Fleshjacks The Masturbator For Gay Men

Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave

The Fleshjack Pink Originals line sex toys for men comes with three sorts of openings – the Pink Butt, the Pink Jack Ass and the Pink Mouth – all of which are accessible with any of the six varying internal ribbing and nodules. The Fleshjack Pink Butt offers an unimaginably practical reenactment of true anal sex. The ass opening between the two butt cheeks is covered by little, delicate wrinkles. The opening, with a breadth measuring 0.15 inches (or 4 mm), is decent and tight. When you need a classic fleshlight masturbator that would give you extraordinary pleasure, the pink originals selection is what you need because it has been created to give you as realistic feeling of real sex that is possible with an adult toy.  These adult toys have been designed with the human body in mind making a perfect and safe choice for men. You have the opportunity of customizing the way you want your sex to feel and also the patented superskin is so lifelike to the touch. This is what most products cannot give you. The elastic and soft skin is perfect for stamina training and self pleasure.

The Fleshjack Pinks are awesome masturbators. But we have come to expect no less from any Fleshlight product that includes the Fleshjack range. The scaled down butt is fantastic and gives some additional cushioning when used. There are different decisions for the tunnel, I’m certain you’ll discover something that suits you or why not have them all. The composition feels extraordinary and I would go as far as to say exceptional. It feels to like the real thing. I can’t generally tell that I favor any of these over different Fleshjack Pink Originals inserts as they are all great and each give a unique experience.

Fleshjack Pink Masturbator
Sex Toy: Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass
  • The Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave has become the number choice for couples around the world. The Fleshjack Pink Mouth opening has been intended to reproduce oral sex as close as possible to the real thing. Molded like a genuine mouth, the protruding lips immovably encompass the penis and the opening of the Pink Mouth’s internals is amazing and gives a tight feeling also. The lips are eminently delicate and adaptable thus inserting your penis is as simple and similar as you would with a real mouth. You have a lot of styles to try like the missionary, girl on top and doggie style with this toy. You have so much to enjoy when you make use of this toy.

    The length is 10″, its girth is almost 3″ inner walls when stretched,  it has a lot of features like realistic flesh like material, Ester free, removable sleeve, discreet case and consistency inner sleeves. The color is black case and pink sleeve. The long length of the tunnel means that when you first insert your penis into the Fleshjack Pink Mouth it is an especially pleasurable masturbation experience. You will not have a dull moment when you make use of Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave. It is designed to give you that exceptional feel of sensation and climax with real human feel. This is the reason why you have the assurance of getting an amazing sexual play time with this sex toy. The world is your oyster when it comes to making use of Fleshlight Pink Mouth Wonder Wave for your sexual exploits. It only begins when you make your purchase. This is what you can do after reading this review that has helped a lot of people have that dream sex life they desire.

  • The Fleshjack Pink Butt, the tight opening wraps brilliantly tight around the shaft of the penis and is truly sensational upon every movement inside the channel. It is exceptionally recommendable to join the Fleshjack Pink Butt with the Vortex insert because this combo makes a sublimely tight and super-sensible butt fucking background.
  • The Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass is formed like a genuine butt. And truth be told, similar to a brilliantly round little toned ass. This Fleshjack butt really has butt cheeks, between which shows up an enticingly looking tight anal rosebud. The genuine level of snugness given by the Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass does not frustrate. The restricted opening inundates the dicks head and shaft much more tightly than in the Fleshjack Pink Butt and likewise, when picking the Pink Jack Ass, you won’t pass up a great opportunity for any of alternate advantages offered inside the Fleshjack Pink Butt. If you like it more tighter, the Jack Ass is the best approach. The unrivaled snugness sensation and the practical looking appearance consolidate to make the Pink Jack Ass my first choice from among the three Fleshjack Original Orifices. What’s more, as with the Fleshjack Pink Butt, I would recommend matching the Jack Ass up with the Vortex channel. The Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass comes with the stamina insert that is really like the Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) however for gentlemen. Unless you try it you will really never know how great it feels as words do it an injustice. The sleeve is made up of a material called SuperSkin. It is smooth, super squishy, retains warmth rapidly and gets super smooth while lubed up. It is delicate and squishy however when it’s put for the situation it has a certain immovability over it also that makes for the perfect penetrative sex.


