How Safe are Penis Pumps?

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Man has for years been finding ways to elongate their penis, increase the girth of the penis or help solve erectile dysfunction problems to improve their sexual lifestyle. There have been numerous innovations, ranging from pills to enlargement exercises. Penis pumps are considered the very first real penis enlargement devices. It’s invention was driven by the realization that hanging weights on the penis has no impact at all on its length. The question that everyone asks thought is do penis pumps really work and what are the benefits?

Penile Growth
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Benefits of using penis pumps

The use of penis pumps has multiple benefits including:

  • Penis pumps are less invasive and pose less of a risk as opposed to invasive surgery of pharmaceuticals
  • The general expense of a penis pump is lower in the log run. After the initial but there is no further expences
  • Penis pumps are noninvasive as they don’t require surgery and the addition of penile implants
  • Penis pumps can be used in blended treatments easily
  • Enables the user to obtain an erection after prostate surgery, radiation treatment or penile dysfunction
  • A penis pump will straighten out as well as enlarge so is a great treatment for  Peyronie’s disease (twisted erections)

Though many people have blindly purchased most of the advertised vacuum enlargement system, there are some that may end up being hazardous, especially if not used accurately. In desperation for a bigger penis, some men are willing to sacrifice their common sense for the flashiest device on any web store or adult shop. Most of these devices promise heaven with the ability to fix the problem within the first few days of use. It is a lie and one thing that you must never forget is that penis pumps are not quick fixes to your size problems. The easiest way to have a bigger and longer penis is by birth, and if you are not that lucky, you have to work for it. Consistency is key, but you must never overdo it.

A vacuum enlargement system operates by removing air around the penis and ensuring that no air enters in cylinder. The resultant pressure from the vacuum system forces the tissues around the penis to stretch, filling them with excess blood and results in an erection. This results in growth in length in girth, some that might be permanent. Note that there is a possibility that you will realize some penis growth eventually but you must also understand that there are some risks involved. One of the most common dangers is the risk of rupturing the blood vessels as a result of too much vacuum pressure from the pumps. This can be long term damages that may haunt you for a very long term.

To ensure that you safeguard yourself from such dangers, you are encouraged to go for LA penis pumps that come with a pressure gauge and a valve. You can monitor the pressure levels so that it doesn’t exceed the recommended levels with the gauge and remove any excess pressure using the valve. You must also ensure that you stay alert on the discomfort levels lest they turn into a rare painful feeling. It is also recommended that you read through the product specifications and master the user manual to avoid exposing your body to any dangers. Even though some people argue that the growth realizes after using penis pumps is only temporary and fools the mind to believe that it is permanent, scientists have proven that these devices can indeed lead to permanent penis growth. It must however be the right device and used as instructed. Don’t share the device with any other person or risk infections.

As long as you follow the provided instructions and use the penis pump correctly giving yourself some break in between if your very new to the system. You will be able to find out what works best for you and have an improved sex life.


Penis Enlargement Systems That Are Available To You!

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So you have decided the time has come to try some penis enlargement methods that are available but do not know where to start.  Constantly having a small penis complex at work and play have seen you pee in the corner of the urinal away from unsuspecting eyes or dashing off to the shower when your partner is not looking and always coming out with with you trackies or pajamas on.  The time to take action is now, you are over the inferiority complex that your under-endowed state has caused.

First off, most men feel their penis is too small and would like a larger one but that may not necessarily be the case.  The average size of an erect penis on a Caucasian man is under 6 inches – what you see in those porn movies is not reality.  But having resolved to go on this discovery journey you must first choose which device or method will be right for your lifestyle.  Can you wear a traction device for 23 hours a day for 3-6 months?  Do you want a quick fix that will enlarge your penis temporarily with vacuum devices?  Are you prepared to endure invasive surgery to have an implant fitted?

