that exists for both comfort and effectiveness.  Currently there are hundreds of athletes who use the technique of Stimulation balls to exercise their pelvic regions, gymnasts, dancers, contemporary, etc.  So you do not have to have any angst that this is purely a sex toy, it is used for sexual wellness and health.This pelvic wall strengthening technique is so easy to do, just place the sex balls into your vagina and then tighten and relax the pelvic muscles.  When you move the internal ball will cause vibrations that will cause this contraction to happen automatically. You’ll be the queen of the boudoir and your partner will love you all the more for it. Flexible and easy to use. Dare to enjoy them in the privacy of your home or wear them out for a bit of public sex.  The people around you will wonder what the big smile on you face is.

They are also easy to clean and simply washing them in luke warm water with some diluted detergent will sufficiently clean them or perhaps you may wish to use a Anti bacterial sex toy cleaner.  Using theme for 5 minutes every day will greatly improve your vaginal muscles and enjoyment of sex.

What Is Your Kegel Muscle

Your Kegel muscle is the muscle found along your pelvic floor, additionally known by its official name, the pubococcygeneus (PC) muscle. Have you ever needed to pee really urgently, yet there is no lavatory or reasonable shrub to be found? The PC muscle is what you’re holding so as to stop pee. Wagered you never thought you’d learn experimental phrasing for “holding it in”! That crushing down movement is additionally the premise of all Kegel works out, which depend on repeated compression’s and releases with a specific end goal to strengthen them. Strengthening the Kegel muscle can treat urinary incontinence, anticipate vaginal prolapse, speed up vaginal recuperation post-pregnancy, clitoral rejuvenation and treat irritations in the prostate organ.

In any case, even without previous therapeutic conditions, there is nothing on the downside to using them and everything to gain. Take a stab at tensing your pelvic muscles and holding that for three seconds, and after that relaxing for three seconds. Do this activity 10 to 15 times for each session, more than three to four sessions a day will give the ultimate results and you can multitask by doing your activities while in class, on the metro, at your work area, or anyplace else, with complete tact.



Oh Boy, Odeco Has Smart Balls!

Odeco Kegel Balls

The Ultimate Deal In Kegel Balls!

Kegel balls are a great sex toy for both experienced and beginners erotic play. They are specifically designed to assist women to exercise their pelvic wall and floor strengthening the muscles and improving the sexual health of the person.  However they can also be used in anal play.  The Odeco Smart balls are incredible to feel with their softness and flexibility allowing for penetration anally and vaginally, and you can also use them as a couple. Their anatomical design enables you to reach your sexual and pelvic goals in stages, as each sphere comes into your body will moan with pleasure.

How about enjoying its waterproof capabilities? They are very discreet, soft and very easy to use. Some women will even wear them when going out in public.  This manufacturer uses the best silicone for their high-end products, which adapt quickly to body temperature making the sensation of pleasure multiply by 10. The best part is, these Odeco Oh Boy Smart Balls serve for two essential functions: to bring pleasure and as a way of sex therapy. Choosing these not only a matter of pleasure but of sexual wellness to but imagine experiencing the joy when everyday movements such as walking will make gentle vibrations occur driving you crazy at every turn.

As for the benefits to your health, these balls are a perfect exercise to exercise the pelvic floor, especially after pregnancy or because of age. With the vaginal strengthening it will allow your orgasms to be more controlled and enjoyable. We also recommend them as a perfect sex toy for foreplay. Make sure you use a little lubricant as it will make it much more pleasant. Couple them up with a vibrating sex toy, they work especially well with a clit-centric device and will drive you absolutely wild!


sunset holidaying couple
Photo: Sunset Couple


Help Evey Woman Find All Corners of Pleasure

All in all, Waterproof Smart balls are designed to help every woman reach all corners of pleasure. Plus, it will fully help to strengthen the muscles of your pelvis.  Kegel activities are basic hold and-discharge practices that you can do to make the muscles of your pelvic floor more grounded. Your pelvis is the range between your hips that holds your conception organs. The pelvic floor is truly a progression of muscles and tissues that structures a sling, or loft, at the base of your pelvis. This sling holds your organs set up. This toy will make you feel like you deserve.

Getting the best Kegel balls can convey a great deal of erotic sensations to the room and working out a kegel exercise regime will have massive health benefits. The immense scope of medical advantages aside, an awesome sexual coexistence begins with a solid and strong pelvic floor. The compression’s that cause such a great amount of delight amid climax are really the contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. So a strengthened pelvic floor implies that achieving climax is faster, simpler and climaxes will be much more intense. Five minutes of kegel exercises per day will have a profound effect on your sexual performance and will bring about fantasy and pleasure without exception.