PJ Weir was employed at the Gay Exchange for over a decade and was a regular contributor to the blog. He is a gay activist and an advocate for same sex marriage. PJ is proud of his aboriginal descent and has remained in a long term relationship with his partner Darren.
PJ left work in late 2014 as his mother fell ill. He has moved to Queensland where he has become her full time carer.
Unfortunately the iconic Gay Exchange, Sydney’s first all gay adult store closed down in June of 2017 as the building was taken over by the State Transit Authority to build the new rail.

Having Sex With A Porn Star – Maturbators

The Vicky Masturbator

Extinguish Your Carnal Desires

All men need sex to extinguish their carnal desires. Often the desire is so great that you will have a quick tug in the bathroom or bedroom before going out.  But what about when you have time on your hands?  Shouldn’t your masturbation experience be enhance?  To Give you more pleasure!

The how about you take these golden opportunities and do it with a porn star.  Doc Johnson and other companies now take molds from your favourite porn star private parts and turn them into masturbators.  Fuck!  We all know that Faye Reagan is one hottie with perfect boobs and have perfectly curved bodies with perfect assets which make your adrenaline flow stronger.  Do it to a porn-star today as this is a pleasure you may not want to get barred. She is one of the sexiest porn stars which every man fantasies upon. You can spend a night with her, one of the hottest porn stars in the sex industry.  You will be able to spend the night or part of with her naughty pussy whilst watching your favorite adult movie.

This is just one of the Doc Johnsons pocket pussies! Doc Johnson has made a whole range of affordable celebrity famous porn star pocket pussies to fulfill all your masturbation desires. To just name a few that are on this list including Remy LaCroix , Sophie Dee, Dani Daniels, Sasha Grey, Kimberly Kane, UR3 Faye Reagan, Ashton Moore, Belladona and Jessie Andrews.

The Vicky Masturbator
Sex Toy: The Vicky Quickie Pocket Pussy

Get The Privileges You Love

The pocket pussy, mouth or ass is a sex toy product which can give you all these privileges you will love. They are so realistic and will give you more pleasure than just a quick tug with your hand because it is molded from the real person and replicated into a silicone model that is as good as the model herself but will never say no to you!  It will feel just like you are having sex with her the whole night you use it. The pussy will always be waiting for your cock and you can get all your wildest dreams come true in the night by using the pocket pussy. The enjoyment you get would be unparalleled and you can switch between the different pocket pussies to give yourself the fantasies of a lifetime, that never has to end. The material is made from Ultra realistic material composed of UR3 which provides you true pleasure. You will never experience any type of hindrances when you are using it. Your year of pleasure awaits you and is just a purchase away. Give your desires a true mode of fulfillment. Its not so highly priced and you can keep it rather than hiring Reagan for a night to bang her on the bed that would cost you thousands of dollars it if could be arranged.   For pleasures without compromise have her today!!

The Doc Johnson pocket pussies and mouths are fairly uncomplicated to use which is all the more reason why you should make use of it. There is no harmful compound that is associated with the design of this product. It can be used with ease. Those who are always horny would be able to use these sex toys to their advantages. And when you have used this toy once and twice, it would be very easy for you to climax within a short time.  And when you do not have the urge to make love anymore simply clean and put away until the next time the urge hits.   Doc Johnson products are built to be durable, to last and be sensitive to the feel like human skin. The climax is enhanced and there is less challenge with quick ejaculation that can mar the experience of a lot of people. This is why you should take advantage of this product.

