We Vibe Chorus Review

Chorus We-vibe
It’s finally here at our Oh Zone Adult Stores!!!! I’ve realised today that I get just as excited for the new We-Vibe if not more than when the new iPhone comes out. If you don’t know about We-Vibe, they are one of the greatest brands in the adult industry. They’ve been around since 2008 and in the 12 years they’ve brought out a great range of different toys for both men and women but of course, their most well known and by far their most popular product is their couples toy.
I say it every time they update this toy and I’ll say it again, thank you for actually listening to your customers! I respect the company a lot just for the fact that every time they bring out the update, they’ve managed to come up with a solution to all the problems that were complained about with the version before.
If you haven’t owned any of the previous models, here’s a bit of info about why this is the best selling couples toy around the world..
For all the cis-hetero couples out there you have 2 ways of using it.
  1. She can insert the larger side of the toy and use the adjustments to clamp the smaller side to her clit and then he has the choice of controlling it with either the we-connect app on his mobile phone or the remote control it comes with. By using the App he has control of the toy from anywhere in the world and he has the ability to create his own vibration patterns for each motor.
  2. You can wear it together during sex by bending the adjustment in the smaller side up so that it is facing towards her g-spot, placing only that side inside of her with his penis underneath it and bending the larger side of the toy onto her clit.
But this toy definitely doesn’t only work for cis-hetero couples. I’ve worn one myself while wearing a harness and dildo. Whilst it works great for me, the clitoral side of the toy also ends up sitting on the back of the dildo which gets that vibrating for her as well. And I’ve used it many times for different out in public date ideas.
Now for the latest and greatest, the Chorus. Here’s a list of all the awesome new features:
  • You have 3 colour choices this time and good luck choosing because they’re all insanely cute with the new glittery look! Baby blue, dark purple and hot pink.
  • The motors have gotten a whole lot better! I love it when companies use rumbly motors instead of the annoying buzzy kind. I was already impressed with the strength of the Sync but I love my strong toys so there’s always room for improvement.
  • The charging case has gotten a lot more discreet which now makes it an awesome storage case. (90 minutes for a full charge with 90 minutes of play)
  • They’ve changed the remote completely and it’s got an insane new feature! Just like a normal remote, you have the buttons for intensity control and for changing up your patterns but it’s the bottom of the remote that gets interesting with the new squeeze control. The bottom feels similar to a stress ball and We-Vibe says they’ve designed it this way with the most human response in mind, so the harder you squeeze the stronger the vibration gets and vice versa.
  • There’s also a new touch-sense feature that responds to your movements when wearing the Chrous with your partner. The sensor is located underneath the We-Vibe logo on the stimulator. You get 3 bonus touch-sense modes that you can play around with when you’re using your toy with the We-Connect App.
  • And finally, after years of frustration, they’ve finally updated the We-Connect app and Bluetooth connectivity! We-Vibe now uses a combination of both Bluetooth 5 and Ankorlink to create the most stable connection between your Chorus and the App. It was a common issue that the older versions of the couples toys would struggle to stay connected to the app through flesh, so this new technology has fixed this massive problem! Make sure to keep your remote close by for the best possible connection.
Just like all the other We-Vibe products the Chorus is made of body-safe silicone, it is 100% waterproof and comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty. 
So if you’re looking for the perfect Valentines gift to give to your partner this year or you want to treat yourself this Valentines Day, you definitely can’t go wrong with this We-Vibe and they’ve conveniently released the toy just in time ?❤️

Butt Plugs For Beginners!

My boyfriend has always been really experimental when it comes to being intimate. Recently he threw out the idea of trying something very different for me. I was unsure about where he was going with the whole conversation because last time I ended up covered in sundae toppings. However, this time he asked if I would ever be willing to allow anal play. I was always taught that was a no-go type of zone. Yet, many of my friends have stated just how great it was and that the orgasms are much stronger and tend to last a lot longer.

He brought up the fact that I had never done anal that I could possibly try starting out with a butt plug that is made for beginners, to help me to get accustomed to what it would feel like to actually have him in there. I did a lot of research on the types of butt plugs and what is best for a beginner, how to get prepared for one, and so much more. I had researched so much that I was actually starting to get scared about what I had been reading.

