Meet Vulcan: He’s Hot!

A sex toy for deep throating

Our great friends at Topco Sales have sent us a Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations that has a sleeve made from Cyberskin material for review.  The manufacturer states that the product will:

“Amplify your strokes with intensely powerful vibrating massage!”

The intense vibrations are courtesy of a bullet powered by 3 AG13 batteries that are included.

Vibrating Vulcan comes in an Ona Cup that is green to black with a picture of the product shrink wrapped around it.  At the rear there are three pictures showing that the mouth, the entrance hole and the textured canal.  Although most Ona’s are designed for single use Topco says that the stroker is easy to clean and suitable for multi-use, adding a handy string that goes through the container so that it may be hung up and stored easily.

The price point makes it a great entry level for those just exploring mens sex toys, masturbators and strokers.

Mens masturbator that gives a vibrating blow job
Image: Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibration
Mens sex toy with masturbator case and sleeve
Image: Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibration

My Experience With The Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations

So I opened the product up and saw that the bullet was conveniently clipped into the lid.  I removed the bullet, unscrewed the cap and removed the paper between the batteries and terminals. I put it back together and flicked through the modes.  As advertised the bullet was powerful and consisted of 1 continuous speed mode with 5 different patterned modes.  It was handy that the bullet was clip held as it could then be used for other erotic actions – it is 100% waterproof.

I then screwed off the lid to find an attractive, life-like set of lips greeting me.  There was a sachet of water-based lubricant in the lid too.  The inner sleeve’s material is TPR often called Cyberskin because it has a similar feel that real skin gives. I put my finger in it and that life-like feel was definitely there.  I removed the sleeve and found that at the bottom of the sex toy there is a channel next to the exit hole of the textured channel where the bullet fits in.  I pushed the bullet up ensuring that the button control of it was facing outwards so that it would be accessible whilst using.

Maturbator case with bullet vibrator and Cyberskin sleeves
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Some people use strokers in a cup and some people enjoy removing the sleeve for masturbation. I prefer to use it out of the cup as it is easier to clean in my experience and I can control how tight I want it to be with my grip.  So I lubed up myself and generously poured the rest of the lube into the stroker.  On entering it and popping through the opening I could distinctly feel ridges at equal intervals, as I progressed through the first chamber I entered a second chamber where the ridges were wider apart and felt like they were leaning, finally I entered the final third chamber that felt very similar to the first.

Now suitably aroused I turned on the vibrating bullet and it brought with it a whole new level of sexual excitement.  The Cyberskin material that the sex toy is made with felt realistic and the lube was really making this a satisfying deep-throat experience.  The only thing missing was the gag-reflex but you cannot have everything, hey? The only gripe I have about the Vulcan is that it is 6 inches long and as I am slightly large than that I felt that perhaps there could have been a fourth chamber and the stroker elongated to about 8 inches but in no way was I disappointed with its performance.

After I finished I simply took the sleeve to the sink and washed it in luke warm soapy water, I then placed it on a towel and allowed it to air dry.  When it was dry I put some renewing powder on it.  This is a good idea fella’s as it will prolong your stroker or masturbators life span by at least 50%.  Care for your sex toys and they will look after you.  The sleeve was relatively easy to replace in the cup and I put it away for next time.

Here Is A Recent Customer Review Of The Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations

“I got this stroker to try something different than the conventional way of having some solo fun. When I saw this product in the sale for a cheap price I thought it was worth a try as not only was it a masturbating sleeve but also came with a vibrator to give an extra dimension.  I was so excited the day of arrival that I got it straight out the box to give it a go! The main toy itself was great, felt amazing with a bit of lube and the casing made it easy to hold.  I turned on the bullet and felt the vibration was not powerful enough to create any major difference. The toy itself is great for the price but I feel like the vibration part was more of an afterthought and could do with improving.”