Use them in your foreplay to sex as well.  Allow your lover to slide them in and out giving him the joy of seeing your passion grow.  Perhaps he may be lucky enough to see you climax with them too!



The 4 Best Clitoral Arousal Gels

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Arousal Gels That Create Fireworks

Everyone has seen those adverts that guarantee to improve sex, capture that man, blah blah blah.  You know the ones were a couple is lying in their bed basking in the afterglow of the best sex they have ever had as a result of product X!  The self satisfied looks after experiencing fireworks in the bedroom that caused the most gargantuan orgasm of all time.  And nine out of ten times the product is lame – which is why topical s in the United States have to have the FDA stamp to firstly ensure that they are of safe and active ingredients but that they also do somewhat as they claim.

For female sexual improvement, arousal gels may do the trick for some ladies. They can help ladies psychologically get in the state of mind and physically feel the vibes of delight since they invigorate erogenous zones and as per their claims will increase the sensations and excitement during sexual intercourse.  These arousal stimulants are topical gels, rubbed on the top, around the sides and underneath the hood of the clitoris. The gel then empowers the clitoris and makes a tender warming (or cooling tingling) sensation expanding female delight amid sensual activity.  Many of these gels actually enlarge and engorge the female clitoris, meaning more mass, more area to stimulate.  Did you know that the average clitoris has over 9,000 nerve endings?

Female arousal gels are not to be used as lubricants or oils. They are also better for ladies who don’t have any genuine therapeutic issues however who simply need or need a little help getting warmed up for sexual action. These excite or foreplay stimulants are intended as a power up for the lady’s peak.  The stimulant certainly transcends the barriers of sensuality and allows anyone to discover new sensations. Get to use these one-of-a-kind experiences with the clitoral stimulants, especially prepared for you. It is one of the best ways to stimulate your erogenous zones. If you are buying it for your lover, get each sensitive spot going.  Rub some on the nipples as well as the clitoris A real source of feelings inside you will explode like a time bomb. We are talking about this invigorating stimulating lubricant; this product is among the most recent options in the market.

Increase Your Sexual Desires and Pleasure

Besides increasing sexual desire and pleasure in your relationships, it also offers a revitalizing effect on the human body, improving blood circulation in your most intimate areas! Prepare your partner about what is about to come.  It is a viable option to surprise your partner, adding excitement to your relationship.  There are already tens of thousands of women around the world who have dared to use these stimulants, and evidently, they have been delighted. This is a different way to offer the maximum a night of passion, intensifying your sense of pleasure within your relationships.

Before I use any arousal product, I shake it well just as recommend by the manufacturer, and then I apply one or two drops to my clitoris. The application takes only a few minutes because the oil is easily absorbed. Once the sensations begin, they can take about an hour before they diminish. After that, I chose to reapply depending on the situation I am in. Although I have not encountered any, the manufacturer claims that it may cause irritation to some women so if irritation is felt stop using it immediately. Keep it away from direct sunlight and follow the following precautions. According to the manufacturers, it should be stored in a secure place that is below 30 degree Celsius away from children. Also, it is discouraged to use it with latex condoms and in pregnant or other health conditions unless your doctor gives a green light.

On Arousal Gel Stimulation
Sexual Health Product: On Arousal Gel


Here Are The Top 4 Clitoral Stimulants

  • Je T’aime Clitoral Arousal: Je T’aime Clitoral Arousal gel water-based clitoral excitement wild version is so madly intense so a highly useful insight is to pick the mild one to start with, the instructions say use “a small drop.” And, they ain’t playing games. I’ve used WET WoW Gentle O before which isn’t intended for using as a conventional lube, however as a circulatory and clitoral erection fluid. This means toning it down would be the best style of direct application, not an erratic slathering. While I used these different items sparingly, I was especially mindful of this as the clear gel in light of the fact that it falls into the ‘wild’ class of female excitement potions made by this brand. Talking about Je T’aime brand lubes are made by MD Science Labs, the same producers as Swiss Navy brand lubes, and they manufacture it in the United States.Since this gel is both condom-safe and is perfect with both silicone and water-based gels, I gave it a conditional yet idealistic spin with some Superslyde lube. Inside of seconds, I was feebly reviling the  Lube Gods. At that point came the hell-fire in my nether regions where I just wanted to ice it, and these sensations just seemed to last and last. I had utilized the “Wild” form of this stimulant and insanely wild it was.The blend of niacin and two sorts of mint gave me an exceptionally hot sensation on my labia. Searingly hot one second and sharply chilly another– this gel gave me extremes like the deserts of the Mohave. It felt as if I’d placed my vulva over a bed of hot coals and after that got a Listerine-heaving fire-hose turned on me, maxing out both intensities. A re-branding battle from Gel Ecstasy to Je T’aime Hell Fire Gel may be coming.It’s not all awful however, like the 5-star rated Je T’aime All Natural Lube, this excitement gel doesn’t contain any parabens, sugars or glycerin. If you like to be all cocky about the presence of your clitoral gel, you’ll adore the rich container configuration. It’s Features include: a protected air-less pump container, a gold-trimmed firmly fitting top, and a hazy and white cream color rather than a flashy container with all the cheap sexual connotations other brands apply and a brilliant and sparkling fleur de lis logo which includes another touch of class. I did try the mild version of this stimulant after my hot coals experience and found the sensation to be on par with other arousal gels BUT be warned unless you like your sex smoking hot use the wild cautiously.