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There are many different penis enlargement devices, systems and methods including surgery, implants, rods, medication, natural herbal remedies, meditative, tantric, weights/stretching, extending, pressure, constriction and more.  Some are hyped up, but some really work.  After looking at many ways and if you are looking for a safe and natural way to enlarge your penis that is safe and guaranteed to work there you cannot go past the two methods I will describe below. Of the two methods we will look at one is permanent and one will only work if you keep using it.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Extension

A true penis extender uses the proven method of traction.  Traction and/or stretching has been used for many centuries and some of the most common images and easiest ways to set an example would be that of the Mursi women that traditionally place plates in their mouth to elongate their bottom lip.  OR the dayak women from Tibet and Borneo that use rings to elongate their necks, lips and other parts. some so much that they are called ‘giraffe women’.

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This exact theory has been put into practice by using a penis traction device.  These devices have been know to extend the penis by up to four inches in a matter of months.  The devices are usually cylindrical in shape and one end is placed on the base of the penis and the other end tightened to snugly fit around the head of the penis.  On the sides are screws that will allow traction to be applied to the penis which will basically stretch it.

The design of these traction devices has come along leaps and bounds over the past decade and they are quite comfortable to wear.  This is important as they must be worn at all times (excluding for hygiene or sex) during the extending process.  Most people that have used these devices are quite happy with the results by the three month period and these results are permanent. One thing to remember though is that the extender will extend the length of the penis but not the diameter.

The best penis extension devices can barely be noticed, and therefore, you shouldn’t worry about someone noticing something bulging in your pants. Furthermore, it will keep you alert and in case anything happens, you can fix it fast as opposed to when you have it on when sleeping because you risk hurting yourself when turning in sleep. This might be severe in some cases and you have to be careful enough.

It goes without mentioning that your penis enlargement device should be used based on the manufacturer’s manual. Each extender comes with an entirely different and very detailed guide on how it should be used. Don’t get creative and follow your own rules or risk failing to realize your major objective and even attain severe long term damage to your penis and unbearable pain. You must also ensure that you get the right extender. Just because all of them apply traction doesn’t mean that any can fit on any other penis on earth. Preferable, find out if the device has undergone any clinical trials and given a clean bill of health.

If you are after the best penis play and future sexual satisfaction, you will obviously be committed to wearing the extender for a specific period of time in a day. This will however depend on your specific situations but most manufacturers spell out how long they should be worn, stick to it. You can also take breaks from the extender so that the body can initiate a healing process to open up blood vessels for blood circulation so that the penis shaft can generate new tissues. This where consistency sets in; the more you wear it, the more you are likely to experience the best results.

For health reasons, don’t forget to keep your device clean and sterilized before use. The male organ is very sensitive and therefore prone to all forms of infections. Sharing of adult toys is discouraged, and therefore, don’t be tempted to share with a friend no matter how close you are. There might be might be many penis enlargement solutions in the world, but most of them are only but overhyped but don’t fall prey. Starting off might appear a bit uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged, get going and you will attain that pain size you have always dreamt of.

Penis Pump

A Penis pump is vacuum enlarging device are most commonly used after prostate surgery, cancer treatment or to help with a variety of different illnesses, erectile dysfunction etc..  It works by the application of an air tight Perspex or plastic cylinder applying it to and creating as seal at the base of the penis and then removing all air-pressure from it.  This is generally done by a pump that is attached by an air pressure valve.  Vacuum enlarging systems really work and increase the length and diameter of the penis but the effects are not permanent.

It is always important to use a quality device as cheaper version will not last long, hold enough pressure and basically will be a waste of time.  The more often and longer you use the pump the bigger you can pump up your penis.  Penis pumps are also good for those that suffer from erectile dysfunction as the user can pump their penis to erection and then put a cock ring on or similar restrictive device to maintain it.

So here are two non-invasive methods to enlarge your penis and get back that self-confidence you so deservedly need.

Joyful Passion Using Sex Toys For Men

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Most people feel uncomfortable when buying sex toys in stores. This issue has caused major problems for people in more traditional countries and specially Middle East, since religion is a part of everybody’s life. having this in mind, one might think that in order to get the best sex store online, they ought to provide people in mentioned places with convenient ways of delivery and payment as well as maintaining the privacy. Countries constitution of which is based on religion namely Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and etc. require the most attention from online stores.

