My Super Hung Hero’s Captain Cock

Just the other day I entertained the thought of arousing myself with my favourite super hero’s cock. You see I had come across the ultimate treat a dildo named the Super Hung Hero Captain Cock which is based upon Captain America. I absolutely worship Captain America so I thought this product would make a perfect addition to my sex toy collection. The dildo is made in a classic blue colour that instantly inspires desire for some macho like action beneath the sheets. This dildo definitely helps out in setting the scene for my orgasmic fantasy to come to life.

To be frank, I just adore a sufficiently large cock and this sex toy was in line with that particular personal preference. The dildo measures 9.25” in total length with an 8.5” insertable length. He has a girth of 6.25” and a width of 1.9” at its largest point. What makes this dildo easy to use is the tapered tip and what gives a sudden expansion of pleasure is the gentle bulbous area near the tip of the shaft. This dildo really is a rock solid erection.

The really exciting feature that made me consider buying this particular sex toy was the dual texturing made with ripples which looked like they would give me a series of exhilarating orgasms. It is made with raised areas for texture that mimic the design of Captain America’s shield. It is made with a metallic base which makes it compatible with my favourite harness. It is made with a novelty design that’s absolutely practical and perfect for collectors!

Captain America sex toy
Image: Super Hung Heroes Captain Packaging

To top all the off, I was especially pleased to learn that this dildo is made in America by Doc Johnson. Doc Johnson is a major sex toy company who make thousands of products so my confidence and concerns on safety were assured. There are four other dildos in this collection which include:

  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes The Hammer: A Thor themed dildo.
  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Rock Hard Man – A Iron Man themed dildo.
  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Amazing Webshooter – A Spiderman themed dildo.
  • Doc Johnson Super Hung Heroes Caped Cock – A Batman themed dildo.

My Personal Experience With The My Super Hung Heroes Captain Cock

What I love about Captain America and other super heroes is that they are supposed to be our object of infatuation with their incredible prowess and timely response to a civilisation’s time of need. After reading the products description on the packaging and looking sceptically at my purchase, the quality seemed to be decent. At first, I didn’t buy into its vibe but after a few trials I knew I was in for the ride of my life. What follows after you buy the dildo is entirely up to your wild imagination.

When using this sex toy, I experienced a ton of pleasure. I just can’t just get enough action. The feeling of Captain America massaging against my breasts and pussy is an exhilarating ecstasy. I thrilled my personal fetish after I explored the contour lines from the tip to the generous width down to the base. Since there are no batteries, you are in full control of the levels of pressure, speed and intensity of the experience. The long shaft of this dildo massaging my body is my favourite feeling.

Stimulation with this sex toy is no longer a boring routine. Afterwards, I felt sexually satisfied and content. My body did not feel sore after many immense rounds of pleasure that I put myself through. The sex toy is made with premium grade silicone which is great to work with and easy to clean afterwards.

Captain America dildo
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I highly recommend Super Hung Hero Captain Cock for those seeking a classic sex toy with a friendly price tag. It is safe to conclude that the product is a wonderful addition to any sex toy collection. It adds a fresh perspective with some pretty naughty and seriously fun positions to try out. I appreciate a dildo that won’t back down until my needs are fully met. This hunk edition is worth the asking price.


Pop-culture Made Batman My Super Hung Hero!

Batman's penis outline

Super Hung Heroes is a range of dildos made by the adult company Doc Johnson. They are made based upon all of our favorite marvel super heroes and comics but they are extremely hung. Imagine Spiderman ripping out his gigantic red swollen cock, Thor putting his extremely hard hammer down, Iron Man with his mushroom headed hard dong, Batman with his ridged winged big dong and Captain America’s sex toy like dong that’s humble and gets straight to the point. With the introduction to these dildos, I will also introduce you to who I am.

Banner for the Super Hung Heroes
Image: Super Hung Heroes

I myself, am a gay comic nerd who plays video games like the card game Magic The Gathering and all sorts of board game stuff. Now I never used to be into comics but my wonderful and amazing boyfriend of five years (can you tell it’s our anniversary this week) has turned me. With every release of a Marvel/DC film he has patiently dealt with all my questions concerning characters. He has devotedly dragged me to the cinemas and we have watched… Every… Single… Damn… Marvel and DC Film. I’ll give the studio credit – they must be rolling in it.