The first thing that I did after that point was go into my local adult toy store and ask questions. The sales person was really thorough with all the answers to my questions and I was led back into a room that contained so many adult toys, it could have almost been a warehouse of dildos. I was led to a section that contained butt plugs. The first thing I noticed is that they ranged in sizes. From tiny no more than 1 inch around to huge more than 5 inches around. They had beginner packages that contained a numbing agent, lubricant and the butt plug, and there were even some that just came by itself. There were oddities when it came to butt plugs such as some that had tails or spikes, some that vibrated, and some that were waterproof and made of glass.

Finally, I took a chance and found a small, jelly type of butt plug that I would be able to practice with. It was small and blue. It was no more than 2 inches around. I also purchased a water-based lubricant and I purchased a numbing lube as well called AnalEase. I will not lie I was overly nervous about anything going in that area as there have been stories about things that happen that are not the most hygienic.

So according to the websites that I read, it is best to use the bathroom and then shower before using a butt plug. I decided to follow the protocol and I made sure that I was looking the best that I could for this experience. My boyfriend, being the great guy that he is made sure that I stayed calm for the whole experience. The first thing was to apply the AnalEase which is a lubricant that is used to numb the nerves for use of anal toys. It has to be inserted with a finger which was quite awkward. It numbs you just enough to where it will not hurt, but not enough that you cannot feel the sensations from the nerves.

The feelings of his fingers in my hind end was an odd experience to start with. It took a few minutes but I had really begun to relax and allow the sensations to take over. He then removed his fingers and applied my water-based lubricant to the toy and a little to my butt. I then felt him press the butt plug against my rectum. There was a lot of pressure at first, but he went slowly enough to allow me to adjust to the sensations that I was experiencing. Eventually the butt plug had been inserted and I stayed still for a moment to allow my body to be completely adjusted before any other types of pleasure could happen.

Eventually, the sensations of the butt plug moving with other movements allowed for some intense pleasure during intercourse and even foreplay. Just bumping the butt plug allowed for there to be increased sensations from the nerve endings in my rectum. It was if my whole body was on fire from the orgasms that I was having. When we had finished with our session, the removal of the butt plug was also very easy. Although I was overly sensitive when it was removed. The pressure of having it in me for an extended amount of time did cause a bit of soreness afterwards. That is one thing that they do not prepare anyone who uses a butt plug for. There will be soreness after it is used, especially if it is your first time ever having anything in that area.

You will want to be sure that after you are done playing with the butt plug that you clean it thoroughly otherwise you could end up with an infection. You will want to use warm water and a toy cleaner, which is best, but if not be sure to use a soft soap that will not destroy the plastic or jelly material of the butt plug. You also want to let it air dry because using a towel can leave lint and fuzz on the toy. Once you have cleaned and dried it, be sure to store it in a place or package that will keep it clean. I have a small plastic container that I put mine in.

Butt plugs now a favorite

After using a butt plug for the first time, it has become a favorite toy for me and my boyfriend, especially when we have enough time to really enjoy the experience. I have moved up in size now and eventually I hope to keep moving up in size. It is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once.

Australian’s Are Sex Toy Mad!

Sex Toys In Oz

According to a recent survey, the business of pleasure is growing day-by-day, especially in Australia. This survey, conducted on men and women both, has revealed the fact that 22% of Australians have over 11 sex toys per head. This survey was conducted by a sex toy retailer who sells his products online, on more than 1,000 men and women for the month of May, the National Masturbation Month of Australia.

The 11 sex toys Australia owned by 22% of Australians include rabbit vibrators as the most favorite sex toy for women. The participants of the survey told that masturbation provide long lasting pleasure than actual sexual intercourse.

According to a recent research sex toys are bought more by women than men in Australia. But the findings of a survey commissioned by a online retailer of sex toys, have revealed that out of 22% Australians having over 11 sex toys each, the number of men was more than number of women buying sex toys. They conducted this survey on over 1,200 Australian women and men for the month of May which is celebrated as the National month of Masturbation in Australia.

On the whole it is assumed that nearly 2% of Australian might have not bought any sex toy in their lifetime whereas more than half of the Australians have bought over 5 sex toys on an average.

Rabbit vibratos are considered as the most favorite sex toys Australia seconded by bullet vibrators and dildo stands third on the list of most favored sex toys in Australia.