Mens Sex Toys For Joyful Passion

This is to say; give drinkable water to the fish that are thirsty in the sea. Fortunately, nowadays it is has become quite easy for couples, homosexuals and anyone who longs for a very joyful and passionate sex or extra-ordinary ejaculation, excitement and variety in their sex time to find sex toys in Australia through the internet. One can pick their one favorite color, type, size and any particular factor that could help them enjoy sex with sex toys. There are lots of married couples who are still confused how to satisfy each other’s sex drive and here is the time sex toys come in. Most of men don’t know how to satisfy their wife, and some even are not capable of. With adult toys men can let their wife enjoy the best sex love.

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If a husband is away from home for a long time, sex toys are the best alternative for both parts to get rid of the discharge and lead a healthy life. Using sex toys could be the best way to ejaculate during the absence of one’s love since men tend to do so more often as the absence can have mental implications. According to a research, it has been inferred that vibes increase erectile, sexual desire and orgasmic function, as well as intercourse satisfaction, says Debby Herb nick Ph.D., leader of the mentioned research. Men and women suffering from decreased sexual desire have seen a tremendous improvement over their sex life.

Men suffering from reduced penile sensation or erection problems have benefited from the use of sex toys, as well as women using vibrators to increase blood flow to particular areas. Aside from the pleasure they bring to themselves by such actions, their general body health improves feel good hormones being released during their orgasm. By using sextoys Australia, women are able to become more aware of their sexual pleasure which can lead them in a stronger and more efficient engagement with their intercourse partner and also a brighter life. So if you are ready to fall yourself into a good rhythm, it is no surprise that sex toys are the hottest trend in the adult stores. Want to start a new and better sex life, if you are willing to improve your sexual relation with your partner and if you are willing to benefit from all the advantages of sex toys, start your healthy and satisfactory life from today with online adult toys.

Sex toys now days have become very common and with the aid of these toys a person is now able to create one of the beautiful moments that were not possible in the olden days. Masturbation is one of the main things that come to mind when we talk about sex toys. Recently, people have adored the various male masturbators that are available in the market. To relieve the history, one must first see about the olden techniques that were used when there were no masturbators in the world.

Masturbation Is Fun!

In the olden days, one will not find any large number of techniques to implement in the process of masturbation. Generally, men were very much happy with the basic techniques that they learned from their friends or from the porn movies. The first technique that was used and was one of the popular one, even now this technique are adopted by teenagers who do not have the money to buy the adult toys, is the fisting method. This fisting method involves the holding of the penis around your fist like you are holding a shaft. And after holding it firmly one needs to move the fist up and down so that the skin is rubbed along the penis which will give you a sensation of utmost pleasure. In order to make the process more pleasurable, one can have the privilege of using a fine lubricant like oil or any cream which can help in reducing the heat that will be produced during the friction. There are a lot of men who prefer to do it in the hard way i.e. without using any lubricant in order to have some pre-cum released in the process.

The second method of masturbation which will help the man to get the pleasure is to rub the penis head gently to get the actual stimulation. If you rub the head then you might feel like urinating however, this process makes the penis much harder than it already is and one can get the actual feel of the fisting method after this.

If you want to get some actual feeling in today’s world then you can mix the traditional methods with the sex toys and have a lot of fun. Firstly if you rub the head of the penis and make it hard then the use of masturbator becomes more beautiful and pleasurable. The larger and harder the penis is the more ecstatic feeling a person can get by using these toys. Now days, people can get male masturbators online. With this attractive option, a person must have no problem in getting them and moreover implementing both the traditional techniques as well as the toys in a sexual relationship has always proved fruitful in every way without any problems.

Masturbation, as a person may think, is completely harmless and perfectly normal for any male or female person and the traditional methods are the most used methods. So get your toys and apply it in the traditional techniques and enjoy the feeling.