You cannot go wrong with the Vulcan Deep Throat With Vibrations from Topco.  The price is about triple what you will pay for a one use cup but I think you will get at least 10 uses out of it so it works out about a third of what you would pay for 10 one use cups.  It is also a third of the price of where the expensive, luxury masturbators start at in price.  So in effect you are getting a great male sex toy for a very reasonable price.   It is easy to use and easy to clean and has the potential to give you the blow-job of a lifetime so all I can say is this is a two thumbs up review from me.

Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

This Training Kit Will Have You In Raptures!

How mens orgasms feel like after a prostate massage

Topco Sales is a well-established company that has been manufacturing sex toys for over 40 years now.  Having had such experience they have produced some of the best-selling adult products in the world.  They have their own manufacturing plant that is approved by the FDA ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Topco were kind enough to send us the Climax Anal Rapture Training Kit that is suitable for beginners to experts.  The thing I love about kits is that you get a variety of options and if you are disappointed in one there is another one which may make it into your preferred options.  Luckily in this kit there are no bad options, they are all equally pleasurable just in different sizes.

Contained in the attractive clamshell packaging are three anal trainers that are categorized as:

  • Beginner – 3.5in – 9.1 cm long, 1.4in – 3.4cm diameter
  • Intermediate – 4.3in – 10.8cm long, 1.6in – 4cm diameter
  • Advanced  – 5.2in – 13.3cm long, 1.75in – 4.4cm diameter
Butt plugs in different sizes
Image: Climax Anal Rapture Training Kit

They come in various color options of blue, orange, red but the ones supplied are pretty in pink.  Made from 100% body-safe silicone materials they are hypoallergenic, non-phallic, phthalate free and come with a silky smooth surface that is temperature sensitive if you like your toys heated or chilled. The plugs have a flat base that could be used to place it whilst the shaft is slightly angled and tapered the narrowest being at the tip of the shaft and it increases in girth as you go lower. All three are identical in shape just in different size scales. Being hypoallergenic silicone there is no scent so they are odorless perfect for the most sensitive of skin and bodies.

My Experience With The Climax Anal Rapture Training Kit

With all anal toys it is essential that you use plenty of water-based lubricant.  After lubing up the ergonomically designed anal toy I easily inserted the beginners plug.  As the tip was tapered it took little effort at all.  It was easy and a delight to work in and as it was slowly inserted I could feel the girth expand and got a ‘fuller’ feeling.  The curvy tip of the prostate massager allowed me to easily find my prostate gland that with the flattened head was easy to massage.  It wasn’t long before I was extremely turned on and as I manipulated the prostate.  I began to get that familiar tickling feeling in my penis as my erection grew.

If you have not experienced a prostate milking before it feels like you are going to orgasm but the sensations come from the prostate as your sphincter muscles will clamp shut and open (I guess this would be similar to a vagainal orgasm when the muscles tighten and loosen).  Eventually the touch becomes far more enjoyable and just as you think you are going to cum through the penis your prostate beings milking and discharging a milky white liquid.

Personally I have never been able to achieve a semen ejaculation but some men (lucky them) do and it is described as being ten-fold plus more pleasurable than standard sex or masturbation.  In any event, my male G-Spot did not let me down and I achieved a prostate orgasm/milking.

Prostate massagers
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I experienced no pain or discomfort and afterwards the toy was easy to clean under some luke warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner.  The manufacturer states that the product is so robust it can simply be put into a dishwasher.  As with all silicone toys once you are finished lightly dry it with a towel then let it air dry. Store it in a silk toy bag or something similar and place it in a dry place.

This sex toy kit represents great value for money with an average price of about $50 for the set of just over $16 each.  They will last you a long time and they would be as suitable for a female or male.  Incorporate them in your couples sex play for added excitement.

The main tip for those wanting to use an anal trainer for the first time is to relax and breathe.  The first time has to be enjoyable otherwise you will be turned off anal sex forever whether you are a man or a woman.  Make sure that you have plenty of time, put on some light music, scented candles and mood lighting.  Relax and breathe, think of the pleasant things that have happened to you, have some dirty thoughts and begin to arouse yourself with gentle masturbation. Probably the first time it would be good to masturbate until climax.