Reasons behind madness for sex toys in Australia

Main reason behind the madness of Australians for sex toys is the long lasting effect of the masturbation on their stress level as well as prevention of infections in urinary tract depending upon the level of stress relief one gets from masturbation.

Different surveys have revealed that nearly 65% Australians crazy for sex toys preferably use them for solo sex. Out of these nearly 40% are women who like sex toys more than men as, according to them, masturbation gives lasting pleasure.

The researchers for the University of Sydney have observed that masturbation also helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, prostate cancer as well as cystitis along with providing lasting self pleasure. They also found that masturbation is admitted by over 90% men and nearly 85% women in Australia. It is such an activity which is also done by the babies when they are still in the womb.

In Australia, the use of sex toys Australia is considered as the safest way to satisfy your fantasies for sex and they can spice up your bedroom life if you are able to find some special sex toy for you. You can find a number of online sex toy retailers to buy a wide variety of adult toys of your choice, whether you are a nice person or a naughty one. These toys can help in exposing your animal instinct and vulgarity naturally included in you. In order to get intense and vigorous experience you can choose from sensual and soft sex toys on online retail stores for solo or couple use.

If you are new to sex toys then nothing can be better than the month of May, the National Masturbation Month, to add sex toys in your lifestyle whether you want to enjoy its pleasure alone or with your partner.

Some popular sex toys

Brief information about some of the popular sex toys Australia provided here under can help you in buying one or few for your personal use.

The Rabbit Vibrator: This sex toy is liked by nearly 17% admirers as they provide instant external and internal stimulation to allow you to enjoy a combination of orgasms.

The Bullet Vibrator: The next 17% users of sex toys like this vibrator as it can stimulate clitoris to the best level and can be kept in the hand bag easily in disguise of mascara or lipstick.

The Dildo: This sex toy is liked by about 12% users as it is the best toy for stimulating internally. It can provide lifelike realistic experience of sexual intercourse.

A study conducted by Health and Relationship Department of Australia in 2014 has found that 72% Australian men masturbated last year in comparison to 42% women. But the survey of an online retail store of sex toys has shown that almost 90% women use sex toys for masturbation to enjoy solo sex whereas only 30% men enjoy solo sex with sex toys.

Mad Sex Toys
Sex Toys In Australia

The online retail sex toy stores offer wide range of pleasurable and fun sex toys including various types of costumes, footwear and lingeries etc. from which you can choose to add some more excitement in your sex life. They can help you to have fun, increase your self confidence as well as spice up your relationship by using them.

You should find a reliable online store to buy sex toys Australia of your choice. You should choose one which can ensure you immediate delivery, excellent customer service, guaranteed best price and provide satisfaction and fun with the help of the range of its products. You can browse on these websites in the privacy of your home to go through thousands of products with the help of videos and images available in their gallery. You can select from them after reading the reviews of their previous users.

Even the beginners can find sex toys in various categories on these online stores including dildos, vibrators, eggs and bullets, male masturbators, anal toys and bondage toys along with a range of exciting toys to choose from as per their liking. It has been proved through various studies that the use of naughty sex toys can help in improving your overall health, sexual health as well as intimate relationship between both the partners.

In this way, sex toys Australia can satisfy the urge of sexual fantasies of the Australian people, men and women both. And for this main reason they are mad for sex toys. You can contact online sex toy stores through live chat, email or phone to satisfy your queries regarding the buying and using sex toys purchased from them. So if you want to open up the wild side of your sexual desire in Australia then you should buy sex toys as soon as possible.

I Wanna Be A Cowgirl!

Sex Machines

The Cowgirl is the epitome of the sex machines of the world, and only the finest of fine sex connoisseurs of the world will divulge the secrets of this astonishing machine. It is not for the faint hearted and this is the type of machinery that should be showcased and not hidden away shrouded by shame and embarrassment, this is a work of art quite literally, every sensual curve of the surface, the luscious purr of the motor and the impeccable attention to detail rivals the most exquisite toys in the sex industry.


But there is a reason this isn’t described as a sex toy, this is a machine and so it should have that status.