How to take care of your pocket pussy, mouth or ass:

  1. Wash: After using your pocket buddy, make certain to wash it with warm water. It is encouraged to open up the tunnel to give the water a chance to run through the toy. Flip around the pocket buddy and repeat the same procedure. This technique for washing will permit you to clean any bugs that might sneak inside the surface.
  2. Hygiene: Use an anti bacterial toy cleaner to ensure there are no nasties left.
  3. Air Dry: Subsequent to cleaning your pocket pussy to expel any microscopic organisms, lay your toy on a towel to air dry. The procedure may take a couple of hours but by drying the toy, you guarantee that it doesn’t stay moist and become a breeding ground for microbes.
  4. Powder: The key to keeping your pocket pussy, mouth or ass delicate and supple is a liberal amount of talk or sex toy renewing powder. The stuff your ma used on your bottom is the same that can keep your sex toy feeling like it did the day you removed it from the packaging. Talk keeps the toy from getting sticky. At the point when a pocket pussy gets sticky, it will hold fast to anything that is around it. Once that happens, the pocket buddy’s material will fall to pieces. Take it from someone that has had the pleasure of owning quite a few of these this it the most important tip to improve the longevity of your toy.



Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

You Too Can Have Asa Akira In The Flesh!

Male Masturbator

“Almost every time I shoot a sex scene, I fall a little bit in love. In love with being watched. In love with being on display. In love with being the center of attention.”

said Asa Akira.


Asa is a very popular female adult actress, especially for those that enjoy watching oriental women due to her Japanese background. She was born in the United States of America in 1986 in Manhattan NY as an only child.  Her father was a photographer who due to work traveled a lot and she lived also in Soho, Tokyo, Brooklyn and Clinton Hill by the time she was 9 years old.  Her first job was working as a cashier in a bookstore.  She is a multi award winning actress who has appeared in nearly 600 films.

Akira.Akira started out as a dominatrix when she was just 19 years old. She later filled in as a stripper at the Hustler Club in New York. In 2006–07 she had a regular spot on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show and was known as the “Show Whore”. During one of her interviews she met Gina Lynn who at the time was a very popular porn star and asked her is she wanted to have a go doing an erotic movie.  Asa said yes and Gina Lynn produced her first xxx film where she was partnered with Travis Knight.  She particularly enjoyed doing lesbian scenes and most of them with Gina. She was an exclusive contract girl for Voyeur media for about 6 months before freelancing out her talent.  She directed her first film in 2013 and although confessing that she leans more towards women than men, that same year she married Tony Ribas a male porn star.

Asa describes herself as a feminist and also a health food junkie.  She has also starred in many mainstream media episodes and events.



Fleshlight Asa Akira
Asa Fleshlight

You Too Can Have Asa Akira In The Flesh!

Made from an original cast from Asa Akira intimate parts of her body it is super realistic both in look and feel. Asa Akira, this Fleshlight Girl knows how to convey super fulfillment and authenticity. Enjoy the exact cast of Asa’s pussy and investigate her tight pussy and delectably delicate Lotus surface. Japanese-American Asa Akira is one of the most sizzling ladies in the porn business, winning 5 AVN honors in 2011 alone.  Why not stay at home and enjoy Asa Akira in the flesh whilst watching one of her 600 or so porn movies.   You will be able to experience here sensual pussy or her tight ass.

The Asa Akira Fleshlight fulfills your porn star fantasy dream by allowing you to enter her vaginally or with anal sex. The mens sex toy which looks just like a flash light will provide you with the satisfactions you need giving you a realistic sexual experience. The sex toy is made to feel so real whilst you imagine the gorgeous Asian porn actress being there fulfilling your needs. The fleshlight was made carefully and with incredible detail and design matching the intimate details of the actress perfectly so as to be like the inner texture of the actresses pussy and anus. This fleshlight provides you with the best chance to get to be inside her.

Asa Akira Forbidden Fleshlight

The forbidden fleshlight is made with precision to look just like Asa from the butt. The tight but-thole will gently cling onto your erect penis as you enter its shallow interior. Next one will feel the wavy forbidden interior which has been specially designed to give you an experience and feel of real anal sex. The fleshlights allow you to adjust the grip the inner walls have on your cock. You can change the grip by varying the suction; loosening or tightening the cap at the bottom will change the grip. The design and feel is best for self pleasure and can be mounted within cushions and pillows to have a hands free experience of using the fleshlight.