And yes, before you ask we have watched the gay porn parodies including Captain Americock, Batman and Robin; An all-male parody, Batdude and Throbin and our personal favorite The Green Lantern is Gay. Though, I will freely admit that we were devastated about the lack of Ryan Reynolds in this film. Though listen up, you can see Ryan Reynolds Ass in Deadpool. Just sayin’. Go see it. It’s an amazing film. Also, putting it out there, if Marvel wants some new marketing blood in their marketing team.

There are plenty of movies that are being released like Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man Homecoming 2. So, to celebrate all these upcoming movies, today I will be looking at one of the Super Hung Heroes and I have my eye on the ”The Caped Cock”. I wonder what a superhero’s cock would feel like! *Insert Dramatic Fanfare*.

Batman's dildo
Image: The Caped Cock Box

Now, I do find it hilarious that the ‘Caped Cock’ is an uncircumcised cock and for those that love uncut sex toys – this will have you in the zone in no time.  Combine this with some water-based cum lubricant and… Well, what I was going to say is just too damn crass. So you can fill in the blanks. Now before you get too excited, I need to warn you. When the tagline is ‘Super Hung’, they ain’t lying. This massive Super Hung Hero is just over two inches wide by one a half inches. It is wide. Did I mention it is wide? So, just like any good superhero “slash” athlete you will need to warm up before using this super villain AKA Bad Boy. So pucker up, spread your personal lubricant of choice liberally and get those sphincter muscles warmed up because there is no way you can take this thing cold.

Dildo of Batmans penis
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You’ll also notice that it could not be a Batman Cock without the shape of batman, so rather than sacrifice a phallic shape, they’ve embossed the batman wings on either side of the shaft and then ‘scored’ it, so it almost feels like a bat. Not that I’ve ever felt a bat, but it kind of feels like the leathery wings… alright. Now that I think about it, and since the bat is a mammal it doesn’t feel like a bat. I can feel the ripples and they feel very subtle. When you run your fingers along it, you can tell that it will feel good. If you can fit it in that is! On top of that, it has little ridges around the two bat wings so, whilst there’s not a lot going on, there’s certainly some room for some solid stimulation. It’s made of a softish silicone, and when lube is applied it feels silky smooth.

My only critique of this is the balls. They aren’t balls, they’re barely even in the shape of balls. Considering the detail on this, and when I compare it to the other Super Hung Heroes dildos – I was a little disappointed that they thought they’d literally just gloss over the balls and not pay any attention to them. That’s certainly not what you should do with balls. It is made in America like the majority of super heroes, this silicone dildo will have any fan boy squealing. Whether that’s from delight… or something else. Well that’s for you to decide and for you to ensure that you warm up for the Super Hung Heroes!

I Turned My Ultimate Gigolo Fantasy Into A Reality

Gigolos tv show series

A few months ago while I was at home bored I was flicking through Stan and came across Gigolos, a Showtime reality series about a group of male gigolos and it instantly sparked my interest. What wasn’t to love? A group of hot straight guys that had sex for a living! I was hooked! The series is set in Las Vegas, Nevada. It follows the lives of several men and their daily live interactions with each other and their clients. You watch as the cameras show the intimate details of the escorts and their clients. The series was initially criticised by the legality of the services and the amazement as to how these women would consent to having their sexual services being filmed, but soon after it became a hit!

My Favourite Gigolo Is Nick Hawk

Throughout season 1, we get to know each guy and the different reasons as to why they decided to start escorting but for me the star and my personal favourite is Nick Hawk, a tattooed hunk with a sexy personality and an amazingly defined body. It’s very clear that he is one of the main stars of the show, with his mesmerising charisma and undeniable star power. I learned that Nick Hawk is a reality star but also an actor, musician, rapper, songwriter, author and entrepreneur. He is also a former Air Force crew chief and marksman, as well as an accomplished martial artist in the skill of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has also written a semi-autobiographical book as well as delved into the music industry. He also made headlines when, in 2016 insured his penis for one million dollars. Hawk has also created his own line of sex toys under the name “Nick Hawk Gigolo” and has various different products, including a sex doll, penis pump, whip, handcuffs, vibrators, cock rings and other various products, including my personal favourite, a realistic dildo that can be used as a strap-on that is moulded directly from the star himself.