Now that you have come and you are at ease begin to have these thoughts again, grab some warmed up lubricant and liberally apply it in and around your anus and to the anal trainer of your choice.  Tease your anus, perhaps masturbate simultaneously and apply a continuous but gentle pressure as long as you do not force it. Continue to breathe you will be surprised when the tip painlessly pops into your anus as your sphincter muscle clamps around it.

Now it is time to gently insert the toy.  If you are beginner it is probably better to insert it fully and once fully in begin to gently and with short motions bring it in and out.  Once you are loosened, still comfortable use the sex toy’s tapered tip to locate your Prostate Gland and begin to massage it.

Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

A Penis Pump Set With Endurance!

Man impressed with penis size, length and width

Topco sales have been around for years.  When I mean years, they have been around for over 40 years as they were founded in 1972. Topco are in the business of creating sex toys and are one of the largest produces in the United States of America.  Topco are the only manufacturers in the adult toy market that have FDA registered facilities so it is a given that their products will comply with the most stringent standards that are set.  Topco have incredibly popular ranges including Wildfire, Penthouse, Cyberskin and Virtual Sex.

The 4M Endurance Penis Pump Set

Our friends at Topco have sent us some products to review from the new 4M (For Male) series of sex toys for performance and enlargement training.   The packaging of the 4M range comes in clamshell with distinctive dark grey/light grey coloring and a yellow stripe.  The products that I will be reviewing are The Endurance Penis Pumping System, Endurance Lubricant, Masturbation Cream and Cock Rings.

So I opened the Endurance Penis Pump Set with a 1.75” Wide cylinder and 9” length.  The Cylinder is made from a clear acrylic material. Attached to the cylinder is a grey hose with a pressure gauge and a pistol grip hand pump.  There is a safety release valve situated on the other side of the gauge.  The product seems sturdy enough but the one thing I feel is missing in this kit is a custom donut to make a perfect seal.

Having used pumps before the 1.75” is a bit small for me as I had gotten up to a 2.5” but for beginners and novices this is a perfect size to start pumping with.  As I have not used a pump for quite some time it should be more than ample to test.

Penis pump by Topco
Image: 4M Endurance Penis Pumping Set

The Endurance Lubricant

The Endurance Pumping Cream was not supplied so I applied the Endurance Lubricant.  This lubricant is water-based and infused with ginseng.  Water-based is recommended for use with pumps and sex toys as they are easy to clean off afterwards.  Ginseng is a natural plant extract that the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have used for centuries to increase the time that you can last and increase sexual performance.  Some claim that it also improves libido and sexual interest.

On applying the lubricant to my penis it did make it feel slightly invigorated and became slightly more colored.  This is because ginseng stimulates blood flow.  I then placed the pump on and brought it up to 7.5Hg and left it there for a while.  As I thought the lack of a donut meant that I had to push the entrance end of the pump with quite an amount of pressure onto my pubic region.  Even doing this there was slight amount of air escaping.

Endurance personal lubricant
Image: 4M Endurance Lube

The Endurance Cock Rings

I released the pressure and opened up the Endurance Cock Rings set with a view of using one of these to increase the seal on the penis pump in the package.  There were two cock rings one with a squarish opening and the other with a star like opening.  The star-like one was a simple circle so I chose this one to add to the penis pump test.  The cock rings are made of TPR and are said to be safe to use with both water-based and silicone lubricants.  It was super stretchy and it was easy to maneuver the ring along the shaft of the penis to the base.  I liberally applied the endurance lube around the ring to complete the seal.

Cock rings set for penis pumps
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The Penis Pumping Experience

I grabbed the penis pump again and pushed the opening against the ring bringing up the pressure again to 7.5Hg.  This time less air leaked from the sealed area.  I then began to use the penis pump using a technique called pulsing.  Pulsing is used to allow the penis to expand and relax frequently at random pressures which will create faster penis growth results.  When starting out with pulsing it is recommended to never go above 12.5Hg and you should aim at three sets that allows fresh blood to flow through it.