The Asa Akira Fleshlight fulfills your regular and anal sex need to be with this beautiful porn star. The mens sex toy which looks just like a flash light will provide you with the satisfactions you need with a realistic sexual experience. The toy made to feel and looks like the gorgeous Asian porn actress Asa Akira. The fleshlight was made carefully and with incredible details and design matching the intimate details of the actress so as to be like the inner texture of the actresses pussy and anus. This fleshlight provides you with the best chance to get to be inside her.

Asa Akira Louts Fleshlight

Apply heaps of lube to your cock and Asa’s pussy to experience it in its full wet wonderfulness. Dive your penis into Asa’s inviting lips and find the unbelievable feeling Fleshlight Lotus sleeve. The Lotus surface feels simply like a genuine lady and animates you to a climactic peak. Submerge the removable sleeve in warm water before use to bring it to body temperature for additional lifelike sensations. The delicate sleeve is contained inside an exquisite pearlescent case for attentive and safe keeping when not being used. Clean your Fleshlight Girl after use by washing the removable sleeve out with warm water, then allowing it to dry before reinserting. Use the fleshlight renewing powder liberally after each use to keep up it as new.

Sex toys are in demand now as people don’t get the time they used to spend with their partners. The inability to get intimate frequently leaves their sexual urges unsatisfied. So people lean towards using sex toys to fulfill their sexual needs in a quick manner. Most people don’t get to have sex as much they want, so these instruments provide them all types of pleasure that they want in their sex life. These toys also help couples to spice up their sex life. Invest in a male masturbator, to fulfill your desires, wants and needs. You’ll be dreaming about the natural beauty of Akira for years to come.

Here is a list of Asa Akiras Awards –

Year  Ceremony       Category                                                             Work

2011  AVN Award    Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene (with Alexis Texas & Kristina Rose)  Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman

Best Anal Sex Scene (with Manuel Ferrara)            Asa Akira Is Insatiable

Best Double Penetration Sex Scene (with Toni Ribas & Erik Everhard)

Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/B/B) (with Prince Yahshua & Jon Jon)

Urban X Award                                                                           Best Couple Sex Scene (with Mr. Pete)          Vajazzled

Porn Star of the Year                                          N/A

2012  AVN Award    Best Anal Sex Scene (with Nacho Vidal)                Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2

Best Double-Penetration Scene (with Mick Blue & Toni Ribas)

Best Group Sex Scene (with Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas, Danny Mountain, Jon Jon, Broc Adams, Ramón Nomar & John Strong)

Best Tease Performance

Best Three-Way Sex Scene, Boy/Boy/Girl (with Mick Blue & Toni Ribas)

Best Solo Sex Scene                                           Superstar Showdown 2: Asa Akira vs. Kristina Rose

NightMoves Award                                                                     Best Ass (Editor’s Choice) N/A

XBIZ Award   Female Performer of the Year                             N/A

XRCO Award Female Performer of the Year                             N/A

Superslut                                                             N/A

2013  AVN Award    Best Double-Penetration Sex Scene (with Ramón Nomar & Mick Blue)   Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3

Best Group Sex Scene (with Erik Everhard, Ramón Nomar & Mick Blue)

Best Three-Way Sex Scene (Girl/Girl/Boy) (with Brooklyn Lee & James Deen)

Best POV Sex Scene (with Jules Jordan)                Asa Akira to the Limit

Female Performer of the Year                             N/A

XRCO Award Female Performer of the Year                             N/A

NightMoves Award                                                                     Best Ethnic Performer (Fan’s Choice)          N/A

2014  AVN Award    Best Porn Star Website (tied with JoannaAngel.com)       AsaAkira.com

NightMoves Award                                                                     Best Body (Editor’s Choice)          N/A

2015  XRCO Award Mainstream Adult Media Favorite                      N/A

2017  XBIZ Award   Best Supporting Actress                                     DNA








Roulla was a contributor on the adultsmart blog in 2014. She has since returned to her homeland in Greece where she has taken up a career in hairdressing. We wish her well.

My Penis Pump Is Crystal Clear!