  • wOw Clitoral Stimulant: To have more imagination and fantasies this is the right option! You will become more powerful since this lubricant smells quite delicious. Explore all your possibilities and boost your sexual encounters with wOw. It is better than a box of surprises, since it is promising and effective. This scientifically formulated clitoral stimulant is fantastic. This is the perfect option to awaken the hidden meanings of that special person you want to surprise. No need to look any further, because this proposal is everything to live the best moment’s with an erotic partner. With an elegant and discreet presentation this stimulation item is the ultimate exciting “stuff”. It is a thick gel that contains quality vasodilators. It brings blood to the skin surface. Thanks to its peppermint touch it provides a warming effect. It is available in 2 styles! Dare to buy wOw today. This formula doesn’t bring side effects, especially since it is developed carefully and dermatological tested. It is majestic in terms of effectiveness. Start exploring the intimate stimulation arena. This is for regular use! You will scream WOW! This lubricant is perfect for improving your sex or using sex toys – we recommend you use it as a couple. Make your lover lie down,and use this gelto give a gentle massage.With its scent, it will awaken both partners’ senses. If you want to get that person back, dare to use it, too. You will have your lover wanting more and more! As stated, it is dermatologically tested and it is fully compatible with latex condoms. Contains nooils orfat, is colorless and durable.


  • On Arousal Gel: On Arounsal Gel creates a few sensations; a quick warming impact, and afterward an electrical vibration shivering impact that pulses. These all result in arousal and a dampening effect. The joined impact of this product causes orgasms that are faster, longer-enduring, and more incessant. I like to consider it a definitive level of orgasm. ON utilizes an exclusive mix of crucial oils and botanical’s to make a safe, normal arousal impact. ON contains no harsh additives, parabens, scents, or artificial enhancers. It feels like a warm vibrator with a practically electrical sensation. The most straightforward way for me to depict it would be to envision putting a powerless battery on a wet finger. There are many   female arousal products that function on menthol or vaso-dilators. ON utilizes botanical fixings that have been knows to work for a hundreds of years.
    This is uplifting news for all women who want to experience the very best orgasm. Furthermore, what’s useful for women for this situation is really useful for men too. ON Arousal is ideal for women who incline toward a more intense sexual stimulation. ON Arousal Original was the first of its kind, and became popular for its remarkable sensation. However a few women were looking for something a little more extraordinary so in response and that led to the production of ON Arousal ULTRA. This product provides all the sensations mentioned above; from that prompt warming feeling to the quaking beating vibration intended to help arousal. All in all, it prompts a more agreeable orgasmic experience.
  • Wildfire Fire it Up: This clitoral warming stimulation oil manufactured by Wildfire International. Before I tell you more about the product, it is prudent I introduce myself. Its ingredients include: Ginger essential oil, Clove essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Silica, Kava oil infused, Ginkgo Biloba essential oil, Vitamin E, Cinnamon essential oil, Velvet bean oil infused, Macadamia oil and Avocado oil. So it is an all-natural stimulation oil that should never be bad for your body. It is a unique formulation of top quality, 100% naturally derived ingredients that actively enhance natural lubrication, improve organ intensity and stimulate blood flow to the vagina. The ingredients have cumulative properties that vitalize and moisturize the vaginal walls with a sensual sensation. I apply it before having sexual intimacy. I also make sure I give the oil at least 3 minutes for tingles and warms to begin before trying anything with my husband.

So why not spice up your next sex night with these magic sex gels.


G-Spot Vs Clit. Who Is The Winner?

Woman Erogenous Zones

Clitoral Stimulation or G-Spot massaging, which is the more stimulating for a woman?  Both enable a woman to achieve orgasm but both with entirely different feelings. There are two main ways that a lady will climax through erotic stimulations; here I will explain in more detail each one, how to stimulate them and what is generally considered the most pleasing. Each area has its own unique feelings and sensations and require individual attentions to reach orgasm. They both have the ability to achieve that golden grail it is certainly worthwhile to reference this information as a quick and easy guide to satisfying a woman.  No medical degree required –

The Clitoris
The clitoris is the most regularly used erogenous zone in the female body that will help a woman achieve physical pleasures.  In fact it is the only organ in the female body that is devoted solely for that purpose.  It is packed with nerve endings – more than 9000 in that little zone – that are sensitive to touch, temperature and even breath.  Realistically the clitoris is the female version of a man’s penis and can give the same pleasures when manipulated correctly, even more pleasure and excitement as many women experience multiple orgasms.