As I had not used a pump in a while I varied the pressures over a 10 minute period.  Whilst pumping I could see my penis expanding and at about the 10 minute mark it had taken all but the width of the cylinder with about an inch and half to spare in length.  I took my penis out and it had definitely become engorge from the vacuum but there was no irritation, rash or welts.

After about a five minute break I did my second session, reapplying the endurance lube and towards the end I had expanded the width of the cylinder but it was about an inch and a quarter short of reaching the length.  I took my penis out and the engorgement remained for the duration of the next 5 minute break.

I did my third session  again applying the Endurance Lubricant and attained similar results to the second session.  I took my penis out and the full engorgement remained for about 30 minutes and it then began to go back to its regular size over the next three to four hours.

My Final Thoughts About The Endurance Penis Pump Set

All in all this is a good value pump that is sold around the $100 mark with most retailers.  It is not top of the line however it certainly is up there for the mass produced ones.  It’ a good reliable pump.  My two gripes are that there is not a donut included and the second is that it is not available in various sizes.  A great beginner’s pump that you cannot go wrong with. To get the most out of your new Topco sex toy read the beginners guide to penis pumps.

The lubricant is silky and luxurious.  It is paraben free so it did not get sticky quickly and regained its slide when more was applied.  I am not sure if the ginseng assisted or not but certainly it is up there with my favorite water-based lubes.  I will be interested how it will fit in with my sex toy play.

The cock rings were soft and were comfortable fitting.  I did jerk off after my penis pump test and although it felt restrictive they were not overly so.  They are a safe and reliable choice.  Will have to try the opening that is squarish to see if there are any different sensations.

The Specs

Penis Pumping System

  • Cylinder Width: 1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
  • Cylinder Height: 9 in. (22.86 cm)
  • Cylinder Depth: 1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
  • Hose Width: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm)
  • Hose Length: 12.25 in. (31.115 cm)
  • Hose Depth: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm)
  • Handle Width: 7.25 in. (18.41 cm)
  • Handle Height: 10.25 in. (26.04 cm)
  • Handle Depth: 1.25 in. (3.175 cm)

Endurance Cock Rings

  • Item Width: 2 in – 7.5 in
  • Item Height: 0.75 in. (1.88 cm)
  • Item Depth: 0.75 in. (1.88 cm)

Endurance Lube

  • Enhanced with ginseng
  • Water-based formula
  • Easy to clean, non-staining
  • Paraben-free
  • Proudly made in the USA 




Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena’s and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Get Pumped Up On Hydromax!

Penis Pump By Bathmate

A few weeks back I was presented with the opportunity to give Bathmate’s products a try for myself first hand. And being truthfully honest with you… I was apprehensive. No, that’s not the right word… I was perhaps uninterested. Firstly, I am lucky enough not to deal with erectile issues (Knock on wood, again and again!). Secondly, I’m not a “pumper”! I have never tried using a pump for that ultimate suction sensation that pumps can provide. I have my own personal and not always rational fear of using devices on my penis, for some silly reason I really like mine! However irregular injuries caused by such devices is something I personally aim to avoid. After giving it some thought, which really only went for 2 minutes. I jumped at it. Try everything twice I always say!

Bathmate began their venture in quite the harrowing story. In 2004 after a friend suffered a major spinal injury, Bathmate creator and CEO saw the effects his friend was going through. Seeing the lack of ingenuity on the market to help erectile deficiencies. The pumps were for the most part ineffective or uncomfortable and awkward to use. Using his engineering ingenuity went to work to design a pump that would work on a hydraulic system, the first of its kind. Almost 15 years later we can see what a success it has been! Bathmate’s Hydromax penis pumping systems are tops in their field. Whether you yourself are burdened by erectile troubles or you’re looking to expand your current members’ size, the Hydromax system would be my suggestion!