Sexy picture of Nick Hawk
Image: Nick Hawk

Nick Hawk’s Very Own Dildo!

On my first shift at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, I was pleasantly surprised that we sold his products and I told my manger about the sexy hunk and how I had been a fan of his for the last couple of years. For the next few weeks, I ummed and ahhed and finally decided that I needed his dildo. I mean, it was the only way I was going to get with the straight male escort. Well, until I actually meet him and turn him on with my animalistic sex appeal… yeah right! I can dream though. And that’s exactly what I could do with the replica.

I made my purchase and unfortunately I had to wait until the end of my shift to be able to use it. It was devastating! But, my shift soon ended and I made my way home quickly. I ran inside and was relieved to find that all my housemates had gone to bed. I rushed and had a shower then went to my room to have some special me time. I sat on my bed and just looked at the box for a moment. Mr Hawk in all his sexiness stared back at me. My word he is one fine specimen of a man.

I opened the box and took out my new sex toy. The beautiful penis was displayed in all its glory right in front of me. I looked over the dong and was happily surprised that they had included his unique tattoos that are all over his body including his cock. I was also surprised that a feature of the product is that it includes movable balls, I thought that it was a very different and unique feature that made the product all the more realistic and fun to play with. I was very eager to use my new purchase and that’s exactly what I did.

Nick Hawk's dildo
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I grabbed my lube, slathered it on the sex toy and started having my special me time. Now, it was a little bigger than what I usually use, but I adjusted to it and really enjoyed it in no time at all. I took a while to enjoy the new addition to my personal sex toy collection. I finished with a happy ending, cleaned up and went to bed satisfied.

My overall thoughts on the product is that it is a well-made and well thought out sex toy that will definitely please his fans all over the world, female and male alike. I certainly do not regret my purchase and if you are a fan of Nick Hawk, I definitely recommend this product. I’ve definitely found my new comfy blankie that I sleep with which I will hug every night to go to bed. Now I wonder if I wish hard enough Nick Hawk will actually cuddle me to sleep every night. One can certainly dream! Nick Hawk knows what makes a perfect dildo.

Author: Brett is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

The Easiest Way To Train Your Octopus

Woman Training Your Octopuss

All of our sexual play is born from fantasy, these fantasies can vary greatly from person to person. Each taking their imagination to one’s own pleasure limits. When it comes to toys the market is full of companies competing for bigger grander toys and of course the shock factor. What these companies share in common is their products resemblance to an anatomical human penis. But for some, the fantasy goes beyond the size. They dream beyond the natural world, they escape to a place of wonder. A place only found only found in the pages of your favourite Science Fiction novel or James Cameron Film.

Bad Dragon’s Cum Lubes

If I am going to tell you about my first experience into the “Fantastical” realm of Bad Dragon toys I’m going to have to start with their lubes! Along with my selected toy, I got both of Bad Dragon’s “Cum lube” in Clear and… Cum. Cum Lube? I bet your questioning? No need to question, this product is EXACTLY as it sounds. The contents of these bottles (I had to try both) were the stickiest, stringiest substances I’ve ever used in the bedroom. It was like mashing up marshmallows between your fingers until its creamy and stringy, only these lubes led to much more fun activities. I strongly recommend using this lube in easy to clean areas, it’s messy! Don’t get me wrong, this was not a bad thing. The way this lube feels the consistency is like magic. Virtually these two lubes are the same. These lubes are safe to use with sex toys as they are water-based and is meant to resemble Cum. As I said earlier, one is clear the other is a cloudy white, much like cum. I did personally enjoy the Cum one better. For no other reason then you could visually see it better. Trust that the interactions you have with this lube are entertaining in themselves. You will not be disappointed with this lube, Bad Dragon tugged out a winner with this stuff.