I have a way of describing brands in this industry and I often relate and compare them to cars. An Aston Martin vanquish Is my ultimate machine, it alludes sex appeal, and the sound of the motor drives me into audible ecstasy, the most impressive sports cars have a distinct and orgasmic sound that projects out of those luscious exhaust pipes and without them these cars would not have the same sensory overload that they have with those fine pieces of metallic masterpieces.


So as with the cowgirl it has an audible experience with the rumbling purr of its astonishing motor, like I said earlier on this is not something to hide away in a locked closest this is master piece of a machine and should be presented that way. If you are the sex connoisseur I know you then the moans and groans and occasional screams of pure delight will have nothing on the purr of this luxurious motor, and I’m sure by now your neighbours already know the difference between pure joy and the act of murder.


So if you’re not in the business of collecting stylish supercars, then this might tickle your fancy in all the right places, the artists of “the cowgirl” boast this as the most stylish ride. The thoughtfulness of this design is reflexed in its quality and it redefines the style of the previous sex machines on the market.


This is a PREMIUM product, not a gimmick or lump of metal that forgets the meaning of the word sex. The cowgirl embodies empowered sexuality, and why shouldn’t it, it is the most decadent of decadent pleasures just like that fine desert that causes you to shudder in delicenses, with just the perfect amount of kink.


For those who have spoken to me know how much I harp on about quality, and with the cowgirl the quality is in its details. Do I need to mention its precision engineering which creates its ultra-powerful vibrations with over 1200 rpms, it’s the kind of power that puts your partners smart car to shame.


Hand crafted… would you have expected any less? The cowgirl has a saddle style seat with comfort padding for that extra hard ride because trust me when I say you won’t want to stop. It accommodates bodies up to 181kg, so you have machinery worthy of the grinding and pounding you are going to give it.

Cowgirl Machine
Sex Machine

Unparalleled, that’s right you read correctly the cowgirl has unparalleled luxury, comfort, functionality to deliver the most superior experience.


Every single detail of this sex machine has been thought out with precision and perfection, from the easy to grip handle for easy transportation, to the slip resistant base for added stability for the most liquescent of sessions and protection of surfaces.

And what about those usually pesky electrical contact points which always seem flimsy, there is no need to stress because these points of been put to the test with the most ultimate heavy metal bands. Cowgirl moulds its plugs after high end musical equipment, so you know it is able to take a beat or two.


included in this impeccable work of art is a pair of modern, superior and functional body safe silicone attachments as well as a set of 10 springs and stems. The RAWHIDE attachment is for the art of bumping and grinding while the WILDWEST penetrates you with the perfect blend of orgasmic and intense form.

The springs and plastic stems are provided for your own custom experience, it will turn your WILDWEST completely 360degrees and full rotational while the plastic stem gives you a solidness to your ride. What do you prefer flexible or solid? You’ll never know until you try both.

As a self-assured control freak it ticks all the boxes from me, control is literally in your hands with its easy to use and to grip multifunction LED remote attached my a 3metre cord, or if you want a little less control and more mystery to your next vibration download the smartphone app for total cordless control up to 10metres away.

The cored LED remote has a simple and independent variable speed controller, so no moment is lost by fiddly buttons when you’re in the height of pleasure. It has the option of six vibration patterns and 360 degrees of swivel rotation.

While the smart phone app is also simple and easy to use and gives the added bonus of cordless control.  But if your anything like me and need to learn how to let go of the reigns a little then the FEELME app is absolutely perfect for you.


This is what dreams are made of quite literally and with that the cowgirl welcomes you to the next generation of riding. With all the advances in technology these days there is no wonder the feelme.com app is so damn popular, not only does it allow your secret lover or partner to control you ride from anywhere in the world it also allows you to see and feel real time pleasure.

You have the option of connecting to a partner’s device to control and allow to be controlled with the cowgirl’slong distance remote connection which also takes distance away with intimacy right on the screen in front of you. It allows you to be intimate with even the most distance relationships anywhere anytime.

And for something a little more the Feel me and Feel VR also allows you to digitally view your dreams on screen with real time non-verbal touch in the flow of vibrations that connect you and your dream together.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the ride that dreams are made of and no bucking required.


Morgan x

Exclusive Coco De Mer Release The Nell Vibrating Massager!