Before going into my personal venture with Bathmate and their Hydromax, I want to stress how very important reading the instructions and taking your time is when it comes to using these kinds of devices. These pumps have very powerful suction and if you jump in too fast and over pump it is possible to cause muscle damage and bruising to your penis. Please take your time do your research or better yet, pop into an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre near you and ask one of the friendly staff your questions.

Hydromax X30

The unit I took home was the Hydromax X30. Bathmate has created a number of variations of their pumps to fill customer demands. If you do go looking into pump systems you will notice Bathmate has 3 different systems with variations within each system. They range in variable lengths and girths depending on your personal needs.  The Hydromax system I went with claims to have 35% more suction/pumping power than the original Bathmate series (which is still the top selling pump on the market).

I, of course, cannot compare my Hydromax X30 to the original, but I can tell you, it’s powerful. The suction inside the Hydromax device is incredible. From what I can tell the differences between the Bathmate series and the Hydromax series is the quality of materials used in the process. IE softer silicone etc.

After using the device the first time, I was a little surprised by how limited you are to only using the device in an area that can get wet. It’s important to know that while you pump the water from inside the cylinder, it ejects out with force. I would definitely recommend only using this in the shower or bath!  I was looking on their website at the different accessories and I wished I had opted for the optional neck strap! This strap looks like it would make the process easier and a little less “hands on”.

Maxout Cream

A potential companion to your Bathmate Pump is Bathmate’s “Maxout” or Jelqing cream. And no that’s not a typo. Jelqing is another word for milking and is often used to describe the physical act of stroking the shaft of the penis. Popular belief is that when this is done properly it is possible to achieve a larger and stronger penis. Personally, my vote is still out on this debate. However, if you are interested in increasing the size of your “manhood” I would say pumps are your safer option when done the right way. The Maxout Cream by Bathmate does add a great level of moisturiser to the shaft of the penis before you begin using the pump.

Jelqing Serum By Bathmate
Image: Bathmate Max Out Jelq

Control Delay Cream

It’s exactly what it says it does! With a strong understanding of how effective their product is Bathmate knew their customers would want some help to delay their climax while using the pumps. With help from the Delay cream and some steady practice, these pumps can help do more than engorge a member, if used smart these pumps could help to curb the urge to prematurely ejaculate.

Delay Ejaculation Cream By Bathmate
Image: Bathmate Control

3 x Power Rings

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ll already know what a proponent of cock rings I am! I am very lucky to have one of each of the 3 power rings by Bathmate. I have only taken one out of its packaging and until it breaks, it will be my regular. The ring I am currently obsessed with is the “Gladiator”, it’s a rounded ring made from soft squishy TPE/TPR or rubber if you want a simple name. The unique thing about the Gladiator is the nodes on the inside of the ring. These little nodes add great pleasure pressure to the penis aiding with blood flow control and adding great pressure sensations. I have used this both with the pump and without the pump, it’s just a great cock ring to add to any collection!

Cock Ring By Bathmate
Image: Bathmate Power Rings (From Left To Right: Barbarian, Gladiator and Spartan)

Toy Cleaner

If you’re going to the field leader with your product why not develop your own custom toy cleaner? That’s exactly what Bathmate has done with their misting toy cleaner. I will say I used this to both clean out the Hydromax pump itself and it worked great, at least from what I could tell. The device didn’t need much of a clean though. I did also try the misting toy cleaner on a few other toys that had been used with silicone lube. I found that the misting spray nozzle meant I needed more spray to give the toys a coating, it also took a touch of elbow grease to get that silicone film off the toys as well. I think the Misting toy cleaner is better left for the delicate job of keeping my pump clean and healthy.

Sex Toy Cleaner By Bathmate
Buy Now | Bathmate Hydromax Product Range

Call me Happy! Because that’s what I am. I stepped outside of my regular (however irregular they might be) realm of sexual pleasures and tried a completely new style of toy. While there were a few surprises, a few things I found difficult, I am very excited about my Hydromax (and Gladiator cock ring). What I find most intriguing is now I can see firsthand how these penis enlargement devices like the Hydromax could potentially help those with premature ejaculation. I’m still unsure about the pumps having lasting effects on the physiology of a penis. At least we can have fun finding out!