It is situated on the outside of and just above the female’s vaginal opening and protrudes outwards from there.  When a woman becomes physically aroused the clitoris will actually swell and get larger and when this happens the actual area mass of the clitoris allows for even more sensations. Manipulation and stimulation of the clitoris can take shape in many forms both naturally and artificially.  It must be remembered just like the male penis the female clitoris comes in all shapes and sizes.  Generally, the most sensitive part if what is termed as the hood.

Many ways can be used to bring a woman to orgasm by stimulating the clitoris

  • Having normal sex the male penis will stimulate the clitoris especially when in the missionary position
  • Manual stimulation by using a finger, it is important to start slowly and softly
  • Cunnilingus that will also give added sensation of warmth and wetness from saliva as well as stimulation from breath
  • Sex toys like ticklers or clit stimulators
  • Many women also like ‘riding’ objects that can be stationary or moving.  Some equestrian ladies have admitted to achieving orgasm whilst riding a horse.

Other aids to achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation include topical creams, lubricants, shower heads and more..  So as you can see the clitoris is a wonderful piece of anatomy of the female body that when in the right hands can create the mood for explosive and enjoyable sex.


Photo: Petals on Body

The G-Spot

The G-Spot also known as the Grafenberg Spot are a bundle of nerve endings about the size of an Australia 20 cent coin or just larger than an American dime.  You will find it just inside the front wall of the vagina halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix.  The G-Spot when stimulated feels almost rough as the nerve endings expand and blood flows through it more rapidly.

Because of it’s positioning manipulation of it to cause stimulation can only be done by one person (or sex toys) at a time.  Here are the basic methods to stimulate the G-Spot –

  • During intercourse use a position that will make your penis rub against her G-Spot.  Doggie style is probably the most popular position that will cause this but there are many positions that can do this.   It can be fun exploring these positions and finding the one that excites the most in books like the Kama Sutra or 101 Sexual Positions.
  • Finger play prior to or during sex by stroking the G-Spot is a sure fired way to get your partner to orgasm and enjoy sex more.   Generally when doing finger play it is better to keep your finger in a hooked position and moved your hand up and down rather than using the finger in a tickling motion that my cause her discomfort
  • Many top ten adult shops sell sex toys 24/7 online specifically for the purpose of exciting the G-Spot.  G-Spot ticklers and vibrators are an established part of the adult toy catalogues.

Trial and error will make you an expert at finding the G-Spot but once you do your partner will thank you and sex will never be the same.  A little experimentation is fun and the more experience, the more adventurous and rewarding sex will become to both your partner and you.

Now that you have some basic directions, it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the ride. Just like with every trip, there are going to be bumps in the road that you’ll have to take into consideration, some possible detours, and of course, a little customization for your specific travel partner. Hopefully, with the basic route in order, you’ll be ready to wow your lady with your intricate knowledge of these two must-visit destinations.  Sometimes it is beneficial to incorporate external influences that will relax and put your partner in the mood.  Chill music, special lubricants, aromas and more can make orgasm come easier and the whole atmosphere change and become erotic.

Now that we understand the basics of clitoral and G-Spot stimulation we enter the great debate of which gives greater pleasure.  It is generally accepted that orgasm can be reached quicker by clitoral stimulation as opposed to G-Spot excitement HOWEVER it is also known that more women will have an orgasm through G-Spot Play as opposed to clit play.  Not all women can achieve orgasm but even if they don’t reach a climax it does not mean they are not enjoying sex.  9 out of 10 women state that they will orgasm through G-Spot excitement only however only 6 out of 10 women surveyed say they can achieve orgasm just by clitoral play.

Women that achieve G-Spot orgasms report that the orgasm is much deeper and descriptively say it is a ‘full body orgasm’.  Although it takes longer to achieve it gives more satisfaction and is longer lasting.  A more fulfilling and complete sexual release.

Women that can achieve clitoral orgasms report that climax will be achieved quickly and the release also be quicker making it shorter in duration, however most women that achieve clitoral orgasm will also be able to have multiple orgasms through clit-play.  In effect both have their strengths and unique qualities but to give your partner ultimate orgasms why not experiment and play with both.  Your partner and you will be rewarded with more enjoyable and fulfilling sex life.  The more adventurous you become incorporating sex toys and other products will allow each of you to explore and conquer your deepest desires.