Men’s Sex Toys include:

  • Pocket pussies or masturbators that resemble the vagina and are used for simulated sex.
  • Cock rings are stretchable rings to wear around the base of the penis. The pressure prolongs male erection. Sometimes it comes with a protruding clitoris stimulator.
  • Triple Crown is a cock ring with additional rings to restrain the testicles and intensify the orgasm.
  • Penis sleeve is worn on the shaft of the penis to stimulate the person being penetrated. It often has bumps on it to enhance sexual pleasure.
  • Penis extension is a hollow dildo used to increase the length of erection.
  • Docking sleeves are penis sleeves open on both ends for mutual masturbation of two men Nipple vibrators for women.
  • Nipple clamps stimulate nipples through pressure.
  • Suction device made of rubber or glass fits around the nipple and simulates sucking.

Mens Anal Toys explained: Butt plugs are anal sex toys. They are short dildos with flared bases to prevent it from getting lodged inside the anus. His and her vibrators are the hottest trend in sex accessories. Remote control sexual enhancers and wireless remote controlled sex toys are very popular too. Male masturbators, female stimulators, anal douches and inserters, cock rings and penis sleeve extensions, nipple clamps, penis pumps, Ben Wa balls, bondage swings and fucking machines, vibrating love dolls are all adult toys. They are designed with sexual pleasure in mind. These toys are fun with functionality, for better orgasm. You can even get ones that add a touch of fetish to your love life. When buying a sex toy keep a few things in mind.

  1. Buy the right size, something your partner is comfortable with.
  2. Look for easy to use toys especially in the dark
  3. Remember durable, low noise products are more expensive
  4. Look for convenient cleaning. If battery operated look for waterproof models
  5. Color plays an important part in life. Studies show men like black, women pink or purple.

Satisfy your sexual urges, enhance your sexual relationship, and get yourself and your partner sex toys. If your erotic or kinky there are all types of sex toys are available.

Men’s Sex Toys include:

  • Pocket pussies or masturbators that resemble the vagina and are used for simulated sex.
  • Cock rings are stretchable rings to wear around the base of the penis. The pressure prolongs male erection. Sometimes it comes with a protruding clitoris stimulator.
  • Triple Crown is a cock ring with additional rings to restrain the testicles and intensify the orgasm.
  • Penis sleeve is worn on the shaft of the penis to stimulate the person being penetrated. It often has bumps on it to enhance sexual pleasure.
  • Penis extension is a hollow dildo used to increase the length of erection.
  • Docking sleeves are penis sleeves open on both ends for mutual masturbation of two men Nipple vibrators for women.
  • Nipple clamps stimulate nipples through pressure.
  • Suction device made of rubber or glass fits around the nipple and simulates sucking.
  • Blowjob machines are the latest high-tech type of sex tyo for men, with a back and forth motion simulating a blowjob.

When a Man’s Libido Decreases…

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First, even if you don’t feel like, just have sex anyway. I know that this sounds absurd but the truth is that once you get into action, your body will switch on. I am not disputing the fact that your body is going to require sometime before catching up but once you are into the system, believe me that you will be dying to have it. The more you have sex, the more you will start craving for sex. If your man is not satisfying you enough, I advise that you visit the best adult stores Australia and get some toys and supplements to give yourself a treat.


If you are still not coming, ask your partner to extend the foreplay session and not get into penetration first. Introduce some stimuli like massage to boost your intimacy and ensure that you have warmed up properly before getting it in. you can find a wide of gels and massage oils at any online sex shop and this will make all the difference and be able to fulfill your fantasies. Ranging from the happily married to fledgling lovers, decreasing libido is a recipe for problems in a relationship. It usually leads to a strained sex life coupled with daily arguments and hostility. There are so many reasons that can lead to decreased libido including age, depression and stress but this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your sex career. The best adults stores online have solutions to your libido issues ranging from toys, supplements and advice on various techniques that ensures your relationship is not affected. If you have been suffering silently with low libido for a long time and you fear that it has affected the quality of your sex life, there are some ways to increase libido and enjoy sex once more.