Hydromax x40 Penis Pump

The penis has a very important role that enables us humans to reproduce. But we do not just use the penis to procreate and multiply.  Humans are lucky that the act of sex is a pleasurable experience and forms part of the bonding process with our lovers throughout life.  It has an important role to satisfying your partner in terms of your sexual lifestyle and hopefully with orgasmic climaxing. However many men suffer from having a small sized penis and many more suffer from having some form of erectile problem. If you are suffering from these kinds of problems there are solutions available to you both medically and with sex aids.  In such scenarios, where people are not capable of keeping their intimate partner happy this can cause a massive strain on relationships. There are varieties of sex toys available at adult shops online, which are helpful for natural penis enlargement and to assist in the treatment of penile dysfunction.

For penis development and health, The Bathmate Hydromax X40 Pump is the ultimate penis pump using hydro-technology. Hydromax generates a suction force known as a vacuum that will provide the user with the fastest results due to its unique and new design. The system incorporates a new soft sealing as well as full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the testicle area and penis base. For cleaning purpose, it’s also removable. A new swivel feature allows for full rotation to give you full visual chamber viewing and inclined angle change option for the ultimate efficiency in using it in the bath or shower. It also has a new super flow latch valve system, which allows for single hand fitting in the shower so that the hydropump could become much easier to find the correct positioning. The internal size and the number of vacuum choices will allow you to gain that impressive girth expansion.

Bacthmate Penis Pump
Hydromax Penis Pump


Thus, with the help of Hydromax x40 Pump Crystal Clear, you can enlarge your penis as per your sexual needs and requirements. Today, there is an increased awareness of penile size and many people give importance to their penile size. Many disorders have also been noted which include erectile dysfunction. These disorders have a cure and are easily available. Hydromax X40 Pump Crystal Clear is a device which can resolve these problems. Penis pump or vacuum enlargement systems as they are known, is a simple device generally in plastic or perspex of cylindrical shape which is worn over the penis and a vacuum is created inside the device by means of a bellow or hand pump. These vacuums cause the blood pressure in the penis to increase and blood rushes in the vascular layers causing the penis to enlarge artificially, engorging itself.

A variety of pumps are available in today’s market. Some are of variable length to provide a useful product in a small size and for a large range of users. There are various types of pumping options available which range from the amount of pressure created and different mechanisms for pumping. Some devices have motored pumping mechanism. You can also find different types of sealing mechanism for increased comfort and results. Some of the advantages of using such a device are that it artificially helps you make your penis become erect. It enhances its length as well as its girth owing to various inbuilt mechanism and so someone suffering from erectile dysfunction can simply pump up their penis, apply a cock ring to not allow the blood to flow back and you have an erect penis capable of using in intercourse. You just need to adjust the pressure to your comfort level. The device still has some drawbacks and should not be used excessively and beyond safe limits. It can damage blood vessels, nerves, and vascular tissue. Prolonged and frequent regular use can affect natural erecting property.  Read more at this guide to penis pump use.

After each pumping session, use a hot towel to allow the blood to flow out.  After each penis pump use, clean the cylinder out with hot water in addition and dish washing cleanser or hand cleanser to keep in sanitized and clean for future use. Hydromax X40 Pump features many new technologies which helps it stand out from the pack. It is the device to buy if you are looking for a penis pump with great features and  efficiency. You can buy one from Adult Smart which has a wonderful reputation in the market selling various kinds of adult toys worldwide, discreetly and quickly.  Sex toys that are helpful for men as well as women. There is a very large collection of adult toys for both men and woman.

Read the guide to Hydromax Penis Pumps here!




PJ Weir was employed at the Gay Exchange for over a decade and was a regular contributor to the blog. He is a gay activist and an advocate for same sex marriage. PJ is proud of his aboriginal descent and has remained in a long term relationship with his partner Darren.
PJ left work in late 2014 as his mother fell ill. He has moved to Queensland where he has become her full time carer.
Unfortunately the iconic Gay Exchange, Sydney’s first all gay adult store closed down in June of 2017 as the building was taken over by the State Transit Authority to build the new rail.