Review of the Nell Massager

I am a 38 year old, divorced lady with a 9 year old daughter . So you can imagine the struggles that I have had to go through to make my life function properly. I have a very busy schedule with my daughter’s extra curricular activities and my long working hours. I barely got time to do anything apart from taking my daughter to her classes and finishing my assignments from work.

My partner and I separated and we don’t really get much support from him.  My daughter is my responsibility and I have to pull off long hours at work to be able to give her whatever she needs. But at times I felt lonely and sad about the the fact that I had to lay alone in bed at night with nobody to hold me or talk sweet nothing with me.


How do I enter the competition?

Simply place a comment with a valid email address at the comment box at the footer of this page OR –

REMEMBER – Each action, like and share counts as 1 entry into the competition for your chance to BE A WINNER!!!! Enter each platform to increase your chances.

Whenever I saw people around me who were dating and getting the love and attention that one desires of my jealousy kicked in. I too want that sometime but due to my busy schedule I don’t have time to go out there and date a man who would make me feel the same way. I felt I was not yet ready to date and experience with what I had experienced with my ex.

Emotionally I was stable, I had my friends at work and my daughter and my parents who have been there for me since the time me and my ex broke up. But I always felt that there was something that was missing. To be honest I used to miss the times we used to have sex, regardless of the way we felt about each other.

Till the time my husband and I were together we used to have frequent sex and I used to like it a lot. After the separation it had been a very long time since I had been touched sensually by another human or felt an organism through play. Even after having everything that I needed a job that I love, my beautiful daughter, a house, a car it felt as if something was missing.

I missed the sexual experience that I used to have with my husband but I felt shy to speak to someone about it. Then one day, after I was done with my work I was searching the Internet and I ran across an article about sex toys.  It was about a luxury sex toy brand that all the stars in England used called Coco De Mer.  It featured and article on the award winning Nell massager.

Adult Toy Review
Sex Toy Review Nel

I visited their site and it looked promising and their products looked really nice. Among their wide range of sex toys, sexy lingerie and other sex products like dildos and vibrators they all looked very pleasing to the eye and sexy at the same. I obviously knew about these products, thanks to internet but had never owned one. Only seeing their products one can make out that they are completely safe to use and I loved the Nell as it did not look phallic or the way I imagined a vibrator would look like.

I opened the link and read about the sex toys and their uses.  Some of these toys looked like the human (male) genitals and they claimed to offer the same sexual experience that one gets to have with their partner, but I wasn’t into anything like that. I don’t know why but I started to look more into it and the website had really great customer reviews and people were praising their products on all the sites that sold their products. After reading about the company and its high end products and immense pleasure stories of the people, I visited the adultsmart site and ordered it.

I didn’t know much about how I could use sex toys so for starters I ordered the Coco De Mer Nell vibrator. It looked really nice and sophisticated unlike other vibrators that I saw on the internet. While reading about their site I got to know Coco de mer had a boutique in London selling sex toys and exotic lingerie. They claimed that their products are capable to bring out the pleasure in anyone and one can explore pleasures they have never experienced before.

I got the parcel through mail only a couple of days later and after opening the wrapping found the packaging was very nicely done. I decided to try it out later that night

I used it the sex toy when I got home and I couldn’t believe what had happened to my body. Being married for so many years didn’t bring me such pleasures, which I had just experiences with the Coco De Mer Nell sex toy. The product did everything that they said it would and so my first sex toy experience was so satisfying that it had left me wanting for more and more. I felt sexually satisfied, and whenever I felt the urge I took this baby out from my drawer and gave myself the opportunity to experience very erotic pleasures which I never had before.

It has been a few months now since I got my beloved Nell and have successfully started dating.  The man I am with is very loving and tender in bed and sometimes to spice up things we  make use of the little dark drawer that I have chosen in my room for my new found love of sex toys.  After my first encounter with the Coco De Mer Nell it got rid of some of the emptiness that I felt in life after my separation.

I would recommend this to all the people who are sexually actively or who are dealing with sexual crisis in their life. It helped me at a point of time when I was alone it would surely help others as well. My new partner and I have become regular sex toy customers.  It’s not a replacement to sex or a man but it sure does give you the kind of alternate pleasure that you need in life. The Nell  is extravagant in looks as well as price but it more than desirable and a sex aid that I was and am happy to have purchased.

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