But what accounts for the loss of libido in men?  The reasons for this intricate issue range from the physical and restorative to the mental and social. Sometimes it can a combination of multiple factor’s as to why someone could lose their libido over a long period of time. It is important to understand that fast fixes don’t tackle everything.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Causes Loss of Libido: Barrenness, or ED, erectile brokenness, is not the same as loss of drive, but rather when you encounter one, at some point or another you are liable to feel alternate also. “Just 7% of young fellows report being not able keep an erection,” Laumann says. In spite of the fact that ED increases with age: “It’s 12% by age 40, 18% for a very long time 50-59; and after that a sharp ascent by age 60 to 25%to 30%,” says Laumann.
  • Execution Anxiety and Loss of Libido: Men report two noteworthy issues – nervousness about execution and peaking too soon, as indicated by Laumann. Very nearly one in three men report untimely discharge, while under one in five are agonized over execution, as indicated by Laumann.
    What’s more, the nervousness doesn’t stop there. Numerous cutting edge, cherishing, and scrupulous spouses feel they have not genuinely “performed” unless their accomplices peak amid sex, as well. Furthermore, as Laumann’s insights appear, just 26% of ladies report that they generally encounter climax amid sex, contrasted and 75% of men. No big surprise men feel the weight – and performing under weight can bring about loss of moxie.
  • Stress Leads to Loss of Libido: Work anxiety and self-regard are additionally huge elements. “On the off chance that a man’s execution at work is tested, and he doesn’t feel he is accomplishing or doesn’t feel self-esteem, he frequently numbs himself sexually,” says Perel, “Longing is a sound type of qualification – when you don’t feel meriting, you close down.”
  • Therapeutic Conditions Can Cause Loss of Libido: An assortment of therapeutic issues and ceaseless physical conditions can lessen a man’s sex drive. Genuine sicknesses, for example, tumor and discouragement, can absolutely hose any musings of sex. Cardiovascular ailment, hypertension, and diabetes can lessen blood stream to the body, including the privates, wreaking ruin on moxie too. Interminable liquor addiction and even infrequent unnecessary liquor utilization are famous for arousing want however hindering execution. Conditions, for example, thyroid issue and tumors of the pituitary organ (which controls most hormone generation, including sex hormones) can likewise bring down moxie.


3 Things You Need To Know About Your Penis!

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We have to maintain our bodies regularly no matter who we are to ensure that we are healthy and in good shape. When our skin will becomes dry it will feel irritated and we will use oils or creams to seek relief on our face, hands and other parts of the body. Just like any part of the body the skin on the penis will often become dry as well.  As men we tend to wear body hugging underwear and nothing causes discomfort to men as much as walking around with a chaffed penis.   Did you know that you can get dermatitis on the penis?

Often men who frequently masturbate without lubrication will literally stroke the skin off the penis causing ‘burns’.  Or having sex without using a personal lubrication can also cause chaffing and burns.  Left untreated these minor causes of discomfort may cause the skin to deteriorate so much that you will need medical attention.  When the skin to your penis is raw you are also more likely to catch other ailments, viruses and diseases.  It is important to keep your penis clean, and although most men do not, use antibacterial moisturizers and creams to keep it in tip top health.

Some men suffer from sore penis syndrome also know as irritable penis syndrome and as a result of not looking after your penis this syndrome can cause erectile dysfunction, difficulty urinating, painful ejaculation, penis bruising, bleeding and swelling, penis lumps and sores, penis rashes and itching, and urethral discharge.  In some cases, left untreated it can be life-threatening and Medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible to  also reduces the risk of permanent skin damage, impairment of penis and sexual function, and possible complications that can result in major organ damage. Treatments include abstaining from any sexual activity, oral and prescription medicines, creams, injections and other forms of therapies, and sometimes even surgery