Ein, Drei, ZWEI to Pulsating Sex!

Fun Factory Male Viabrator

The Stronic Zwei sex toy is manufactured by the iconic Fun Factory brand that is located in Germany.  All their toys are manufactured and designed there so the quality is unsurpassed.  Learn more about Fun Factory as a corporation with Laura Von Dar Breilie.   The Fun Factory’s Stronic Zwei  is not your everyday vibrator, in fact it is not a vibrator at all it is a pulsator which means rather than vibrate the sex toy pulsates up and down.  It is not quite a thruster but emulates the exact action of intercourse. It is one of the favorite bestselling toy for gay partners.  Partner play will never have had as much fun  as when you do with this toy.Stronic Zwei Blue

Fun Factory’s Stronic Zwei has the following functionality:
  • PULSATOR new, ‘naturalistic”, rhythmic thrusts really intense stimulation from pulsating thrusts in the strong, low frequency level
  • PRESS FUN TO PLAY: easiest to use ten stimulation rhythms
  • ‘Emergency off”: fast switch off with the FUN button
  • key lock for quiet transport
  • 100 % medical grade silicone
  • waterproof | easy to clean

All Fun Factory toys are renowned for their bright and vibrant and the Zwei is no exception. The design is roughly phallic and designed with the aim of enhancing or improving the users sex life. One of the ways that it will improve the sex life of its users is by assisting them to reach orgasm faster and often with less effort. In most cases, men reach orgasm faster than their female sexual partners. During ordinary sexual activity; that is activity that does not rely on sex toys online, female partners are often left to their own devices without reaching orgasm because once some men reach orgasm their less erectile penis fails to do its duty properly.  This can be rather frustrating for a lady not to be able to reach her sexual climax and lead to frustration and anger. If used during foreplay the Zwei will cause the woman to be more aroused early enough making it possible for her to climax at the same time with her partner. It also has the ability of helping women who fail to orgasm during ordinary sex to experience one or even multiple orgasms. Though women may know it not, orgasm helps in releasing tension. Women who reach their orgasm levels at least two times a week enjoy better nights sleep.

Partners who use sex toys online often may have realized that the devices may help them sustain sexual activities that take a prolonged period of time. Ordinarily, when a male partner ejaculates, sexual activity may fail to go on with the same vigor it started with. Luckily, female vibrators like cock rings, do the good job of preventing an early ejaculation.

Though many may have opposed sex toys when they were first introduced into the market, they now realize that the tools are important in helping the disabled participate and enjoy sexual pleasure. There is no doubt that some disabilities prevent people from having sex the natural way. Such people also need to experience sexual pleasure. Luckily, there are female vibrators that can act as perfect substitutes to a sexual partner. Another important benefit of Stronic Zwei Blue is that they do a better job in pleasuring a partner. Sometimes the act of pleasuring the other partner during or before sex may require a lot of effort and may even cause cramps. The devices, however, do the arousing job almost effortlessly.

For a long time, sex toys were seen as a taboo, but luckily In the current times society seems to understand that these aids come handy with quite a number of benefits, including helping men and women reach orgasm at the same time, helping the disabled enjoy sexual pleasure, and reducing the effort required to arouse a partner among many others. The feeling of it pulsating inside you is totally out of this world you will not want it to stop, but rest assured u can always have this toy ready for use no matter where u are because it has a magnetic charger, handy for those impulsive trips. After using this pulsator you will experience a whole new kind of stimulation/sensation. Its deep thrusting motion inside me gives the real thing a run for the money, but hey there is no substitute for the real thing…or is there – maybe just in this case.




PJ Weir was employed at the Gay Exchange for over a decade and was a regular contributor to the blog. He is a gay activist and an advocate for same sex marriage. PJ is proud of his aboriginal descent and has remained in a long term relationship with his partner Darren.
PJ left work in late 2014 as his mother fell ill. He has moved to Queensland where he has become her full time carer.
Unfortunately the iconic Gay Exchange, Sydney’s first all gay adult store closed down in June of 2017 as the building was taken over by the State Transit Authority to build the new rail.