Personal Lubricant by Bad Dragon
Image: Cum Lube In Clear And Cum Lube

Ika The Tentacle Dildo

Now that I have told you little about the lube from Bad Dragon, now comes time to delve into my foray into the fantasy pleasure zone. When choosing a toy from Bad Dragon the options…the options…the options. For every Style design, and believe you me, they have designs to blow your mind. Each toy comes in a plethora of colours and swirls combinations for you to choose from. On top of colour choice, Bad Dragon toys come in variable firmness options depending on your preference. They offer a size range as well, Bad Dragon has all the bases covered here!

Ika The Tentacle Dildo
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I ended up taking IKA (a Tentacle arm like dildo) home with me in the small size and in a soft firmness. I was new to this realm and wanted my introduction to be as comfortable as possible. I myself as open as I think of myself was more than a little apprehensive about using a dildo shaped like a tentacle. I just hadn’t considered it I guess… perhaps because for so long quality products in this genre didn’t exist, so I never looked. I certainly wasn’t going to find a tentacle to have sex with in the real world so I didn’t see a need to find one I could use alone. Very glad Bad Dragon has shown me why I would want to find a toy like this. To say this toy is unique beyond anything I’ve used before is too obvious of a statement, I mean… its a TENTACLE! The textures, the ridges from the suction cup design along the tentacle arm are tantalising! The design is so good that all the textures don’t get in the way of an easy entry with this toy. I am still blown away at how fun this toy was to use. I will say, and I’m surprising myself again when I say this, I do wish I had gone with a slightly larger size toy with a Medium firmness. I think this would have added to my pleasure experience in just the right ways. I might even have to go back and get another, Both the TAKO and the ELDEN have caught my eye… and I’m pretty eager to see what else Bad Dragon has in store!

Foaming Toy Cleaner

The last but certainly not least part of my Fantasy adventure with Bad Dragon is their Foaming Toy Cleaner. Bad Dragons toy cleaner might be made from Dragons Tears? When they say a little goes a long way, they weren’t kidding. When I am playing with toys anally I personally like to use a little bit of an anal comfort serum initially. With doing this I do notice it leave a film on toys that can be a little harder to remove. Nothing a little extra rubbing doesn’t fix. But with Bad Dragons Foaming Toy Cleaner, one small pump a rub down of the toy and it was like the film from the serum never existed. Impressed, to say the least.

Toy Cleaner by Bad Dragom
Image: Foaming Toy Cleaner

Bad Dragon has certainly made a believer out of me. Like all other science fiction fanatics, I am very excited for what else I can get my hands on from their amazing creators.

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON)- Human SexualitySave


A Remarkable Way To Take Something LARGE

CUTLERX A Gay Porn Star

I am extremely thankful to have been given a Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX for review. Mr. Hankey Toys design astonishingly detailed certified skin safe Dildos that are made with different levels of firmness which feel just right! These beauties can stand up on their own and if you get a Vac-U-Lock hole you can add as many attachments as you would like. There is one BIG difference with Mr. Hankey Toys Dildos, they are INCREDIBLY LARGE!

My Favourite Feature Is The Incredible Detailing

After I was mentally able to move pass the sheer size of the Dildo which mind you, took me about a week to process, I was then able to pay close attention to the level of detailing that this Dildo has and it has a lot of detailing! You can thank the famous gay adult movie star CUTLERX for that as it was moulded directly from his body with Mr. Hankey Toys proprietary life casting method which is a unique method used by their company alone. Yes, you heard me right, this is a realistic Dildo in all of its glory. The Dildo is made beautifully in a deep brown colour.

My favourite feature of the Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX is the way the nerves along the shaft catches the light in my bedroom. Just like CUTLERX’s penis, the mould which was created for this sex toy precisely picks out the level of depth each individual nerve has. Some nerves are higher than others and they create the smallest shadows that you would expect to see in real life. It is absolutely incredible, you can see all the individual directions that they go in and how they map themselves out on the Dildo.

The head of the Dildo is perfectly rounded outlined by a great big ridge which brings your attention to the tip. The gentleness of the skin can clearly be seen with its soft natural texture. The opening of the urethra is quite long measuring around 1 centimetre but this is what I would expect from something of this size. I was surprised to find out that I could slightly open the tip of the urethra which absolutely amazed me as I have never seen that before on a realistic Dildo.