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON)- Human Sexuality



Patrick Kriz has a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology – Human Sexuality. Patrick is a wonderful man that has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share this with those around him. He is articulate, educated and the provider or interesting and educational writings.

Having been a regular contributor to this blog for the past couple of months he has consented to add his profile to our ever expanding list of bloggers that provide us with the great content provided to you. We thank all our contributors and authors and a special thanks to Patrick whom we deem to be an expert on all things relating to sexual wellness and adult lifestyle with quality writings. Be sure to follow Patrick on Instagram.

A Rabbit That Kick-starts The P-Spot

Anal Sex Toy With Rabbit Ears

When it comes to sex toys, when you think of The Rabbit, you automatically think of sex toys for women. Which is why, when I was asked to do a review for The Rabbit Company, the first words out of my mouth were – are you sure this is for me? Having worked in an adult store before moving into education and IT, I was familiar with The Rabbit Company, and all I’d known them to do – was create a very concise range of rabbit vibrators for women. A little perplexed, yet curious at the same time, I checked out their website again and it became clear that they were expanding their range and creating new sex toys for women, and men. Their goal, of having a collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market, had been reached and they were venturing into new and uncharted territory with prostate and anal sex toys for the boys. In this case, the sex toy being suggested to me was called The Prostate Rabbit, and it was an insertable, hands free prostate stimulation toy with a remote control. I’m always curious to see the male versions of luxury sex toys in comparison to their female counterparts because most of the time, it will either pass with flying colours or it will fall into heap and be left in the drawer of forgotten toys. So, being keen to try a new vibrator from a brand new range of sex toys, I let my curiosity reign and waited for its arrival.

Let me start out this review by saying that The Prostate Vibrator is not going to be a toy that’s going to be left in the forgotten drawer – I had fun with the features, the remote control, and the strength of the vibrations. However, there were a few things that have left me a little confused and we’ll go over them throughout the review. Let’s start off with the box. I’m a little torn here, because I actually love the box. I think it’s different, I think it’s simple and I feel that it does a great job in making an intimate toy seem so damn normal. It’s a white box with simple images, a little text that shows off what this vibrator can do – but it does so in an unobtrusive way, that isn’t about shoving sex in your face. Even if you’re not the greatest of readers – the box and its images makes it very clear as to what the sex toy inside looks like and its simplicity and quality makes it very reminiscent of high quality and luxury brands of vibrators.

Anal Sex Toy For The Prostate And Perenium
Sex Toy: The Rabbit Company The Prostate Rabbit

Where I get a little torn is in the marketing – and I can’t help but feel that they’re being a little too soft and cautious in the way that they’re presenting this prostate toy as well as trying to cover too many angles. It’s called The Prostate Rabbit, yet there’s a repeated information piece whereby it states that the stimulation is good for men and women. It goes on further to state that it provides a prostate massage for him, and anal or clitoral stimulation for her. So, is it a prostate vibrator or an anal sex toy or is it trying to be both? Maybe it’s just me, but despite being in a long term homosexual relationship, and maybe it’s because I’ve not really ever learnt how to share – but the majority of the time, my sex toys are my sex toys. Yes, I get the fact that the sex toy is made for silicone, and I completely understand that silicone sex toys can be shared between partners between cleans/sterilisation, but I’m not sure that I’m crazy hot on the idea of a specifically named prostate toy being marketed towards ‘couples’, and especially with a swapping between anal and vaginal stimulation. To me it kind of cheapens the idea of it being a ‘Prostate toy’.