Medical Treatment
Irritable Penis Syndrome

Three of the main Reasons you may Suffer From Irritable Penis Syndrome Are –

  1. Aggravation or Allergy: *There are many reasons you may get an allergic reaction on the skin or your penis.  One of the most common is the use of latex condoms as many men (and women) have an allergy to latex and many of the latex condoms include spermicides and other agents that may also cause an allergic effect. *Many men wash their penises with soap but do not rinse the soap off properly, the result often causes  swelling, itching, and rash to the penis. *Using a poor personal lubricant during sex often will cause an allergy, especially those that are flavoured or have certain attributes like cooling and heating as all these have chemicals or other additives that your penis will not like.  *Where possible anything that touches your penis should be natural and chemical free and it is good to place on balms, oils and creams that will help to develop the natural healing characteristics of penis.  By doing this it reduces the risk of rash, burn or chaffing.   * Wherever possible you should not use products that contain benzocaine, Benadryl cream, lidociaine even though they are often found in mens sex creams and sprays.  *Incorrect use of sex toys especially penis pumps used incorrectly can cause hickeys and worse to the shaft and head of the penis. * Clean your penis and foreskin daily ensuring that after you dry it thoroughly with a clean towel.
  2. Lack of Lubrication:  * When you have sexual intercourse with a partner or when masturbating alone one should always use a personal lubricant.   When having sex if the area is not adequately lubricated the skins will rub against each other and create friction which can lead to chaffing, burns and dry skin. * If you are lucky enough to be getting a blow job if it is incorrectly performed by using the teeth or not being lubricated enough or having the mouth adequately open it may cause a rash or small cuts to the penis.  The mouth houses more bacteria than any other part of the body and an open wound on a penis and inside a mouth is a recipe for disaster.  Your penis may get a rash, infection, swelling, inflammation, itchiness even scabs,
  3. Dermatitis: Your skin may get to be red and flaky because of atopic dermatitis.   Dermatitis is hard if not impossible to get rid of and once you have had it, it will tend to flare up from time to time.  There are many reasons that you will get dermatitis but a couple are the skin being in a moist environment regularly, not being hygienic and also being in contact with someone else suffering from it.. The most well-known side effects are tingling that tends to get worse of an evening, red patches, dry flaky skin and sometimes even seeping wounds. There is no cure for dermatitis, however you can control it and the side effects by keeping the affected area clean, making sure it is dry and using natural oils or prescribed creams and balms.

Other sore penis syndrome ailments include –

Allergies– an allergic reaction to something that the penis has come into contact with. This can include soaps, detergents, creams, condoms, latex, fabrics and other materials;

Balanitis an inflammation or swelling of the head (glans) of the penis;

Bladder Stones – hard mineral deposits that accumulate in the bladder;

Legions and Sores – open wounds, cuts and abrasions on the penis, which may be the result of vigorous sexual activity, aggressive sex or the fact that a sexual partner has stubble or other objects on their genitalia that may irritate or scratch the skin of the penis. Also on list of causes of open sores are STD’s.

Paraphimosis– the inability to retract the foreskin of the penis on an uncircumcised male due to tightening of the skin;

Penile Cancer – a growth, legion or sore that is malignant and can be found on the surface or within the tissue of the penis;

Penile Implants and Surgery – an implant in the penis or a surgical procedure that has been recently performed may be irritating the penis or it may have become infected;

Penis Fracture – a rupture of one or both of the cambers within the penis that enable it to become erect;

Peyronies Disease – scar tissue in the penis that results in the penis developing a curve or abnormal bend;

Pimples – an infection of skin pores or hair follicles that is the result of bacterial build-up;

Poor Hygiene – regular showering and cleansing of the penis and surrounding areas is a must, if this does not occur then the skin may become irritated or infected;

Priapism – an erection of the penis that is persistent and will not subside;

Prostatitis – an infection of the prostate gland;

Sickle Cell Anemia – a blood disease that affects the hemoglobin, or the protein in the blood that carries oxygen through the body and can restrict penile function;

STD’s and Other Infections – Chlamydia, genital herpes, scabies and crabs, thrush and other forms of infections;

Testicular Bruising – discoloration to the testicles as a result of a trauma during activity of some kind, this may occur during sports or other recreational pursuits or during sexual activity;

Urethra Damage – damage to the tube that runs from the head of the penis to the bladder or seminal duct. This can include bruising, cuts and abrasions, blockages, and other forms of trauma; and

Urethritis – a bacterial infection of the reproductive system, which may also affect the bladder and prostate in men.