At the very base of this large Dildo is an incredibly large set of testicles which gently ripple inwards. I am going to be completely honest, I don’t believe I have ever seen a pair of balls with that type of texture. I can only imagine that if someone were to get the whole length of the Dildo inside that the texture which is on the testicles would be quite stimulating to the clitoris and u-spot. It is an incredibly realistic penis.

Gay Porn Star Holding His Sex Toy
Photo: CUTLERX With Dildo

The Level Of Firmness Is Just Right

The material itself feels incredibly soft on the outside with a slight firmness on the inside. It comes in two different levels of firmness, Medium Firm and 75% Soft Level Firm so the choice is yours. The bulbous tapered head of the Dildo feels softer than the shaft, this is because they slightly vary in width but this means that the penetrative experience will feel extremely gentle.

It’s Powerful Stance And Swaying Power

One of the first thing’s I did when I held the CUTLERX in my hands was to balance it on the palm of my hand which proved to be a lot of fun. With every light quiver of my hand, it would gently sway to and fro. I placed it on my desk and poked it, this bad boy has some serious swaying power and you can definitely helicopter it in circles if you wanted to. It surprisingly only moves when touched which really is a remarkable sight but when it is left alone it stands incredibly strong by itself.

CUTLERX's Sex Toy By Mr. Hankey Toys

The Certified Skin Safe Silicone

Mr. Hankey Toys Dildos are made from USA produced ISO 10993-10 certified skin safe silicone which is also known as Platinum Silicone. This means that it can come in contact with most people’s skin and have no adverse allergic reaction. This type of silicone is used in the creation of prosthetics.

You Can Add Attachments

On the underside of the CUTLERX there is a hole which measures approximately 1 centimetres. This hole is used for Vac-U-Lock attachments which will give the Dildo additional features. For example, you can buy a compatible sex machine, handles, harnesses and suction cups. When you are making your purchase you need to choose whether you would like yours compatible with a Vac-U-Lock.

CUTLERX's Sex Toy By Mr. Hankey Toys
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The Arousal Process With Thoughts From A Man With The Experience

I had mentioned to a friend that I had a realistic Dildo which is the size of two of my wrists added together and he was surprised to find out that there was a company who made high quality Dildos in this size. What is considered a normal penis size depends on what you have been born with. So let’s take out time to delve into the arousal process that he had experienced with his exceptionally wide and long penis.

He said in response to my thoughts “Even if someone loves a wide cock they won’t get aroused enough to take that in one go without significant foreplay. The natural arousal process can take different amounts of time for different people, you can spend 15 minutes to an hour building up a lover’s body to accept such a large sex toy. You really need a lover to be extremely aroused, relaxed and tremendously well lubricated. If she isn’t dribbling down her inner thighs, she isn’t ready. Even if she is wet like the ocean it does not necessarily mean that her body will adapt to something of this magnitude.”

With this in mind, once you are aroused, relaxed and lubricated it is recommended that you start with smaller sex toys and then work your way up to Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX. You can begin by inserting the tip of the Dildos then slowly work your way in. He said “Slamming it down hard is going to be unpleasant to anyone but a masochist.” Some people may only be able to get the tip in but that will still feel sexually satisfying if you like that type of stimulation.

My Final Thoughts

Mr. Hankey Toys CUTLERX is an amazing beast of a Dildo. Its level of detailing captures all the natural qualities of a realistic large erect penis which we have CUTLERX to thank and Mr. Hankey Toys incredible commitment to providing high quality product made from Platinum Silicone that is certified. The firmness of the Dildo is hands down amazing and it has an incredible sway which I find captivating. My absolutely favourite feature is the detailing especially that of the nerves along the shaft. I feel like this Dildo has a gravitational pull of its own.

I had found when I held a high quality Dildo in my own hands was that I wanted nothing more but to own more of them. Currently Mr. Hankey Toys has a selection of 20 Dildos which are all different. If you have ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to have a penetrative experience with a certain type of penis, they have a lot of the shapes and textures that are considered to be natural. If you would like to find out more information, check out Adultsmart’s VIP Interview with the sex toy company Mr. Hankey Toys.