The Hare Care Information

The Hare care information (isn’t that just cute), which shows you how to look after your rabbit is printed on the inside of the box, the website, and the instruction booklet – which I found to be not only really convenient, but also informative. It demonstrates that this company cares about you and your intimate products – but at no stage does it indicate that you need to clean and sterilise your sex toy between vaginal and anal stimulation. Sure, this might seem like common knowledge to a lot of people, but it’s still handy information to include and to ensure that there’s no accidental errors.

My Thoughts When I Opened The Box

Taking off the initial cardboard outer box, and I was left with a beautiful blue box which simply stated ‘The Rabbit Company’. A flip top side panel, and the box just popped on open. Inside was the prize. Sitting nestled in the box was the actual prostate toy, the remote control, the charger and the information booklet, it was all packaged really neatly and just looked a treat. I love the initial look of the prostate vibe. It was a tad thinner than what i was expecting and a quick tape measure showed that I was looking at a 4 inches in circumference, which is extremely reasonable and suited for people at all levels. The prostate arm has some flexibility to it, which meant that you’re definitely not restricted to sitting or laying in a certain position, when you’re using this. The bottom arm is a little firmer – whilst it does have a little flex in the small neck – it’s by no means as flexible as the top arm. This massager, unlike some other massagers out there – isn’t purely silicone. The very base of this toy is a white plastic strip – the purpose of which I’m not overly sure about – it’s cute in allowing a colour difference, and making the toy stand out just a little more. It is the attention to detail.

Anal Sex Toy For The P-Spot
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The Prostate Massager’s Small Bunny Ears

Now, what sets this toy apart from other prostate massagers are the small ears, and the stimulating ‘whiskers’. Do they do their job? When you turn the vibrator on and just hold it in your hand you can definitely feel the vibrations and when putting a finger lightly on the ears and whiskers, the ears are definitely a lot stronger which I found to be surprising. At this stage the ears were still confusing me – I understood the whiskers. But I wasn’t sure the angling of the ears would prove to be much benefit to me and my body. Nevertheless, lubing the toy up, I clicked it on for standby mode and slid it in and prepared. The controls were fairly simple, the middle button controlling the ears, the top vibration button controlling the prostate arm – and the vibration strength on the side. This is pretty powerful. It’s not my most powerful sex toy – but it certainly has enough strength to satisfy the majority of power loving men. The angle was a little off for me, and I had to manually adjust myself to ensure that I was getting the most out of the toy. I was most curious about the ‘clitoral’ ears and if I’m being perfectly honest – whilst I wasn’t a visual fan of them – they didn’t detract or add much to the sensations of the toy. I was completely indifferent to them. Sure, the vibrations were a little different on the perineum with the ears and it was fun, but I’m not sure that this was a feature that made or broke the sex toy – I was more than happy with the performance of the toy regardless of this feature.

What I loved was the strength, and the options with the remote. I’d been informed that I really needed to test the range on this remote control, so throwing the remote to the partner I told him to walk, and I’ve got to say. I was really impressed by the range of the remote. I was still rolling on the floor murmuring contentedly to the changing pulses when he was two rooms over. Keep in mind, that I do not have brick walls, and therefore cannot test the signal strength when it comes to this material. I’m not sure whether he heard something in my murmurings that I didn’t hear or whether he was just trying to be a smart ass, but I was nearing the edge and he decided to turn it off. Let’s just say that aside from this cheeky form of denial that my partner decided to try with the remote, that I enjoyed this prostate massager once it was out of the box. For more information be sure to check out our guide on anal sex toys for men and women.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.EdSave




Stephen is a cis-gendered gay male who spends far too much time with his two cats and eating tim tams. A self-identified sex-positive advocate he cares deeply about gender equality, disabilities, sexual education and social issues. Opinionated and bold he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and say what others won’t. With a yearning for knowledge and experience in all things relating to sex, he is a prolific writer that has developed the content for a myriad of informative Sexual Health and Wellness websites.

Stephen’s articles and writings tends to focus on social issues, sexual education, queer issues and all things fetish and absurd. He comes qualified with the completion of a double Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and literature, and a Masters in Education.