This Slim Classic Went Up My Butt!

Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug Smooth Medium Sex Toy Image

The anus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings and is an erogenous zone.  The correct insertion of sex toys or real sex make anal intercourse a most pleasurable act which when done correctly will create stronger orgasms than vaginal sex.  So If you want to tickle that spot which has the most amazing nerve endings read on about The Doc Johsnon Butt Plug Classic Smooth Slim.  In my opinion it makes most perfect butt toy for those starting out on their new sexual adventure. This adult toy has a slim tear-drop shape and its size is 5.5”. The tapered design offers comfortable insertion and the wide base holds the toy securely so that there can be no mishaps of it fully going up your love canal. It is made of PVC, TPR, non-phthalate body safe material including doc’s antibacterial patented sil-a-gel formula. It is considered perfect for people who want to try experimenting with anal play for the first time. Using a butt plug is a very simple and affordable way to increase your sexual stimulation.

adult smart beginners butt plug

What is a butt plug? Well you see, it plugs your butt, It’s all in the name. For folks, there are many different types of sized, shaped and weighted butt plugs to choose from. If you are a beginner we recommend using just a basic butt plug to see how you go. When you insert a butt plug it should be for a male with the aim on stimulating the prostate gland however ladies and men appreciate anal simulations.  They are for the most part pleasurable and give an empowering feeling as it sits against the nerve endings inside your anus or touching your prostate. A butt plug is a very simple sex toy which can add a great deal of fun and sexual experiences to your bedroom . Butt plugs must always have a flared base so that you can use them safely and efficiently.

A lot of people really appreciate sitting in seats whilst wearing butt plugs. No one knows you are using a butt plug, it will stimulate your prostate, which feels great. You will experience waves of pleasure whilst sitting down amongst friends, or in a restaurant with no-one the wiser – except foryou.  You can use butt plugs during foreplay or during sex,  Many women say that having the anus filled with the vagina is being penetrated is a real turn on.  One could fantasize that there are two lovers inside – one in the vagina and one in the anus.   It goes without saying that you will orgasm quicker and more intensely when incorporating some butt play in your sexual relations.  Others use anal sex toys as they have an anal fantasy but their partners do not wish to participate in anal sex.

There are certain individuals who have one in while they go out, it is something a touch exciting that no-one else will even contemplate is happening. It can be enjoyable to go out on the town having one in or realizing that your lover is using one and only the two of you  know. There is nothing as risque and thriling as using a sex toy in public that only you and your partner know about. Even more so in broad daylight when you know what wonderfully wicked sensations you are experiencing whilst watching everybody else go through their mundane daily tasks. This is broadening your adult lifestyle in a fun and enjoyable way.

Sex is of the utmost importance for people whether they are men or women. Along with the time, people’s lifestyle has been changed. So, sex is not an exception. It has been changed now. These days people want to use new and innovative adult toys letting goof sex in traditional ways that had been the norm for many in the past. Sex toys have an important role for peoples health and sexuality. There are large collections of adult toys available in the market in terms of various colors, designs, styles, shapes and sizes. You can customize your choices to get the exact toy for you and if you are contemplating anal play then the Classic Smooth Butt Plug from Doc Johnson is a great choice.

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